Advantages and benefits of having male friends

Having friends is always great but having male friends are even more fun for every girl. If you have male friends you are sure to enjoy life going out of the usual limit of your girlfriends and it just opens up a whole new door to know the world more closely. Well, it might actually hurt you at times to know that your male friends might not be considering you as someone they see as a “woman” but being friends with boys is something that can help you get a whole different perspective about life and things around.  Here is a bunch of benefits of having male friends,

You are free to go out of limits

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Your girl friends are sure to have their limits and if you are someone with a new perspective and ideas, it might be really difficult for you to find a girlfriend, who will value those new concepts and will break the limits with you to explore more. On the other hand, boys are always ready and open to try out something new and to taste the new limits. If you have new ideas and interests that does not fall within the general category of “girls”, having boy friends can be the best way to step out of the so called limits.

Guys make great friends

This is a real truth. Friendship is really important for boys and they actually make great friends. It can be a real fun to have your guy friends around. They are honest, trustworthy and if they actually accept you as their friend they will keep it to every length. If you look at commitment in friendship, boys certainly score more than girls. Your girlfriends might think twice before doing a favor for you but your guy friends are most likely to do it for you, your family and even for your friends without giving it a second thought.

No worry of safety

When you have a bunch of guy friends around you, your mom can be rest assured about your safety. If you are planning to go out on a night out or on a trek with your female friends it might not be really safe out there, but if you have a bunch of male friends, you really need not to worry. They will work as your best security giving you all the freedom of doing the things you want to do in your life.

You can pour yourself out

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You might be really close to your girlfriends but when it comes to pouring your heart out, you are most expected to feel apprehensive in front of other girls, particularly because they can be really judgmental at times. When it comes to the guy friends, you can just spill out whatever you want to. You can simply confess about anything, and you are sure to get back a story of him doing some bigger wrong than that. So, if you need a friend who will listen to all your crap without judging you, guy friends are the best ones.

No need of drama

Boys do not like drama and in fact they find it very problematic to deal with when women come out with their drama card. Having male friends give you the opportunity to simply keep all the drama aside from your friendship. It gives you the scope to express and share your thoughts, your views, your dreams without adding drama or pleasing factors to them. So, if you are looking out for honest friends, boys surely make the better option.

No need of showoff

Amongst women the problem of show off is quite high and it is most likely that you will not get a girl friend who does not show off. If your friend is showing off, you also have to walk on that boat sooner or later which can take out all the fun from gossiping and talking. Boys are from the other planet when it comes to show off. We are not saying that all the boys are clean of “show-offing” but most of the guys do not show off to their friends.

You can get real suggestions

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When you ask any of your female friends for a suggestion or comment,be sure that it will come modified with a lot of factors, starting from how is your present relationship status to if you are looking better than her today. When it comes to giving suggestion to the female friends, boys not only present their genuine idea but will also go to the extent to explain what exactly they think and what you should do according to them.

Boys don’t hold grudges

Well at least much less than your female friends. If you have an argument with him or even a fight you can be sure that it will be over within a week and you two will get back to be the besties just like before. Fights can become really worst amongst female friends and it can even lead to separation for whole life. Boys are good at forgetting past and if they actually like you as a friend they will even go the extra mile to make amends with you.

They are the best date-setters

Your male friends are well aware about your likes and dislikes and they also care about you having the right boyfriend. They know the boys as well and can be the best date setter for any women. If your male friends have fixed a date for you with someone, you better not miss it.

They will help you to know the opposite gender better

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The think line of the boys and girls do not work on the same note always. They often express the same things in completely different ways. Having male friends makes you aware about the sentiments and feelings of the other gender too which can work as your basic course to know your life partner better later in your life.

They are your best support

Be it a wrong that you have done, a bad fight with your boyfriend or passing the college test your male friends can always be your best support for whatever you need. Starting from passing you help in the examination hall to checking your back when you are in a nasty fight at the bar or when you are emotionally down, your male friends can actually provide you any type of support you might ever need.

So, all the girls out there do not restrict your friend list within the girls only. Boys make the best friends and they can be a treasure to keep for whole life.