Banana health benefits & nutritional facts

Being a banana fruit has wonderful health benefits of human beings as they always suffer from a variety of health issues round the year. Today, people are too much disturbed by stress and tension that they need to face with regards to monetary turmoil or work issues. This gives rise to the serious condition named as depression. But if you can consume banana on a regular basis, it will be quite easy for you to come out from the problem of depression. Banana is also very beneficial to cure hangover. You should also get a relief from morning sickness, blindness, diabetes, kidney cancer etc. Many people have a misconception that banana is a monkey’s food. But, this is not a true fact altogether. It is very much human being’s food which has loads of benefits.

Banana is a wonderful fruit that is loaded with potassium and iron. Normally women are asked to have banana on a daily basis as this is the fruit which will replenish the iron content which they have been losing in every periodic cycle. It is one of the most common foods that is available throughout the globe. Thus, getting them to consume will not be really difficult. Let us find out some nutritional facts and health benefits of banana over here.

Nutritional fact and health benefits of banana

Energy to workout

Health benefits of bananas

Since banana contains natural glucose and sugar, you can easily get the extra energy to workout after consuming a single banana. If you are feeling really low, consuming banana will bring back your energy level to its state once again. The body builders and the people who are engaged in the workout schedule on a regular basis consume bananas daily to boost up their energy level.

Powerful reasons to eat a banana as it helps in digestion

Today, maximum people suffer from one or the other stomach problem the reason behind which is indigestion. The adulteration in food and drinks gives rise to variation complication. Lack of fibers in food also gives rise to indigestion. But, banana can boost up the process if you are suffering from constipation. Since banana is rich in pectin it removes toxins gently from your body and also the heavy metals. Since banana has a good amount of fiber, the bowel movement will be regulated and you can head a healthy life.

Strengthens immune system

Here you can notice what are the health benefits of banana in a day? You can now have your immune system, strengthen with the help of ripe banana consumption. Since banana is very high in antioxidants, the amount of oxidants in your body will be easily eradicated with the help of banana consumption. This will also help you stay away from chronic diseases and free radicals. If you can have banana between meals that can easily help you stabilize your blood sugar level and reduce the feeling of nausea or that of morning sickness troubles.

Reduction of swelling

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Through banana you can easily reduce swelling or inflammation, which has taken place when you have got hurt. Even when you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, consuming banana can help you stay away from the same. If you have a weaker nervous system, strengthening the same will be easily possible if you can consume banana on a regular basis. Banana also helps the production of white blood cells, which is really important for your body. Banana contains high level of vitamin B – 6 that makes you healthy in all ways. Pregnant ladies must consume banana as the iron content in it is quite high which is generally required for a lady on this stage.

Wonderful health benefits of bananas to lower blood pressure

Most of the people are suffering from high blood pressure, which gives rise to heart attack, stroke and even fatalities. But, this too can be easily restricted if you can have banana on a regular basis. Since banana is one among such fruit which is high in potassium and low in salt, according to the FDA, it is an excellent fruit that helps in lowering the blood pressure and keep you away from stroke and heart attack.

Reducing post menopausal syndrome

Ladies after crossing 50 years of age go through the stage of menopause where she has no menstrual cycle. This brings a psychological turmoil in the mind of the ladies. They go through a variety of complications starting from mood swings to other mental and psychological problems. Even many ladies suffer from excessive pain during the menstruation period every month. You need to have banana on a regular basis in order to stop the uncomfortable factor.

Power house of nutrients

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Banana is really a power house of nutrients. You will be able to have several types of vitamins and minerals after consuming banana. It contains manganese, calcium, folate, iron, niacin, vitamin B6, Riboflabin etc. All these are really important to give your body boost for operation. Even proper functioning will be observed after intake of banana. If you have issues with energy level, the banana being the power house of nutrients will work really well. You can store in in a freezer and

Anemia treatment

Many individuals are recklessly suffering from the problem of anemia. You can now stay away from this problem in a natural way. Anemia takes place due to deficiency of RBC or red blood cells. Now, if you intake banana on a regular basis, there will be very low chance of anemic body. Banana has high iron content which will easily replenish the deficiency of iron content in blood. It will also initiate proper blood circulation in your body. As a result you will stay healthy.

Good for growing child

Doctors ask the parents to make their child consume a banana everyday. This helps in initiating proper growth of their muscle along with all types of nutrition inside their body. They will get calcium for the bones to grow, iron to have increase RBC count, iron and other vitamins to stay healthy and sound. If your child is lagging with calcium, banana is something which you can make your child consumes in order to stay boosted with all his physical characteristics.

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You can now get away from warts that appear on your hands and legs after applying the white portion of banana peel. These are the top best surprising health benefits of bananas. Even if you are prone to smoking, consuming banana will help you stay away from the harmful habit of smoking. Try this today and stay healthy.