Best advices and tips to manage period pain

Menstrual cycles come with a lot of uneasiness. It starts off with premenstrual syndrome, then to having the regular cycle and goes on till having some really painful cramps. There are around 90% of girls and women who go through pain during this time of the month.

While some of them try to take a regular painkiller, let us inform you that those aren’t good for such conditions, and can result in adverse effects. In this article, we will widely go through some easy remedies to get rid of period pain.

What are period cramps?

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Having pain which give you a cramp-like feeling in your stomach is very common. It mostly happens in the lower abdominal area and is quite constant during the first couple of days of the cycle. Sometimes, the pain can extend to your lower back and thighs.

Most women are lucky to have mild pain, but there is around 10% of the population, which go through severe pain during this time. It becomes really problematic to miss out on studies or work, and sometimes you just need to consult a doctor.

Types of period cramps

Cramps come during the premenstrual syndrome and lasts almost till your flow goes down. There are some types in which you can divide them, though the most common one is known as dysmenorrhea.

  • Slight discomfort: this is more like a muscle cramp. Once you know that it is your regular cramp, it doesn’t bother you. It reduces after you start menstruating and within a couple of days you are just fine.
  • Intense pain: this is common for those women who tend to have a heavier flow. Every moment your body excretes, it comes down at a force. When it is more than the usual process, it is bound to be more painful. Sometimes it is not even about heavy flow, some women have the tendency to have excess pain and that alternatively makes them very weak.
  • Pain which spreads: just as mentioned above, the pain has chances to spread in the lower back and around the abdomen. It can sometimes also radiate to your legs.

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Now that we have discussed the possibilities of cramps, you would be happy to know that these conditions can be healed. Intense pain which result due to severity like dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, etc. are conditions which can exceed your pain. These conditions need expert help and could sometimes be an emergency too.

Advice and tips to manage period pain

There are a few things which can ease and reduce you period pain

  • Warmth: you might not know this traditional trick, but putting heat on your abdominal area helps you reduce menstrual pain! Apply heat patch of hot water bottle on the stomach and see how quickly you get some relief.
  • Exercise: a lot of women choose to exercise during their menstrual cycle. It gives them relieve from the pain and makes them feel lighter. That doesn’t mean that you can try any of them. Wall squats and cat stretches the most appropriate exercises to ease pain.
  • Massage: ease your body ache by asking someone to give you a massage. Massages shouldn’t be with full excursion but lightly on the abdominal area. You can also keeping gliding your fingers on the stomach to reduce the pain. Move your palm in circular motions and see if it works out for you.
  • Medicine: if nothing else works and you need an immediate relief, you might as well opt for a medicine. Remember, that it should be your last resort, because these aren’t very favorable. You have to find out the best medicine available at your nearest drugstore. It shouldn’t be a regular, but it should be specifically for menstrual purpose.

Period pain is a very normal part of growing up. It is just that you need some time to adjust with the changes. Try and relax yourself, have your favorite food, take some alone, avoid excess stress, do whatever makes you happy. If any month your menstrual cycle becomes severe, you might as well get a doctor consulted. Irregular periods or unusual cramps might have adverse reasons to occur.

Advices for hygienic period

1. Choose comfortable method for sanitation

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There are numerous methods to choose sanitation. You have tampons, sanitary pads and menstrual cups to keep yourself clean. Indian women prefer sanitary napkins, but it is good to try what suits one best and then stick to it.

Anything that absorbs fast and keeps your clean is worth sticking to. Always used branded products and avoid traditional methods of using cloth.

2. Frequent changes

One menstrual blood leaves your body it gets contaminated with body’s innate organisms. You need to take care towards the end of the cycle when the flow reduces. When you pad is damn, there are organism which sweat from your genitals.

These can lead to urinary tract infection if they stay for long. Frequent changes are very important, and it should last all through the cycle.

3. Cleanse regularly

When blood flows from our body, it touches our skin and creates bad odor from our vagina. It is important to cleanse the zone regularly, especially before changing a new pad. Wipe yourself with a toilet paper, even if you don’t use water.

4. Don’t use soap or similar products

Our vagina comes with a self cleaning mechanism. If you use soap you might wash away the good bacteria the zone needs. It is important to wash yourself with warm water, but avoid the usage of soap.

While washing, make sure you wash in the motion which goes from vagina to anus. Don’t wash reverse as that can let the bacteria from your anus get into the vagina.

5. Prevent pad rash

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Many times, due to heavier flow, we tend to have pad rash. It occurs when a pad touches your skin for a long time. Try to stay dry during your period and keep the pad away from the sides.