Best braids for straight long hair

Braids have long been every woman’s go-to hairstyle for its subtle elegance, summer-ready look and looks great on casuals and ethnic alike. From back-to-school braids which meant two tight oily braids with ribbon at the end hanging down every little girl’s shoulders to French braids and dutch braids for weddings and festivals, we all have “been there done that”. They are evergreen and suit every face type too. You just got to experiment what suits you best. So, let’s take a look at the beautiful braids for straight long hair doing rounds:

Artsy Braid

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Wanting to weave your poker straight colored hair into something fancy for a party and turn heads, look no further than this absolutely gorgeous hairstyle. We get the exotic feel with braids casually hanging down in a carpet of silky smooth hair. The French braid from the center leaves half hair open and comes two other braids from the sides.  It’s all you want to don tonight for a stunning sex appeal.

Half French Braid

Dolling this pretty hairdo for a lazy laid back day at home or night out with friends, we promise you will be a darling. French braid with a twist is not only feminine and cutesy but takes away our breath when it’s paired with open hair. Twist your hair into French braid from the side and leave the rest of the hair open. Now, weave the braid till mid-length and fasten it with a band or clip. You’re all set to steal the hearts.

College Chic

Don’t be afraid to try and experiment with your long straight and supple hair. This is a proof that will add to your cool, so go ahead and start plaiting your hair into detailed an intricate French braid starting from the top. Take three sections and make three individual braids till your reach the roots of the hair but make sure the rest two should merge with the one in centre and your college chic braid is ready to put you in limelight.

Auburn Milkmaid Braid

Be the Sweet Mary Jane that you’re in this elegant and suave milkmaid braid with auburn hair color. Divide your hair into two parts while sporting a side parting. Start braiding from one side with heavy volume of hair. Plait from the hemline till you delicately reach the roots of your hair. Make sure the hair is thick enough to give a soft feminine blush look.

Waterfall Floral Braid

Easy hairstyle ideas for college girls

Strike a lasting impression to your date or friends at college on your first day with this luxe braid hairstyle. Works beautifully with long straight hair. Take your hair into two parts dividing them vertically while you weave the hair into soft plaits almost minimal starting from the edges till you reach the center. Now, fasten it with a band and start weaving the rest of your hair into a long tail braid sweeping on the cascading long hair. Adorn your hair with pretty orchids or flower on the sides to enhance the beauty of your braid.

Braid Strand

Your go-to for long drives or rushing late to class, this braid strand is lovely and quite an eye-catching hairstyle. Take a center thick strand of your hair and start weaving into a braid while the rest remains open or you can toe them into a ponytail. Tie it with a band and get your mascara game on to be the true diva that you’re.

Plain and Beautiful

It’s not always the complicated intricate hairstyle that wins our hearts but minimal hairstyle is in vogue this season. You can don this look for a daily wear while you part your hair into a half updo. Start weaving from the top till you reach the center and then continue making a normal braid. It’s a French braid with a twist again- gorgeous for long straight hair.

Fishtail Tryst  


This girl shows us how to do fishtail right and beat the summer heat in style. Indeed a spectacular style with lots of variations and styling, it’s a hooker for girls who are always on the lookout for eccentric hairstyles Look no further ladies.

Braided Accessory

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You don’t need to accessorize this hairstyle. Because braids are enough to complete the look with charm and grace. Start weaving your hair into 2-3 intricately thin braids that shall be pinned at the back of your hair neatly. This side braid look works for women with long straight hair.

Twin Spin

Women with poker straight long hair can try this quirky street style braid look. This is quite an interesting option for those who love to go sporty chic and stay updated with fashion trends. Stiff long French braids starting from the hemline till you reach the roots. Now, take a band and strap it around to leave your hair open in the ponytail. Fashionable fiestas can carry this hairstyle like a total stunner.