Latest short braided hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in 2019

Time and again, our busy lifestyle often put us into crossroads of whether or not to pull a fishtail on Monday, dutch on a Friday evening and French on the weekend. We’re talking about the breathtaking braids that breaks our heart a little at times when we can’t carry them perfectly to work or date or anywhere.

Why? Always running short on time, here’s for those women on toes, powerhouse women who rule the world and how to rock those statement minimalistic short braid hairstyles. Take a look at these easy-peasy braids that will take you not more than a minute, we bet:

Game of Thrones Inspired

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Who isn’t aware of the ever-popular series GOT where our Khaleedi wore this oh-so-stunning minimalistic braid. We love the essence of this charming braid hairstyle which is easy to make, looks polish with a poise and grace and doesn’t involve any effort too. How interesting right? You go-to for college or work alike.

Chic Braid Strand

Unleash the DIVA in you with this adorable short braid on a single hair strand to create a statement look. We love the simplicity and elegance of this hairstyle, it’s too easy and can be worn by a school girl or working mom alike. Keep your leftover hair open with a sleek pull back look or you can add some waves and texture for a beachy bohemian mix.

Elegant bun Updo

Buns and braids go hand-in-hand especially when your pretty face can complement both at the same time. Weave your hair into a simple fishtail braid and secure it with hair pins. Now, take the hair at the bottom and sweep them into a low messy bun while you now conjoin the two and voila, here is your perfect vision of wedding girl.

Messy Beach Braid

Take your braid game strong with this one-of-kind beachy messy braided hairstyle. To achieve this look, start braiding from the top till you reach the end and roots of the hair strands. Fasten the braid with a striking hair pin or clutcher. You can take this hairstyle to beach parties and even spend a lazy weekend at your home in this look. The versatility of this hairstyle speaks volumes and that’s a primary reason why we are all hearts.

Sleek Braid Hairstyle

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Revamp your look and ace the model-inspired sleek braid hairstyle. It can be easily blended from contemporary to ethnic and even retro chic, all you need is a few pins and a comb. Dress your hair in this impressive braid style on-the-go.

Flirty Feminine Braid

Surprise your date with a fuller sultry look next time you go out. Take out your pretty LBD from the closet and curl your hair for a suave look. You can simply create waves in form of braids starting from the top till the mid. Sleek patterns of braids on wavy hair looks best and works well at parties, dates and gatherings alike.

Turning Heads Braid

Weave magic through your braids and achieve a baroque look like this with intricate crown braid hairstyle sitting pretty on your hair. Start plaiting your hair from the extreme edges till you reach another and drop their jaws like a boss. We bet you better be pouring with a gallon of compliments like never before.

Braid X Ponytail

Wear you braids as a band to secure those high ponytails. Easy to make and sassy to stare, it’s a quick way to slay at your work. Put on a high ponytail and pull out a strand to weave into braids and wrap it on the braid. The casual chic look is ready for you. Let them say “Oh wow” because we already are.

Fishtail Bun

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Thought some complicated fishy bun? Well, brace yourself ladies because braids never look this fun and quirky. Add a touch of elegance on the top, nothing better to seal it with a fishtail kiss. Now, you’re ready to strut down the street in voguish hairstyle. It was also a hit during the Lakme Fashion Week when designer Gaurav Arora showcased his edgy collection with this stunning fishtail braid.