Effective Hair Care Treatments for Healthy Hair

Daily styling and frequent exposure to elements of nature like sun and dirt can leave your hair dull, dry and frizzy at the end of the day. Fortunately, there are some proven hair care treatments to restore the health of your hair.

Keratin Hair Treatment to Treat Frizzy Hair

Keratin is a miraculous chemical hair treatment for frizzy, damaged hair to restore the shine and smoothness. It works by injecting an essential protein called keratin into the porous areas of your hair follicle. You may find different versions of the treatment and request a custom blend formulated for your hair type and texture. – Learn more about Keratin hair treatment

Malibu Hair Treatment to Treat Damaged Hair

Malibu hair treatment is effective in reducing hair damage due to excess product buildup on exposure to hard water, chlorine, and water softeners. The process uses gel crystals to be mixed in water and applied onto the hair. Processing time may vary according to the length and thickness of hair. – Learn more about Malibu hair treatment

Brazilian Blowout Treatment for Gorgeous Hair Strands

Brazilian blowout treatment eliminates frizz, enhances shine, and restores smoothness of the hair locks. An advanced and less intense Keratin treatment leaves the natural texture of your hair unchanged and keeps your hair healthy. The method works well for every hair type and texture. – Learn more about Brazilian blowout treatment

Botox Hair Treatment to Manage Hair Fall

Botox is a deep conditioning cosmetic treatment to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and easily manageable. It uses a micro-keratin formula, which penetrates, deep into your hair strands making them full and lustrous. The treatment works dramatically for frizzy, brittle, and damaged hair. – Learn more about Botox hair treatment

Bentonite Clay for Healthy Hair

Bentonite clay is a mud like substance obtained from volcanic ashes, best known for its healing properties and moisturizing effects. It removes dirt and oil from the hair, restores shine, removes dryness and frizz, and reduces hair damage. – Learn more about Bentonite clay

Cysteine Hair Treatment to Straighten Hair

Cysteine hair treatment tames curls and ensures long-lasting straightening. The procedure uses non-essential amino acids to strengthen hair and straighten tight curls. It is a perfect solution for extraordinarily fizzy and extremely unmanageable hair. – Learn more about Cysteine hair treatment

Sea Salt Spray for Gorgeous Textured Waves

Sea salt sprays contain classic sodium chloride. The formula contains shine-enhancing ingredients that soften and volumize the hair giving you the perfect beach hair look. – Learn more about Sea salt spray