Top celebrity hairstyles & haircuts in kollywood 2019

Hairstyles have always been a subject for discussion to the ladies. Many girls and women staying in the southern part of the nation has the influence of Tamil cinema. They also like and adopts the attitude and styles of the celebrities working in Tamil cinema. A name is given to every firm industry.

For example, the Hindi firm industry is known as Bollywood, English film industry is known as Hollywood, similarly the films made in Tamil language are known as Kollywood. From the capital city Chennai is very close to Kodambakkam, people nicknamed the industry as Kollywood.

This is the film industry where various people staying not only in Tamil Nadu but from various parts of the nation eat their bread and butter either directly or indirectly.
When we say about south Indian heroines, long hair with flowers is portrayed in front of our eyes.

This might be traditional hairstyles of people staying in south India, but the Tamil film industry has evolved and improved a lot with regards to its style, modernization as well as technological advancements. You will be surprised to know that some of the film actresses looks more beautiful than any other stars in Hollywood or Bollywood.

This article will present some of the stunning hairstyle of south Indian actresses.

Top celebrity hairstyles in Kollywood

Short hairstyle

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See how the Tamil heroine Meghna Raj looks in short hairstyle. This is a mushroom cut with two feathers from the sides that covers the ear.

People staying in Tamil Nadu were really focused about their haircut when they saw Meghna Raj looking stunning in short and dashing hairstyle. Short hairstyle looks good with western wear dress type. She is a great actor and looks pretty with this type of hairstyle. This type of hairstyle can be worn during parties and easy to maintain.

Twist and braid hair trend


The trend of long hairstyle will never end. Especially in south India, ladies are very focused on long hairs. The actress Nayanthara has also concentrated on long hair with a beautiful looking lehenga. She looks really beautiful in this get up.

If you want to try something simple, but, twist and braid hairstyle will be perfect. This type of hairstyle is traditional wear and most of the women like to wear it. It can be worn on the occasion of weddings, festivals and many more.

Light wave hairstyle

Light waves hairstyle

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Tamil actress has simple straight hair, which drops till the bra line. She made little curls and waves at the bottom of the hair as well as two side of her face by making a small invisible knot in the middle of her head.

This is simple, but one of the most attractive hairstyle which is liked by many girls watching her films. Light wave hairstyles are most beautiful hairstyles preferred nowadays. It is simple to maintain and easy to wear. You just curl your hair and leave the fringes on the front of the face with a wavy cut.

Back comb hairstyle


There was a time when all the Kollywood adopted back comb regardless of the length of the hair. This beautiful actress looks really sensually attractive with a back comb hair trend. It is preferable for all those who have long hair but feel shy in keeping it totally open while visiting to nearby places.

You can also try this hairstyle and stay beautiful. The simple daily wear office going girls can wear it and enjoy this type of hairstyle with gorgeous look.

Fizzy and highlighted hairstyle


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Look at this stunning actress who does not have a neat and clean appearance of her hair, yet looks really gorgeous with fizzy and highlighted hairstyles.

She did not color her entire hair, but have taken some streak from the front and middle to provide a wonderful effect. You can also take inspiration from this hairstyle and be a party element with the latest trend. It is a simple side swept loose hairstyle and in this hairstyle Kajal looks good. Just curl your hair on front and ends with side swept.

Top knot bun hairstyle

Top knot bun hairstyle

Many ladies are not very comfortable in keeping their hair open for a long time. According to a survey that has been established to find out the reason, ladies find very uncomfortable to work with her open wide. For all those ladies, this hairstyle will be perfect. See, how the actress looks stunning without keeping her hair open.

She has tied the hair in such a way that all the hairs together form a boat without disturbing the beauty of face as some small hairs are allowed to fall on the face.

Ponytail hairstyle


Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

Look how simple this Tamil actress Samantha is looking with just a ponytail. This is so simple hairstyle that anyone can easily adopt at home without any trouble.

Just leave the hairs in the front portion and give it a shortcut. Take the rest hair with the comb and tie a ponytail right at the back portion of your head. You will look very simple and gorgeous.

Hyper BunActress_Hairstyles_7

The beautiful actress Raai Laxmi hyper bun hairstyle looks good. It is mostly preferred during the summer as it is very hot. Add a little height by tightly, pulling your hair back. It looks pretty good and makes you look gorgeous, if you have long hair. It also protects your hair from pollution and heat during summer.

The messy knotimages

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Messy knot is the best hairstyle which makes you look beautiful. You just pull your hair back with a small knot and brushed back a small bun. It is simple and has a beautiful look.

Just leave some hair off your face. That makes you look gorgeous with free hair. Hansiki with messy knot hairstyle is gorgeous in the pink dress.

The undramatic bouffant with a side ponytailActress_Hairstyles_8

Samantha in this hairstyle looks good. This hairstyle makes all of you to follow wear with good looking. It is a party type hairstyle. Make a small loop in your head and the remaining hairs as side ponytail.