Layered hairstyles & Haircuts for oval, long and round faces

Are you tired of hearing “What hairstyle do you want?” or “You can try out some new hairstyle now?”, then this is for you. It’s very important to understand your hair and face type. Mostly, women keep it simple with top knots to beat the bad hair days followed by instant shampoo. This s a major problem and to avoid this, the best way is to style them right.

Layers are so much in vogue this season and we can’t avoid this absolutely amazing trend. With hair falling in layers on your face, it makes up for a real treat. But, before you go ahead with a cool pixie or sassy new layered hairstyle, make sure you know your face cut well in advance. Find your signature style and flaunt it like a queen.

Layered hairstyle for oval face

You’re the chosen one if you’re blessed with oval face. All the hairstyles will suit your face cut and here’s a trick to stand out. Bangs work really well, add them for that Wow factor. Also, here are a few recommended hairstyles for you:

Beachy hair for medium length

Easy wavy hairstyles with golden highlights

Jenifer Aniston is the queen of styling layered hairstyles with a twist. We totally adore her personal style and this one out of the bed, beachy waves messy look is our favorite. To get this look, shampoo and blow dry your hair. Wrap the lower half of your hair around the curler and give it a messy look with loose curls falling freely on your shoulder. This suits women with medium hair.

Streak curls with bang hairstyle for long length

Who doesn’t love to drench their hair in colorful hues with trendy appeals like ombre, sombre, highlights et al. Katrina gave us major goals when she pulled this edgy look in New York movie. Look at them bangs falling on her forehead and making her the cutest actress ever. So, get your flick mode on and play the game right with colored curly layered hair.

Pixie bob layered hair for short length

If you’re a sporty chic who loves to head out without any inhibitions and experimenting is your alter-ego, pixie is your cup of tea. Get this adorable girl-next-door look with a little twist. Let your long short bob be a stunner with those statement flicks sitting pretty on your forehead. Turn heads with this gorgeous look and be the showstopper of your life.

Layered hairstyle for round face

Don’t worry if you’re the moon in a sparkling dark sky or dollop of ice cream scoop for your mum, your round face is much more than that. Believe us, you can style a plethora of gorgeous styles on that wonderful face cut. From keeping it straight with poker layered hair to going all wavy and messy in the beach look, you are a slayer.

Poker straight layered hair for long length

Trust this beauty for all your worries. Aish has styled her colored sleek poker hair into layers that not only defines her cheekbones and jaws but also highlights her face structure overall. You can try this style if you got a sculpted jaw line or chin area.

Fierce short layered look for short length

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

When in doubt, crop your hair short, we truly mean it. Go ahead and explore your true self because pixie is back again with a bang. You can play around with layers in pixie look and style this messy look with panache.

Flirty chic layered hairstyle for medium length

It ain’t easy to impress but it’s even more difficult to create your benchmark and style statement. However, the more the layers, the merrier and that’s exactly what this look tells us. Add volume and illusion by turning your lame locks into waves or messy curls.

Layered hairstyles for long face

Long faces suit almost all the hairstyles with an equal ease because of their versatility to mould in different textures and styles effortlessly. Most of the stunning braids and buns are often complimented on women with long faces. So, here are some of the suggestions for your beauties.

Face framed layered hairstyle for long length

None other than our sensational Kim spells a chant on us with her creamy textured poker straight layered hair. She carries her long crowning glory like a queen totally with that face of perfection.

Side bang layered hairstyle for medium length

Drive men crazy with this unique layered hairstyle, bangs on one side immaculately falling. You can pin them or just leave them open for a carefree look.  You can also curl your tresses from the bottom to add that drama.

Long short bob layered look for short hair

Wavy hairstyles with plaits

If you love all things chic and rocka rolla, we bet this pretty Rockstar look will be your go to for the summers. Beat the heat in style and layer your hair asymmetrically for that whimsical look. Try it out and thank us later!