Best tips to be cool in hot summer days

Summer brings lot of humidity which gives rise to sweating. It is the time to stay hydrated with enough water and fluid intake within your body. I other parts of climate, summer is not so humid but brings dry wind to make skin and other parts of your body dry. This is the time you need to have juicy fruits, vitamin C rich fruits and loads of water. This is the time when you will feel like not having meals. You need to break your meals into small portions and consume it bit by bit. Avoid having large volume of food as this will bring more metabolic heat in your body. Let us have a look at some tips to stay cool during summer.

To stay cool during summer is the biggest mantra especially when you are facing the hot summer wind and the heat of sun rays, the splashes of water will keep your skin soothing and cool. There are many more tips with the help of which you can stay cool during the summer days. The food habits and lifestyle can be changed slightly in order to stay cool during the hot days in summer. The article will speak about the tips that will keep your hydrated on a hot summer day. Let’s list some of the tips here.

Best tips to be cool during summer

Keep yourself away from direct sunlight

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During the peak hours when the sun rays are too high try staying indoors. If it is some emergency then keep your head covered and don’t forget to carry your shades.

Instead of hot food try the cold ones

Summer season is all good when you have enough cold food. Instead of consuming food items which required stoves or microwave, we suggest have items which are chilled and healthy both such as Yogurt, Berries, and Smoothies etc.

Turn off the lights and gadgets

The room you will be sleeping in should be cool so that you sleep well. So, before you go to bed switch off the lights, plug off the electronic gadgets as they produce more heat in the room.


If you don’t have access to the basement floor or your roof gets too heated then you can opt for camping at your home itself. You can use an open area like garden, terrace or even balcony if the temperature outside is cool or breezy during the night time.

Light weight clothes

Even clothes you wear reflect or absorb heat within your body. Try to wear clothes made up of cotton fabrics and that too which are having light weight. The heavy weight clothes should not be put on as this will make you feel hotter. Also the color of clothes that you choose will be an important issue. Always avoid dark color clothes on hot days such as black, brown and any other dark shade as this will absorb heat within your body. Wear colors like white, baby pink, blue etc as those reflects heat and due to which you will feel comfortable.

Use basement if you have

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If your home is having a basement, take the advantage of the same as basements are cooler than its upper floors. Try to shift your bed and your entire belongings to the basement during the summer days as this will not make you feel the heat that has broke up in the environment. Since this is under ground and from where water sources pass on, your establishment under the ground will be comfortable during hot days.

Sunscreen lotion with cooling aloe

Individual especially women are prone to getting sun tan during the summer season. Whether it is summer or winter or even a rainy season, it will be mandatory for working individual to work. Thus, getting out from home in these scorching sun rays will be mandatory as well. In order to protect your skin from damage, it is important to put sunscreen lotion. You can also use Aloe Vera gel after using this sunscreen lotion as this will create a soothing appearance.

Juices and fluids

Summer is the time when you need to stay hydrated by inducing enough water and fluid in the body. You need to fill your body with gallons of water and fruit juices throughout the day. You can also make glucose water and fill it in a water bottle. Whenever you are out and facing the scorching sun rays sip and drink this glucose water to bring back your energy level back.

Tamarind in meals

Summer is the season when you would like to have light meals and little bit of sour taste will make your taste buds satisfied. You can either slice off a piece of lime and squeeze it in your food such as dal and curries while consuming it with rice or simply make a curry by adding tamarind paste in it. You can also use tomato in your diet in order to get good taste during the summer season.

Liquid ice during summer

Summer is the season when you will feel happy and rejuvenated with ice packs and touch of cold water over your skin. But, it will be advisable not to put ice directly over your skin. You can use a re-usable ice wrap and apply it over your skin to stay cool. You can also soak a cloth in ice solution and apply the cloth over your skin and feel the pleasure of cooling atmosphere.

Peppermint tea

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You should also learn having some herbal teas during the hot summer days when you get up in the morning. Instead of having your regular coffee, you must have a sip of peppermint tea. This will give you cooling effect on a hot summer day. You can also drink this tea right in the evening to stay hydrated and cool during hot summer day.

Curtain draw in house

It is always better to have curtain drawn in house when you are out in a hot summer day. This will create a green house effect and your house will be free from heat. This is a wonderful remedy to stay cool on a hot summer day.

Migraine ice patches

Some individuals are migraine prone and can easily get headache once they face the sun rays during a hot summer day. The best remedy to stay away from such problem is getting migraine ice patches. These are soft ice patches which will keep your free from heat related problems during the summer.

Create cross breeze

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If you are only facing the warm air throughout the summer, the cross breeze can save you from such trouble. For this you have to create a trick where the table fan will be positioned in an angle placed in window with its back facing the outer portion. Now switch on the fan and feel the soothing breeze which might not be possible with a single table fan.

Take frequent bath

If you want to stay refreshed, it is always better to take bath several times during a hot summer day. But remember not to take bath once you are drenched with sweat. You should always keep yourself dry before going to bath or else you can get cold affect. If you have sweat too much, get it dried under the fan. There after you can proceed with bath.