Best long light brown hair with blonde highlights ideas

Today, most of the people have brown shade of hair as their original hair color. Getting totally dark shade, especially black is quite difficult. This is the scenario of people staying in Asian countries. But, people staying in western countries have either golden color hair or blonde hair. But there are also exceptions where ladies have natural black color hair.

The light brown shade of hair color is very admirable as people can adopt any type of haircut and highlights with this. The color of the hair is really great which ideally brings the actual color of skin tone and the eye color. You can keep your hair open or make sophisticated does with this particular hair type. Highlights also work pretty well with this.

Long light brown hair with blonde highlights

15Long layer cut with blonde highlight

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

The lady is having a dramatic curl all over her hair with blonde highlights. According to the picture you must be confused whether it is blonde highlights over the dark brown hair or blond hair with light brown highlights. This is a magical presentation where people will get confused, but actually it is wider blonde highlights on light brown hair color.

14Brown hair casual with blonde touch

Many ladies might not like too much blonde touch over their hair, yet they wish to get a blonde highlight. This is the time when you need to have a view at this particular hairstyle. Here that lady has a brown shade of hair and over it some streaks of blonde highlights is associated in order to make it look terrific. This hairstyle will never make you look too odd or too overdone.

13Natural brown with blonde highlights

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This is one of the most popular and admirable hairstyle adopted by most of the ladies these days. You can now come forward and create a cool look with blonde highlights on your natural brown hair color. This is not a very sophisticated hairstyle which you can adopt while you are out in the social gathering, yet this will make you look attractive with simplicity.

12Three tone hair with blonde highlights

You can now see the three tone hair with the lady portrayed in the picture with natural hair tone, a red thorn and blonde tone. Even over the dark hair tone some very slight lines of red highlights can be easily viewed. Just a step down towards the end you can have a look at the blonde hair highlights that covers the entire lower portion of the hair. This is a different hairstyle which you can avail.

11Lower blonde dye long hair

Best medium length hairstyles with highlights

The hair is quite curly in appearance with three color involvement. If you want something extra along with the blonde highlights, this is the particular hairstyle that you can easily adopt. The colors are vibrant and make you stay beautiful for a long time. The dress and outfit that you are wearing will easily suit this particular type of hairstyle. You must get it today and enjoy your looks.

10Long asymmetrical look with blonde at end

The hair tone is brown in color, but the end portion of the hair is having a blonde finish with dye. As you can view that the lady in the particular picture looks really attractive, likewise you can also look attractive with the lovely hair look. The long asymmetrical hair has a wonderful appearance once it is accompanied by the blonde looks. 

9Brown hair with blonde finish

Long black hairstyles with plum highlights

Lady has adopted a hairstyle which is straight in appearance and has very light waves. You will look naturally beautiful with the blonde highlight. The brown hair with blonde finish at the end will be really appreciable. This is an easy messy wave that will look really amazing with a very casual look. The straight hair with the mess looks very attractive, especially when you are getting a casual approach with a terrifying deal.

8Upper blonde look with brown natural hair

The lady with the black eyeglass creates stylish attire with her hair, which is originally brown in color, but the blonde paint over the hair looks really good. The top portion of the hair is blonde and the one which is at the downward portion is golden brown in color. The hair color gives a wonderful get up to the lady due to which she is in a position to get a formal look. You must try this today and surprise your boss.

7Simple, straight hair with brown and blonde combination

Medium length black hairstyles with plum highlights

It is important to get a different style, especially when you are going to meet your special friend. Only the dress and outfit is not all, you need to get a very nice and spectacular looks. The modern look is contemplated with a highlighted view of blonde hair. This is the time when you can stay really attractive without a second thought.

6Golden hair with blonde highlights

The lady is having a messy hair look with the golden hair tone as her natural color which can be viewed at the front portion, but on the back side the hair is painted with blonde color. As compared to the variety of other blonde highlights, this can be regarded as one of the interesting combinations. Get the hairstyle right today and surprise people who are staying around you. You can go for a hangout with this style.

5Latest fashion with light pastel green highlights

The hairstyle that best suits and you are looking for, want to get a fresh take on honey blonde hair. Choose the hairstyle with lighter and darker shades of blonde that make you look beautiful. The approximating golden brown color that can throw a sprinkling of light pastel green highlights. The hairstyle with a mix of two colored hairs gives an unexpected touch that can reveal the current trend awareness.

4Best ideas for delightful mix of blonde and honey hairstyle

The best hairstyle that is best suited with cold platinum strands for a party wear.  The hairstyle which is warm golden and honey streaks has to work unexpectedly with a fantastic for the light brown background. The warm golden and honey streaks can work unexpectedly in the light brown background. This hairstyle gives a complete look with golden accessories.

3Best latest honey blonde highlights with wavy hairstyle

The blonde wavy highlight is simple and quick to wear. Try this hairstyle that best suits to you. The loose wavy hairstyle with blonde highlights make you look beautiful. Simply try this hairstyle that best suits to you in party. Try this blonde hairstyle for any occasion. The light brown wavy loose hair with front bang is good looking.

2Simply curled long hairstyle with light brown color hair

The long blonde highlights are with thin hair, which makes you look flat. The hairstyle best suits for dimensional highlights and curls. The hair with different hair colors of highlights that are close to your natural hair color. This gives a stylist too often with a dye job refreshed look. The hair color and style can add more beauty look.

1Layered hairstyle with brown blonde hair

The blonde hairstyle with a rocking look is a mindful. This hairstyle gives a younger complexion look and has a hue that can complement with it. The dark blonde hairstyle with streaks of light brown and lighter blonde will work great. The hairstyle is hard to update and has the roots that can grow out for a natural look.