Diwali mehndi designs – Deepawali henna design

Diwali is here and you must be all-ready to celebrate it to the fullest. While putting on the right dress, hairstyle and makeup is important, taking some extra care for your hands can also be a good option. You must be planning to doll up in traditional wears during this festive of light and having mehndi on your hands during an auspicious occasion is like a custom in many families. Even if it is not a custom in your family, you can always get the latest mehndi designs on your hands during this festive to add that extra glamour to your overall look. Moreover, admit it girls that we just love to have those beautiful mehndi designs on our hands. So, if you are planning to get mehndi on your hands this Diwali, here is a collection of the best Deepavali henna designs for you. Pick any of these and get the look.

Diwali mehndi designs with images

Gorgeous peacock and flower design

Two hands have different designs. However, the common elements in them are the flowers and peacock. The prints on fingers also have distinctive designs. You can look at the wrist portions and the border of the designs. Although they are different, they are really attractive.

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

Unique designs for both sides

This mehndi design includes two different colors- dark and light brown, and they cover the palm and one of your finger. The back-side design differs from that of the front side one. However, they have similarity in the pattern. Draw leaves and dots to create this design.


Decorative mehndi designs

The design, created on the wrist, makes you believe that you have worn a wristlet. On all the five fingers, you can make various designs, including the net-like ones. This mehndi really amazes all the viewers. The gap between the wrist and finger mehndi designs is the major factor to make the look attractive.


Eye-catching design circles and net

You can find a combination of various prints in this mehndi. The back side of your hand becomes beautiful. The design shows a border around two of your nails.  It is better to create this design than to put on any ornament on your hands.


Lotus flower mehndi

The mehndi covers the wrist of your hands and one of your fingers. However, it is really highly sophisticated for those, who look for simple designs. The lotus shapes, designed with henna, have created a stunning look. However, you must have skills for drawing these designs.

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

Beads and flowers in mehndi

By joining the dots and by creating flowers and leaves, the designer has created a cool mehndi design for the new brides. There is no complicacy in this design. However, still, the overall look is fantastic. You may polish your nails with the matching color.

Arabic mehndi design for Diwali

Arabic mehndi design for Diwali

The Arabic pattern of a mehndi design is suitable for festivals like Diwali. Arabic mehndi design is usually made using dark black colour henna which looks mesmerising with decorative outlines and attractive wrist designs. In this particular type of henna design, the wrist area is especially highlighted with bracelet patterned designs. Arabic mehndi looks very complicated, however, is very easy to draw. We are pretty sure that with this henna design, this Diwali you will give your hands a unique look.

The Pakistani henna design

The Pakistani henna design

Just like the Arabic henna design, the Pakistani pattern of applying henna is also well suited for occasions like a Diwali. This particular pattern is a unique blend of Indian and Arabic mehndi design. When it comes to the Pakistani henna, one of the very famous designs which are usually seen is the peacock design. With the Peacock mehndi design, floral design at the lower section of the hands makes the design stand out of all.

Glitter Henna designs for Diwali

Glitter Henna designs for Diwali

Who doesn’t like a pop of colour on the hand and when its Diwali, glitters are well suited. In this particular type of henna design the outlines are made using original Mehandi products, however, glitters are added to the whole design which makes it look more special and unique. This style is followed by the latest trend and can be created using the various colour combination. You can always match your glitter henna mehndi design with the colour of your Diwali outfit.

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Simple yet classy floral Henna designs for Diwali

Simple yet classy floral Henna designs for Diwali

This is one of the best designs of all time and has a traditional touch to it and goes well with almost every ethnic outfits. The floral henna design is very common and classy,  however, variations can be made using your own creativity.   One of the very famous floral henna design is the one which comes with a floral vine design which starts from the palm and extends till the wrist. Even if this design is very common if drawn to perfection can make your hands look very beautiful.

Side covering modern mehndi design


This beautiful mehndi design can be your best stylish pick this Diwali.  The best thing about this design is it has a very modern and stylish touch. It can go pretty well with an ethnic wear as well as with a western wear due to the chicness in the design. Here the floral vine design has been extended from one side of the hand in an angular fashion and the designs on the fingers have been done separately without covering the whole of the back of the hand. The simplicity of this design makes it special.

Traditional full covering peacock mehndi design for this Diwali


This full covering peacock mehndi design can always be one of the best options for anyone looking out to get traditional mehndi designs. The paisley designs at the lower section of the hands and the perfect placement of the peacock design at the middle of the hands has given this design a completely different look.

Linear mehndi design for Deepavali festival


This stylish linear mehndi design has the look that can be paired effortlessly with traditional as well as western wears. Here an encircling design has been done above the wrist. The same encircling design can be seen on the fingers, but the placement of these designs on each of the fingers is different to introduce variation. The central dangling design of this mehndi adds a completely different dimension to the look.

Best mehndi designs for legs

Traditional mehndi design for festive Diwali


Check out this traditional intricate mehndi design which covers the hands and the wrists fully, but leaves blank space on the palm, giving it the perfect look. In this design the top of the fingers have also been covered with intricate mehndi design, instead of just filling them up in the traditional way. The square shaped central design of this mehndi along with the inner decorations make the total design look really beautiful.

Stylish mehndi design


This design has a more or less circular central part that is placed at the back of the palm and then it extends to the wrist area and towards one finger. The finger is fully covered by the design, but the extension towards the wrist is not all covering. The other point to note in this design is that, while the basic pattern of the design on both the hands is the same, the designs differ from each other significantly. This mehndi design can easily make your best pick this Diwali.

Angular mehndi design with peacock base


In this mehndi design the peacock pattern has been made at the base, below the wrist. The design follows a covering pattern till the palms and then the paisley designs take an angular pattern and has been extended till the end of the index finger. The tops of the other fingers, just below the nails have got covering design and the dangling extensions from this design join with the angular paisley patterns to complete the look.

Short two finger covering mehndi design


This mehndi design starts from one side of the wrist and has been continued till the end of two fingers in an angular pattern. The design follows a vine type flow on the hand and the thickness of the design has not been kept constant to give it a more natural and flowy look. On the two fingers the design extends till the base of the nails. You can easily pair up this design with ethnic or modern wear.

Latest pakistani mehandi designs for hands and legs

Disjoint mehndi design with shades


Here the design on the wrist has been made as a circular single unit with a more or less blank central section, covered only by curved single branches. The design on the upper part of the hand has an angular beginning maintaining a circular parallel gap with the design on the wrist. The design at the upper section covers the upper part of the hand as well as all the fingers completely. Shades have also been used for highlighting the border of the two disjoint designs.

Half circular trendy mehndi design for diwali


This design starts from just below the wrist and covers the wrist like a wrist band. The three circular patterns that cover the length from the wrist to the finger have been placed artistically on the bigger circular pattern just below it. The center of each of these circular patterns has been left blank. The fingers have got a net like covering mehndi design that ends in dangling leaf patterns. This mehndi design can be ideal for this Diwali.

Covering floral mehndi design – traditional diwali design


This traditional floral mehndi design is intricate and covers almost all the length starting from the elbows to the fingers. The design starts with a big floral pattern at the base and it reaches the wrist by covering the whole length intricately with different patterns. Another big floral pattern has been placed at the middle of the palms and the fingers have also been covered intricately with mehndi. This mehndi pattern can be ideal if you are looking for a gorgeous mehndi design this Diwali.

Modern diwali mehndi design with stones


If you are looking for a modern mehndi design for this Diwali, check out this one. Here the design has its center at one side of the palm and the dotted lines radiate from this pattern to reach the circular designs arranged around the central pattern. The stone work has been done on the pattern at the side from which the whole design seems to radiate. Shades have been used within the peripheral round designs to give the design a whole new dimension. This design can be ideal to pair with ethnic as well as modern and western wears.

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Side covering stylish Henna design for Diwali


This beautiful yet minimalistic mehndi design can be a good pick for this Diwali if you are looking to try something different. Here the design has been done on one side of the hand. The intricate mehndi design covers the little finger and the part of the hand just below the little finger. A curved design with floral patterns starts from below the wrist and covers this design from the side and extends to the finger next to the little finger. However, a prominent gap between the two designs has been maintained. A disjoint design is present on the index finger.

Angular Henna design for this Deepavali


This design starts from one side, just below the wrist and covers the length in an angular fashion to reach the base of the finger of the other side. The design has a big floral pattern which is placed on the wrist and base of the palm and the extensions to the sides take paisley shape as a whole. The design has also been continued covering the whole of the index finger.

Easy circle mehndi designs

Traditional Diwali half hands mehndi design


This is a traditional mehndi design but here instead of covering the whole hand till the elbows, the design has been kept short, which gives it a trendy look. The design has normal mehndi design patterns that cover the whole of the hand intricately. The tops of the fingers have been covered with mehndi but they are devoid of designs. Shades have also been used at some points for highlighting.

Stylish unique mehndi design for diwali


Check out this unique mehndi design and you are sure to fall in love with it. It starts from near the elbows and covers the whole length of the hands to reach the fingers in a spiral fashion. The intermediate bigger patterns look like the feathers of peacock and they have a clear circular center. Designs are also present covering the bases of all the nails which completes the look.

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

Best minimalistic mehndi design for diwali


If you are planning to keep your Diwali mehndi design simple and yet different from everyone else, try out this pattern. Here the floral vine design with flowers and leaves have been drawn more like a hand piece that starts from the sides of the wrist, meets at the middle and extends till the base of the middle finger. Another disjoint floral pattern has been placed just below the wrist.