Hair color ideas for women

Celebrities around the world change the hair color to give a new and unique look on different sets and occasions.

Hair color ideas

Strong streaks hair color


Small sections of hair are colored a little below the roots. If you provide a golden highlight, a soft look in your dark and long hair which will be forecasted. Light red highlights throughout the hair make the hair look thicker and add volume to them.

Baby lights hair color ideas


It is a hair coloring technique where small sections of hair are highlighted and it can lighten your hair color when they are playing in the sun. It gives naturally highlighted look and has best added dimension to the hair. They are easier to maintain and grow out naturally.

Softer reds hair colors


Many women in the recent times are going for the colors like copper, golden along with deep reds.  These colors are also suitable on dark skin tones without looking unnatural. Fiery red color has also become very popular these days.  A number of the film stars are looking for natural and soft hair looks shade. This can also an inclusion of multi-dimensional copper.

Deep browns hair color for women



Hair color ideas for dark skin

Cool tones are best suited on pinkish or dark complexion and golden shade is more suitable on warm skin tone.  Women with ash and olive complexion must go for ash brown shade.

Best hair color cool cast 



Silver or white color has become the latest craze this season. There is full on bleach white glossing or there are just some creamy highlights scattered over the head with a touch of violet or blue here and there. There are some complex shades which require about ten hours of bleaching. They are best with opal shade and hints of lavender and pink

Trendy hair color with blue


Modern celebrities are trying to experiment with blue and have found that blue black color gives a beautiful effect. It is the best shade for summer.

Fashion hair color idea with blonde


Is a color which defines the natural blonde streaks in the front and brown on the back. It is inspired by the blondes who wanted to use darker shades without getting rid of their natural color.

Opal stylish hair color idea


It is a bold style adopted by celebrities, by combining this color with other shades like blue, green and light hints of a spectacular color.

New pixel hair color for women


There are not many examples of pixel hair color, but those done professionally seem to look fantastic for various hair.  The base hair color is of no importance for a pixel color. These colors are experimenting with models participating in runway shows.

Cool ombre hair color


Hair color ideas for women

Ombre hair color is the hottest hair color trend in the recent times which provides different options. It highlights the ends of the hair. It is a simple dip dye with choices of soft, bold, colorful or natural with any color. It requires the least maintenance.

Ash pearl blonde hair colorCool Ombre Hair colour

This is a perfect ash pearl shade of blonde long hair long hair with soft curls.  It is the best shade of hair for summers and is suitable on fair complexions.

Chocolate blonde best in summer

Ash Pearl Blonde

This is an excellent combination of warm chocolate brown base natural hair with golden blonde highlights. You can discover this really well when your friends and relatives praise you. This can be applied to people in all age groups.

White honey blonde light hair color

White Honey Blonde

Hair color ideas for light skin

This is the idea that speaks about fall color without any flaws. It is not platinum or not golden. The beauty of this white honey lies in its bright, beige blonde shades.

During the fall you have to stay confined with colors. But this is a spectacular hair color that helps you get an attractive look.

Stunning red fall hair color

Stunning Red Fall Hair

This color brings an extraordinary tempt. This is the particular variety that makes you look increasingly tempting. You can even get attracted by your partner with this hair color trend.

Cherry brown hair color ideas for women

Cherry Brown

This is a beautiful lush cherry shade with a brown dye and a bottom color in red and violet. It also depicts a shade of  chocolate brown with the combination of light falls on it. The cherry brown hair color makes you look really attractive. There are ways to create a healthy impression to the rest of the crowd.

Low lights and highlights

Low lights and Highlights

Hair color ideas for high school

This is a simple hair color with brown low lights and very light highlights. This might be really common to people around, but looks actually good.

You can take up a more simplified form with a spectacular colorless deal. The highlights will create a wonderful impression on your face.

Copper blonde hair color

Copper Blonde

This is a unique shade of copper hair with blonde chunks. It is usually admired on celebrities who want a unique look on stage or on special occasions. This is another party looking hair color that will create a lovely look.

Rainbow colorshair

Rainbow Hair Colour

This is a perfect rainbow hair color with purple and a lavender ombre extension. The teens and ladies crossing 30 years are always taking it for flaunting view. But, this creates a positive impression on your looks

Classic rainbow hair color

Classic Rainbow Hair Colour

Hair color ideas for brunettes

You can get a spectacular shade of rainbow color on your hair. You get a dazzling view with this hair color. The particular hair color has varied display based on places to visit.

Burgundy red hair color

Burgundy Red

Here is a perfect combination of auburn, magenta, strawberry-blonde and red. It is a vibrant, energetic, and an attractive color and best for winter. The brown based pigment looks very natural with this a dark hair color shade.

Glow in the dark hair color

Glow in the dark

The fluorescent colors in blue, green and pink are used to color the hair. The hidden person in the dark can be easily spotted with her glowing hair.

Ombre hair color ideas

Ombre hair

Hair color ideas for extensions

This is a fantastic combination of Ombre hair in red and blonde hair. The lower ends of the hair are dipped in blonde. You can create some spectacular look with the graceful impression of an ombre hair.

Natural glow hair colors

Natural glow hair

This color gives a natural glow by playing around with tones of yellow and blonde.  Most women are not scared to get their hair color in this style.

Blue hair color ideas for women with side swept bang


The blue hair color ideas with a side swept bang make you look stylish. This hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. The soft, smooth hair color ideas with side fringe haircut are beautiful. Try this hairstyle for a party and in summer, which makes you look cool. Lighter hair colors are best in summer.

Blonde hair color ideas with wavy long hairstyle


The blonde dark copper hair color is best for fair skin tone. The hairstyle with wavy long hair and side bangs with bouncy hairstyle, make you look stylish. The hairstyle best suits for night parties as the hair color looks pretty cute in darkness. The hair color with matching eyeliners and eyebrows looks simple and fashion.

Ombre violet hair color ideas



The hair colors with an Ombre make you look stylish. The hairstyle with a side swept and twisted hair pinned back of the ear. The long straight hair with Ombre violet hair color make you look pleasant and cool. The different hair color that looks good with matching dresses and makeup looks gorgeous.

Trendy purple hair color for fair skin tone women


The selected hair colors with different right shades make you look special and attracting. The right hair color shade of purple with the color palette is beautiful. The dark or light hair colors lead a magical special experience with different hairstyles. You can try different delicate hair color tones for a dazzling upcoming hairdo.

Women hairstyle with trendy multi hair color ideas


The multi hair color for fair skin women with plum haircut looks pretty cute and simple. The side swept hair with different hair colors with long, low curly hair looks beautiful. This hairstyle with multi hair color turns everyone’s attention and can easily attract people.

Green hair color idea for black women


Hairs coloring with bold shades are a must for dark women to look stylish and unique. The bold highlights and strong mixes with full green shades are beautiful. The blonde hairstyle and hair color is prevalent with the season, skin tones. The blonde hue with lighter complexions is better for dark women.