Best Mehendi Designs 2017 – 2018

Traditional Indian ornament adorned on the hands of women is considered to be auspicious and a harbinger of prosperity and good luck for the family in coming future. Spotting women painting their hands and legs with pretty henna designs is quite a common phenomenon.

It is one of the most ancient practices and women all over celebrate several festivals including Eid with their henna laden hands. Weddings are incomplete without a beautiful carving of henna on bride, bridesmaids and women relative’s hands. It’s not only used to enhance the beauty but also loaded with several medicinal uses. Henna is applied on hair to fight against hair fall and promote hair growth while it is believed henna fight against the fungal infections, wounds, scabies etc.

Here are some of the breathtaking henna designs:

Bridal Henna Designs

15 Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

We are in love with all things bridal and Indian weddings come with an outburst of energy and joy. Henna adds to the beauty of a bride while she delicately sighs and shies beneath her bridal trousseau and heavy jewelry. These lust-worthy henna designs are perhaps the most trending and will catch your beau’s attention in no time. We promise.

Portrait Bridal Henna

This is the latest buzz in wedding town. With miniature portraits adorning the bridal hands, you shall be the conversation starter of the kitschy trend taking over. Let your love shine through with you and your fiancée portraits on your hands gleaming with joy.

Turkish Bridal Henna

Turkish designs are one of the latest and brides are overwhelmed with this beautiful intricate detailed mehendi. Turkish incorporates a slightly different method by taking a route of going all ethnic and filling the hands and legs with pointed cone. Their designs are more visually appealing because of their specialized henna application skills. Also, brides love to narrate their love story if they’re getting married to the love of their life. The story of how they met on their hands through design is quite a talk in the town.


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Jewel Bridal Henna

We’re so much in love with this gorgeous plush and royal henna design immaculately crafted on the bride’s hands. Look at the glorious jewelry adorning her henna. This is the prettiest henna design for every royal flamboyant bride who is planning for a large extravagant destination wedding, pin this ladies.

Arabic Bridal henna

Top 15 floral mehandi designs for hands

If you’re a lover of all things art and details, Arabic is a way to go. They are known for their remarkable feat in crafting detailed, intricate and absolutely delightful henna designs that will steal your husband’s hearts way in seconds. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Signature Indian Bridal Henna

If you’re the follower and preacher of Indian traditions and would love to embrace culture of the country, this signature Indian bridal henna design fits your look perfectly.  Add a dash of glamour with bright red trousseau and soft tone makeup to popup your henna.

Minimalistic Henna Designs

Trending and buzzing this season are all things “less is more”. The mantra that all the millennials and young girls are chanting since it looks suave, charming and graceful to be simple yet elegant. So, when choosing an outfit, pastels and sheer nets have dominated the market. Talk about henna designs, and minimalistic henna is in fashion. So, keep your hands manicured and don these chic designs to stand out.

Festive Henna Design

You can go all festive and add that subtle charm to your hands with this glorious henna design. Suitable for young girls and unmarried women who shall be able to carry this pretty look quite effortlessly.

Petite Hands Henna

15 Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Got little tiny hands and don’t want to end up looking like a trash with full henna design? Look no further than this gorgeous minimalistic henna design that will go with all your outfits and complement your petite hands too.

Embellished Henna

Flaunt your ornament laden henna design and let the people go gaga over this beautiful piece of art on your hands. You can choose the color of stones on your henna similar to the color of your outfit to coordinate and stand tall.

Arabic Henna

Arabic minimalist henna designs are quite a rage amongst the young girls who love to get their hands drawn in inclined signature patterns. Florals and peacocks beautify the tangent looking henna designs adorning pretty hands.

Bridesmaids Henna Design

All the beautiful chirpy and happening bridesmaids add magic and fun to the wedding proceedings with endless music, dance and fun. So, why should their hands not scream extravagance. Here’s how you can rock simple, subtle yet statement henna designs and entice the hot men out there.

Elegant Henna

Best mehndi designs for legs

This henna design will surely grab you a ton of compliments from friends and relatives alike. The beautiful design reflects youth, love, energy and passion which you shall be showcasing throughout the wedding ceremonies with utmost responsibility.

Simple Cut

Not too over the top or fancy, just the dash of design and a dollop of style with traditional henna craft. It will look adorable on a young girl adorning this design with a traditional Indian ensemble- lehenga or a saree.

Arabic Bridesmaid Henna

Let your hands weave the story of you with this elegant intricate work of Pakistani Arabic inspired henna design. We’re in awe with this gorgeous design that is nothing less than a dreamy sail.

Accessory Henna

When wearing a beautiful accessory henna, you need not stack those bangles. This is the beauty and gorgeousness of a wonderful design that helps you keep it sober yet head turner.