Top Celebrity Hairstyles & Haircuts in Bollywood

Celebrities include our favorite stars that we admire throughout our life. Since they act as an ideal for us, we tend to follow their habits starting from the food they eat till the type of dresses they wear. Women are crazy about the grooming factors.

They are getting inspiration of the same from their favorite actresses. Not only the teenage girls, rather women crossing 40 years of age are also inspired by the hairstyles of Bollywood stars.

There was a time when the actresses showed short hairs over the screen while acting in cinemas and movies. Many women were really crazy about the trend and have cut their hair short. Let us have a look at such celebrity hairstyles in Bollywood which stands at the top.

Top celebrity hairstyles in Bollywood

Priyanka Chopra hairstyles – Short layers with side bags

Short layers with side bags

Trending best hairstyles for pattu saree

Not all actresses can be bold to cut their hair from very long to very short. Since, it takes a long time to grow such long hair, if the role demands some of the celebrities folds their hair in such a way that it seems like a short hairstyle.

One of the famous stars in Bollywood named as Priyanka Chopra is quite different from others. As you have seen in different types of movies with her versatility in acting, she does not step back to carry on with experiments of her hair. She frequently flips her hairstyle to get a different look.

You must have seen the haircut of Priyanka Chopra in the movie Anjana Anjani. Here she has cut her hair short in layer style. Her hairstyle includes feather in bangs. This hairstyle has become a trend among the youngster after the movie was released.

Alia Bhatt in Long wavy hairstyle


The Bollywood’s young actress, Alia Bhatt has turned her hairstyle in a very short span of time. She changed her hairstyle sporting to a modern south Indian avatar in her blockbuster movie ‘Two states’.

Alia Bhatt character named as Ananya was seen flaunting her long loose wavy hair. It is simply pretty messy braid giving her a stylish look. Long wavy hair is in trend as many Bollywood actresses have sported the style at least once in their film career.

Chitrangada Singh in Messy Waves Haircut

Top celebrity hairstyles in Bollywood

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

There was a time in Bollywood film industry where most of the actresses kept on making their hair messy.

You must have seen in the movie of ‘cocktail’ where the actress Deepika Padukone highlights a messy type hairstyle.

And also there are some celebrities appeared in this type of hairstyle in many events, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, Chitrangada Singh and Priyanka Chopra punch some waves within the messy look. This became a style to the general public.

Most of the Deepika’s hairstyles are constant, but the hairstyle in the film ‘Cocktail’ is one of the favorite look. She has a gorgeous hairstyle in the movie. The messy and carefree hairstyle with multi layers soft curls became an instant hit.

Deepika Padukone in Fishtail braid hairstyle


Braid has become a trend for people at some point of time when the Bollywood actresses started having the particular hairstyle. Some people might have become bored with the normal braid.

For those, fish tail braid would be effective. Your favorite actresses such as Priyanka Chopra, Dipika as well as Isha Copekar also went on trying the hairstyle and they looked stunning. Along with the braid, this hairstyle has a loose style that falls on your cheek and increases your beauty.

Some of the braids are very much interested in having fishtail braid, as they are bored with normal hairstyles. Fishtail braid hairstyle looks stylish and elegant.

The hairstyle is of two ways one is ruffled look or sleek look. Ruffled look is where the hair splatters out of the braid as well as you have some loose sides falling. In sleek look is where all the hair are tied cleanly in a single fishtail braid.

Freida Pinto in Poker Straight Hairstyle

Poker straight hairstyle

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Simple and straight hairstyle have always in fashion and will continue taking its place.

Even the Bollywood celebrities such as Kareena Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and many more tried poker straight hairstyle several times in TV promotions as well as movies. The actress named as Freida Pinto also had carried this particular hairstyle in most of the TV commercials.

The Poker straight hairstyle looks sleek, simple and sophisticated of all the hairstyles. It is very easy to carry and maintain this type of hairstyle.

This hair has been donned by Bollywood many times and is most commonly used by Kareena Kapoor. In the same way, wavy ones are many of her beautiful hairstyle in her films and public appearances.

Tom boy Haircut

tomboy haircut

Have you seen Kajol in the movie, ‘Kuch kuch hota hai’? Her tomboyish look was complete with her hairstyle. Since she went for a mushroom cut to project her tomboyish looks in the movie, many women cut their hair short to look as stunning as Kajol in the movie.

Even in the movie Dushman, the versatile actress Kajol went for a short pixie cut. That was the phase when most of the teenage girls cut their hair short.

Bollywood bouffant Hairstyle

Bollywood bouffant

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You must have seen the evergreen Bollywood actresses such as Shirmila Tagore, Waheeda Rahman, Mumtaz etc., in 60’s.

The hairstyle they adopted had a bump at the front portion. This became quite popular during that time. But, with change of fashion trend this was least accepted by the modern world.

But, recently, this bouffant hairstyle of Bollywood has become very popular among the youngsters. Recent Bollywood actresses such a Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan have again adopted this hairstyle.

Katrina Kaif in Red Streaks Hairstyle

Katrina Kaif in Red Streaks Hairstyle

The trend of color highlights in hair was observed among the youngsters when Kareena Kapoor was seen with red streak.

Since then people started adopting the hairstyle of their favorite celebrity. Even the market was flooded with different types of hair colors from where people had chosen an appropriate one and applied to look trendy with funky finish.

In the movie ‘Ekk main aur Ekk Tu’, Karenna Kapoor played a vivacious hairstylist named Riana Breganza with long and wavy hairs. The long wavy hair transformed her look from poker straight hair to a grunge hair look that are in red streaked strand which was quiet appreciated in B-town.

She was seen in some interesting hair accessories too, that like hair bands and hair pins in funky colors. From there a red hair streak has become very popular.