Rajasthani Mehndi Designs for wedding

Mehendi being an integral part of the Indian culture, it holds special importance among the people of Rajasthan; the reason being the use of Mehendi for literally every auspicious function and occasion. What is so enticing about the Rajasthani Mehendi is unique designs that represent their rich culture and traditions.

These Designs as described below are a mixed batch of beautiful flowers, leaves, peacock design and mirror work design etc. No wonder why the Rajasthani Mehendi Designs are said to be difficult. Rajsthani Mehendi Designs look elegant and classy; the images below are proof for the same.

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs for wedding

37Traditional Rajasthani pattern mehndi

Dulhan mehndi designs

The traditional mehndi design depicts the rich culture of Rajasthan through this mehndi design. It includes the flowers, leaves and peacock shaped structure which is the signature design of Rajasthani mehndi.

36Mirror Reflecting Mehndi Design

Such Rajasthani Mehndi design shows the mirror reflection of the design when traced on both hands together. It again has an excess of leave-like structure present in abundance which is a clear reflection of rich culture of Rajasthan.

35Stony Elegance Rajasthani Mehndi

With intricate stony elegance, this mehndi design depicts another key aspect of Rajasthani mehndi. The intricate design with flowers and leaves and stony figure is carefully done to bring an impactful result.

34Bride & Groom figure Rajasthani mehndi

Since bride and groom structures are now present in many other parts of India, what makes this design Rajasthani is the flower and leaf pattern with intricate stony design that gives a royal finish.

33Royal Bridal Mehndi Design

With bride and groom figures and other traditional details drawn this mehndi design is carefully curated to give an excellent finish. The fine lines depict the royalty and rich tradition of Rajasthan in grandness.

32The Back Hand Swirl Mehendi Design

When you don’t want to design a normal flower or a peacock head then you should go choose the swirl design. This design looks simple but it is not that simple to draw, you need to be sure of the details that make the design look beautiful.

31The Colorful Mehendi Design

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

The Rajasthani Mehendi Design that has color in it is everyone’s favorite because they enhance your hand in a beautiful way. Some people even stick colorful pearls on their design so as to make it unique and amazing.

30The Mirror Replica Mehendi Design

While you look for a design that is simple or easy or beautiful, we suggest you to choose a Mehendi design that is completely based on mirror replica. This means that the design in one hand is same as the design in the other hand.

29Simple Round Flowers and Box like patterns as Mehendi Design

Making a big round flower for your palm and the covering your fingers in box like patterns is one of the simple and sweet Rajasthani Mehendi Design. Most importantly it is easy to do and doesn’t demand much effort.

28The complete patchwork package for both hands

Rajasthani Mehendi designs are true replica of hard work, traditions and fine patchwork where different patterns have been put together. These Mehendi designs are difficult to draw so you need experts to do it for you and the design for both hands should be similar.

27Intricate Sleeve Mehendi Design

The Mehendi design that is up to the sleeves and has a particular kind of pattern in the middle is a beautiful scene to watch. It looks attractive and the artist gets the space to draw more patterns.

26The typical bride Mehendi design

If you don’t have any particular theme in mind for a Mehendi design then you can choose to go with the Typical Bridal Mehendi Design which of course is of elbow length. It has elephant pattern, patterns of the bride as well as that of the groom.

25The Bangle style Mehendi design

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

Bangle or kada is what women generally do wear for their weddings and if you accessorize your hand jewelry with creative Mehendi designs then it will be a good match. Like creating patterns in big borders on the wrists that looks like a big kada or bangle.

24Circular Patterns Mehendi Designs

Circular patterns suit every occasion be it wedding, or ceremonies and you can choose them over flower patterns. The semi-circular patterns put together look amazing and they require accuracy if you really want it look good.

23Peacock heads everywhere

The love for creating peacocks is not that bad especially when you have to carve a Mehendi all by yourself. This one is an easy Mehendi design and it never gets too old, instead gives a very good impression. Moreover, this design is meant just for the palms.

22Gol Motif Mehendi Design

Even though gol tikka looks easy but that is not the case with a gol tikka design, and if you ask any marwari their favorite design they would instantly say the Gol Motif or Gol tikka. It requires spaces and back hand is the ideal space for it.

21A flower for back hand Mehendi design

If you are confused for your back hand Mehendi design then you can simply get away with a flower in the middle of your hand. A huge flower which has petals with designs in it looks great.

20The thin line of circles for your back

One must have heard how the thin lines of henna dry faster and turn up to be darker in shade so, some thin lines describing circles and more circles inside a circle is good to go with. You can choose this design when you are losing patience like during Karva Chauth.

19Paisley design for front and colorful swirl for the back

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Some paisley prints for your palms have always been the most selected Mehendi design because they are so simple to draw and look attractive as well. And, for the back you can draw a swirl and add some colors to it.

18The Traditional Chequered or Diamond Pattern Mehendi Design

Any Rajasthani Mehendi Designs that have zero patterns can never belong to the rajasthani side. When one selects full hand intricate type Mehendi design the artist gets the chance to choose their favorite patterns and draws every bit of it with perfection. Like the one in the picture that has diamond as well as chequered patterns.

17Bridal Mehendi Package

This one is yet again another typical bridal Mehendi that has an incarnation of “sindoor” ceremony of a marriage, perfect for all the Marwari brides.

16The Mehendi that has your heart

What could get more romantic than a mehendi design that has your heart carved on your palms, half belongs to the left and other half to your left. This one in the picture even has image of a bride and a groom on each sides of the heart.

15A rich mixture of eloquent Rajasthani patterns

A full hand Mehendi whose design is a mixture of all the beautiful patterns that make Rajasthani mehendi design a thing is definitely attractive. The one in the picture is one such eloquent mehendi design that is a must try.

14Radha Krishna Mehendi Design

Apart from Dulha Dulhan design you can clearly choose drawing incarnation of Radha and Krishna because nothing can symbolize pure love better than that.

13The Jewelry Style Mehendi Design

Best mehndi designs for legs

Rajasthani women are known for their choice of hand jewelry especially during the occasions so why not go with this Jewelry style mehendi design on your wedding. As far as the front is concerned you can choose peacock and square patterns for it.

12Flower Motif as Back Hand Mehendi Designs

If flowers are love then why not decorate the back of your hand with just floral patterns? Because nothing can be sweet and delightful more than flowers are, and the way you draw those flowers is totally your or the artists choice. For example, the two pictures show two different ways.

11Peacock Mehendi Design

Peacock are the beautiful birds that people would die to catch a glimpse of and as far as the rajasthani mehendi design is concerned peacocks give it a meaning. You can draw square shaped patterns for the rest part and also some flowers.

10Simple Rajasthani Mirror Image Mehendi Designs

If you have long fingers and broad palms then this mehendi design from the picture is the right choice for you. Mirror Image here means creating the same design for both the hands and also choosing the same pattern for all 10 fingers.

9The rich motif work as Rajasthani Mehendi design

Motif work that has combination of flowers, paisley designs, circles and semicircles is an elegant and modern form of mehendi design. You can do it for your palms as well as for the back.

8A simple lotus and hypnotica pattern Mehendi design

The design that has thin lines to describe hypnotising image and lotus flower leaves is the easiest mehendi design. You can do it yourself and is a good choice to make for basic celebrations.

7The Symmetrical Mehendi design

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Drawing symmetrical lines one after another and that too in a manner that it looks clean as well as artistic is a true art form. The rajasthani mehendi design list has this symmetrical shapes as one design which is difficult and beautiful.

6Flowers and Leaves as Mehendi Design

No flower is ever without some leaves and if you have flowers to draw on your hand then also put some leaves in an artistic way. Design your fingers or filling a pattern with some leaves looks as beautiful as flowers with leaves look. And, yes they make for elegant mehendi design.

5Swirl and Veil Sheet Patterns as Mehendi design

A swirl at the back of your hands look elegantly beautiful and so does a veil sheet pattern, you are sure to get confused when you have a choice to make between the two. You can fill the veil sheet pattern with leaves or circles or little flowers.

4It is a leafy or floral Mehendi Design

When you want to stick to a single pattern for the rest of your mehendi then either go with floral patterns or leaf like patterns. They have the look to enhance a mehendi design gracefully.

3Lotus Flower as Mehendi Design

Lotus Flowers are no doubt very pretty and they do count as one of the finest floral prints for a Mehendi design. Drawing perfect lotus flowers add prettiness to the hands.

2Intricate Mehendi design for full hand

Rajasthani Mehndi designs are quite known for their full hand designs and such designs are truly based on intricate artwork where everything seems to have been put in finest of details. For the upper portion of your fingers simply fill them with henna.

1Dulha-Dulhan and Ganesh Pattern Mehendi design

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

This is yet another simple Rajasthani Mehndi design where you don’t have to do anything extra. Drawing a dulha-dulhan image or a Ganesh incarnation will do, you can even choose one pattern and then keep drawing it in equal spaces, just like in the second picture.