Dulhan mehandi designs – Easy bridal mehndi designs – Wedding henna designs

Occasions like wedding can never become complete without bridal mehndi. Brides and their family members become busy about the type of jewellery they would like to wear or make their daughter wear on the day of wedding. Bride must look the best among the crowd as this would be the vital person in the entire occasion.

Both in Indian and Pakistani wedding ceremony, mehendi is a mandatory occasion where the beauticians applies wonderful bridal mehndi designs with mehendi cone or paste over the hands and even legs of the bride of the occasion. These days beautician charges very high rate when it comes putting on bridal mehendi design.

Thus, many Indian brides are thinking to create designs on their hand by themselves or with the help of a friend. But, when thinking of starting a design, nothing comes in the mind. Even the wedding mehendi designs are available online for your ease.

Bridal mehndi designs / Dulhan mehandi designs

78Bride & Groom figure Bridal Mehndi

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

The elbow length long bridal design with intricate pattern and bride & groom figures in the middle is the personal favourite to most brides to this day. It shows the rich tradition and culture of Indian weddings.

77Floral mehndi for feet

The floral and leafy pattern on feet with minute details gives a beautiful look to the bridal feet. The design looks even better when a pair of anklet is wore by the bride on it.

76Floral hathphool design

The floral hathphool was a thing of the past, the brides nowadays get the henna done in the same hathphool design to give a look which is modern yet traditional.

75Intricate details with broad outline

This intricate design is beautified and highlighted with broad outlines and minute details in the centre. The broad outline gives a subtle and colossal finish to the bridal mehndi look.

74Fusion Bridal Mehndi

With a fusion of Arabic, Indian and Pakistani culture, this mehndi design depicts the multicultural beauty. The broad floral pattern with similar interior pattern makes it look aligned and royal.

73The full bridal mehndi hand design

With patterns running around the wrist in the form of a wrist band, this design brings a variety of designs in one. The lotus details, rose motifs and the lattice designs add eccentric details which make the design stand out. The window design on the back of the hand makes a good impression!

72The minimal mehndi design

Simple mehndi motifs made in the form of a trail – the minimal mehndi design here appeals the most. The beauty of this design lies in the empty spaces and left over detailing which brings attention. The flower and leaf patterns are intricately designing with finer perspective to bring about an appeal.

71The lattice bridal mehndi design

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

Forming a net like pattern the lattice design makes a complete coverage of the hands like jewelry. With large and small lattice patterns the mehndi has formed an excruciate design. The fingers are given finer details to shine out. Add some flowers around to make it even more beautiful.

70The peacock leg mehndi

Peacock caricature made on the leg brings about a traditional and ethnic touch. Traditional and glamorous this mehndi design is an assembling of multiple patterns into one. The peacock body and the lattic patterns bring about exclusive attention to this design.  Heavy and yet elegant this mehndi design makes use of the space well and gives due attention to the feet.

69The minimalistic leg mehndi

With mango motifs, peacock designs, lattice and an exceptionally beautiful border this design is beautiful. Keeping the spread of the mehndi design small the finer details of the mehndi bring beauty. The fingers and the borders are given due details to accentuate the appeal of the design. Perfect for any event or festival!

68Flower motif trails mehndi

While flower motif brings about a beauty in this design the key attraction of this design is the trail that runs through the hands and makes it appear beautiful. The leaf and mango motifs with shaded petals and dangler details make this design exceptional for the newly wedded or the festival times.

67Miniature arabic mehndi design

Miniature details and a floral pattern of this arabic design is one of the unique ones to try. The empty spaces bring gravity to the design and demand attention. The little caricatures make the design stand out. The pattern is mostly made out of arabic touch to the regular mango motifs, flower motifs etc.

66The peacock trail design

The peacock body and caricature made in the form of a trail on the leg is a unique concept for a mehndi design. The peacock motif that starts from the upper end of the leg ends right before the fingers while giving the peacock feather touch around the ends. With leaves and intricate flower details the exceptional look appeals.

65Deep dark pattens mehndi

Whimsical patterns have always been a hit with the mehndi design. This rather unique half whimsical design brings ethnic beauty, flower details and a bright look to the hand. The balance of the empty spaces with the designs makes the design stand out. Make it half hand or extend up to elbows – personalize the design to make it appealing!

64The glamorous arabic design

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

A lot of designs jumbled up into one – this Arabic eccentric design is a perfect one for the girl next door. Young girls, new brides and celebrations around invite this mehndi design with special peacock motif as the center design. The finer filled details on the sides with trails of spaces left out make the mehndi design appear like a jewel.

63Rose motif trail mehndi

Special rose motifs design intricately are made as standalone pieces around the hand and little trails of the roses are made around the fingers to complete the look. The design can also be given an arabic twist with finer detailing on the back of the hand and the finger dangler designs.

62The light henna design

One of the trendy and new designs to try is the light henna versions. With simple flower and mehndi motifs, the trails of the mehndi are made. The mehndi design is kept minimal and finer to give it a shaded effect. The light colour of the design makes it stand out.

61Intricate arabic mehndi design

This arabic mehndi design is an intricate touch of ethnic patterns with flowers and wrist band caricatures. The minimalistic appeal of the design brings about a beautiful touch. More of the space is left empty for the maximum impact of the deep dark designs that adore the hands in the most glamorous way.

60The bridal jewelry leg mehndi

Like a piece of jewelry this beautiful mehndi design is all about intricate details and little attention. The peacock motif on the leg brings about a special detail that makes the design a lot beautiful and glamorous. The finer details like mehndi danglers, dots and leaving spaces for the designs to stand out makes this design a perfect one!

59The traditional full mehndi

Covering the entire hand with little motifs and flowers and bringing about an appeal with its simplicity, this mehndi design is perfect for any bride. The lattice design, flowers, circular center pieces and the leaves structure bring gravity to this design! Keep the mehndi design long enough to cover the hand and it shall pair beautifully with ethnic dresses.

58The flower mehndi trail for the leg

Made of special flower designs the mehndi trail makes use of an Arabic twist of design to make a trail. Sunflower, rose and jasmine flowers can be designed with a few leafs to make this design form the trail. A lot of danglers and fillers are used to make it stand out!

57Ethereal mehndi trails

Best mehndi designs for legs

Ethereal traditional designs are made in super fine details to bring about a fuller hand with no space left. The trails of lattice and lace details are made to complete the look. The similar pattern with a lace design is made on the heels of the leg to bring a matching feel to the legs too.

56Bridal Mirror mehndi design

Adding a mirror like effect on the hand to create similar but reflected design on both the hands, this mehndi design is specially for the brides. The betel leaf design with caricatures of Indian bride and groom look excellent for the weddings. The arms are covered with bands of lattice, fillers and floral designs.

55The wedding procession design

A wedding procession in progress is one of the best scenes to depict on a bride’s hand. Match it with a lot of details to make it stand out. With glitters, shiny stones and colourful additions this design can be uplifted and turned into a more appealing form. Simple yet the most glamorous addition!

54The traditional bridal mehndi design

A bride’s hand is not complete without adding a few traditional motifs of a wedding. With flowers, music instruments, caricatures of bride and groom etc the design can be made a lot like a story. Fill in a lot of danglers while giving special details to the trail to make it attention grabbing and long enough to cover till elbows.

53The lattice mehndi design

Lattice mehndi design is one of the best to get on the back of the hand. With leaves and flower structures adjoined to bands around the wrist the design looks marvelous. Alternatively, the peacock motif can be made in the form of multiple trails to make the design twisted. The peacock body with its feathers makes a glamorous design for the hands.

52Concentric circle flower mehndi design

Simplistic, elegant and glamorous – the concentric circle flower is everything you need for a minimalistic look. Perfectly designed concentric circles flower on the back of the hand add in beauty with arabic designs on the finger. Pair it with jewel to get the right ethnic look for the weddings and bridal mehndi design.

51Decorated mehndi design

Add in glamorous to your simple mehndi design with a little of stone and pearls to stick on them. Be it the simple flower design on the back of the hand or a lattice pattern – pair with a large ring and special stones to bring about a unique appeal that makes the design a real gem!

50The arabic-Indie twist mehndi

Easy circle mehndi designs

With touch of arabic appeal on the fingers and wrist designs and keeping the center flower design simple – this mehndi is about creating pattern with the blank spaces. Be it a blank heart or a circle, it is the blank spaces which brings out the ‘less is more’ quotient for the mehndi design!

49Indian wedding bridal mehndi design

The moments of an Indian wedding is capture graciously in this mehndi design. Caricatures of the bride and groom depict a moment or two of the wedding while the rest of the design is brought to life by adding more wedding details. Arm designs are made in the form of bands that give a complete look and finish!

48Vivid mehndi design

Adding in a lot of arabic details and whimsical touch, this vivid mehndi design is something very different. Taking in inspiration from nature the key elements are small flower trails with danglers or the long leafy trails. Same are made in the form of mini trails to cover up the entire hand. Smart use of spaces and this design is a perfect one for any occasion.

47The anklet mehndi design

Like large motifs of anklets worn around the leg this mehndi design is a perfect depiction of glamorous jewelry that looks larger than life. Intricate details have been added to the designs to make it look more traditional and artistic. A large flower motif, peacock body or a lot of leaves can be made as center piece of art.

46The large mehndi trail design

A large trail of peacock body design or a multiple floral designs are made to cover the lower side of the leg. This pattern is maintained around the hands too. The sides of the designs are made with simple details to make the central design make its impact and appeal.

45Whimsical mehndi design

Whimsical patterns are made on an entirety to create patterns and fill up. There are tiny trails of leaves and flowers in deep dark fillings to bring about a twist. A few lattice details here and there make the design stand out exceptionally. The use of light and dark mehndi patterns bring about a beautiful look for this design.

44The red glamour mehndi design

Concentric circle flowers are made in the center with arabic details for the fingers. The borders of the circle are given ethnic traditional design with lacy feel to make the design stand out. The contrast of red mehndi colour with dark maroon in the corners make the design exceptionally appealing and glamorous!

43Boxes and Lines with some Mogra design

Beautiful bridal henna design for hands

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Though boxes and lines is itself one nice Mehendi design but for a bride it can turn out to be too basic or dull. This is the reason why one can choose draping mogra flower designs in the middle. It will give the Mehendi design an ethereal look completing it as a whole. It will complement your look as that of a beautiful bride.

42Flowers and Patterns Design

Traditional full hand henna design

This Mehendi Design is more of an easy bridal Mehendi which has a mixture of Mughlai Mehendi along with some triangle patterns. Drape your hands with Mughlain designs that generally look like beautiful flowers and cover the rest of the space with the help of drawing patterns in left and right diagonals making a triangle out of it.

41Arabian Mehendi Style

easy hand mehndi design for bride

Whatever that is minimal and resembles of artistic designs like the one in the picture can be termed towards the Arabian style. For brides who don’t want to crowd their hands and palms with too much of any design should try Arabian style Mehendi. It looks fresh and beautiful especially when you are wearing some pieces of jewelry on your hand.

40Legendry and Anklets Design

Awesome bridal mehndi design

Since a bride loves draping her feet with Mehendi and it is so auspicious, so why get rid of the legendry round big flower in the middle of your feet. Then later turn it dapper gorgeous by giving it a touch of anklets by the ankle and bridal rings on all the toes. This is surely going to make your feet look like that of a stylish bride.

39Patterns of Check and Mojari

Simple easy bridal mehndi design for legs

A pattern that looks like checkered one with a sweet flower on it is always a yes-yes for a bride especially when it is just on the feet giving a traditional look of Mojaris. A basic take on the types of feet Mehendi design as most of feet remains covered because of the attire. Mojari shoes will give an essence to this kind of Mehendi design.

38Dulhan mehandi in different patterns

Floral henna design for wedding

Instead of just sticking to one pattern, a bride can actually try draping her pedicured feet with a Mehendi design like the one in the picture. A design that is a beautiful mixture of so many pretty patterns etched with perfection.

Somewhere it of leaves that have an artistic bending to it, somewhere it is just about lines and dots, somewhere it is about little semi-circles and broad lines. By the corner you can always choose to draw your favorite flower. Noteworthy beautiful!

37Dulhan mehendi mandala design

Bangle style mehendi design for bride

Use henna to create this elaborate architectural pattern. This type of design reminds us of the ancient palace in Mughal age. You can find floral and dome-shaped design in this mehendi.

We can find these patterns, embedded in cemented structures of different royal buildings. Split and chequered motifs are the major elements with these mehendi designs. Your fingers and wrist will look striking, and you may choose it for your wedding day mehendi.

36Elephant patterns

Bridal mehndi design for hands

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

Elephant is one of the major figures of this mehendi design. It is different from other regular mehandi designs, and the designer will create swirly and curvy pattern, surrounding the elephant. You may use this design for your leg mehendi.

35The Swirl

Simple mehndi design for wedding

While you love curvy motifs, it is the right choice for your finger mehendi. You may blend paisley with swirl pattern to create a unique and classic look. Most of the Indian brides love this simple design.

34Colorful mehendi

Bridal mehendi design for hand and fingers

Add color to your mehendi, and it will give your hands an attractive look. The presence of colors can make the design highly interesting. There is not anything conventional in this design. The new brides, who like to try out fresh mehendi designs, may choose this option for their wedding ceremony.

33Chequered mehendi

Full hands bridal mehandi design

The common intricate mehendi designs have become boring to us. Thus, create a chequered pattern all over your hands, and fill the spaces with other designs.

32Blank fingertips

Simple fingertips mehndi design

You may not love too much decoration in your fingers. Arabic artists apply this mehendi design. While you have manicured nails, it is better to choose this design.

31Glittering or sparkling designs

New sparkling mehndi design for wedding

Add glitters to your mehendi design, and these are a type of adornments. You may use it for your feet or hands to make everything more alluring to the viewers.

30Full hand bridal mehandi design

Bridal mehndi design
Full hand bridal mehandi
Full hand bridal mehndi design

This is one of the exclusive bridal mehendi designs that can be adopted by any bride for the wedding occasion. If you are the bride of the particular occasion, full hand mehendi design will be important to adopt. In order to create femininity within the design, floral figures are punched.

29Arabic mehendi design for dulhan

Simple arabic mehndi design
Arabic mehndi design for dulhan
Arabic bridal mehndi designs

New mehndi designs for feet

This is one of the most effective wedding mehendi designs that will suit the bride both at the front and back side of the hand. Since it covers almost all the main parts of the hands such as fingers, wrist and palm many people may like it due to its fullerenes. This is one of the designs with its origin in Arabic countries. This can also be known as Arabic bridal mehendi design.

28Back hand dulhan mehendi design

Easy back hand mehndi design
bridal mehndi design for hand
Simple bridal mehndi design for hand

This is one of the simple bridal mehendi designs which look very beautiful on your hand. You may have a broad or a thin hand, this mehendi design would exclusive suite you irrespective of the type of hand you possess. Since these mehendi designs have minute details, it become eye catchy and attractive.

27Floral mehandi bridal design

Beautiful mehndi design for hands
Floral mehandi bridal design for hands
Floral mehndi design on hands for bride

Some people look out for compact bridal design of mehendi even if it is complicated. Since, it is about the occasion of wedding, this is the time when they would like to look best. This wedding mehndi design is exclusively for all though who wishes to avail complicated but very attractive mehendi design.

26Square box wedding mehndi design

Simple back hand mehndi design

Sometimes people get bored with floral and leave attached in dulhan mehendi design. Thus, they wish to get something different and abstract. This wedding henna design is one among the abstract designs which you might have hardly viewed in anyone’s hand. Just have a look.

25Bangle mehendi design for wedding

New bangle mehndi design for wedding

Some people may not like the bridal mehendi designs that cover full hand. Rather, they go for a mehendi design which will be unique and at the same time shows some portion of your skin. These mehendi designs are very exclusive and can be adopted for any occasions.

24Back hand mehandi dulhan design

Back hand bridal mehndi design

Bridal mehendi designs that come out from the mind of each individual may not match with other. This article combines all the ideas that comes out from the mind of different individual and display it in order to get a compact mehendi design. Check out design number 7 with high privilege

23Bridal mehndi design

Bridal full hand mehndi design

This is one of the exclusive Indian wedding mehendi designs that wins over the heart of many grooms who wishes to see their bride beautiful on the first night of the marriage occasion He might not be able to remove his eyes from your hand.

22Arabic mehendi design for bride

Best arabic mehndi design

New bangle henna mehndi designs

This is a simple bridal mehendi design that can be tried by any individual on her hand or other person’s hand which does not look very congested but is quite clean to cover around three quarter of your hand.

21Bangle mehandi design for wedding

Bridal bangle mehandi design

Modern brides have become fed up of the same type of pattern and bridal designs of mehendi laced over the catalogue. They would always ask the beautician of the mehendi designer to get the variety which is unique and exclusive. This has a chain like structure that would present a wow appearance.

20Peacock mehndi design for bride hand

Peacock mehndi design for wedding

If you want to get very simple variation of design which will only fill your entire hand, we are here with the beautiful bridal henna design on hand. This is suitable all those who wishes to have a very simple design, the only purpose will be to fill up the hand anyhow. This design has originated from parsley pattern with simple finish

19Simple wedding mehendi design for legs

Wedding mehendi design for legs
Simple wedding leg mehendi design
Bridal henna design for legs

Mehendi designs are not restricted to only hands. Rather, brides are getting mehendi designs over their legs as well. This bridal leg mehendi design made to cover the leg for the Indian brides who wishes to look exclusive on the day of wedding occasion.

18Peacocks mehandi design for wedding function

Peacocks mehndi design for full hands

Wedding occasion wants something more with regards to the entire beauty attire of individual bride. You need to stay exclusive and be within the limelight during the occasion. Similar mehendi design must be adopted so that everyone’s eyes get glued to you. Dulhan mehandi design will serve exclusively that way.

17Full hand dulhan mehendi design

Full hand mehndi design for wedding

Some people prefer mehendi designs that cover almost full hand. But, some space in between the design is also very important as this brings out the beauty of the design. Thus, some people prefer getting some gaps in the mehendi design apart from making it very congested.

16Simple bridal mehendi design on legs

Foot mehndi design for bride

The feet of bride’s feet must also exclusive during the occasion. People would not only view the face and dress of the bride, rather she would be viewed from all the angles and even her feet would be looked upon by the guests visiting the wedding ceremony.

If you can place an exclusive bridal mehendi design at her feet, she would definitely be the best looking bride.

15Mehandi bridal design for full hand

Best mehndi design for entire hand

Best full hands mehandi designs

Small and minute details in the mehendi design would make the entire hand look very beautiful. You can ask your beautician to draw similar design on your hand so that it makes you complete during the occasion of the wedding ceremony.

This design number 16 is exclusive for all those ladies and brides who wish to get very small designs. See, how beautiful is the bride looking with the mehendi put on.

14Full hand bridal mehndi design

Mehndi design for full hands

Not all individual have the same choice when choosing the mehendi designs from the catalogue. Thus, we have made available with variety of designs among which you will definitely get the design of your choice. The design number 17 is also well liked by many ladies.

13Arc mehendi design for wedding

Arc mehndi design for back hand

This is one of the bridal Arabic mehendi designs which has complex pattern of designing. The expert mehendi designer can create this pattern on your hand if you want them to do this design. But, it might not be very difficult if you study it well and start trying it on your own.

12Wedding mehandi design

Beautiful back hand mehndi design
back hand mehndi design for bride
Simple henna design for back hand

If you are looking out for the simple mehendi design which is not messy, we have your solution in the design pattern number 19. Some people might become shy in getting full hand design pattern, for all those individual we have exclusive design created to drop their shyness.

11Easy bridal mehndi design

Easy mehndi design for hand

Another good design which can take an appropriate space above your hand back is in design number 20. Here you can see the design that combines arches and flowers. Even for the most powerful festival of Muslims named as id, you can apply the mehendi design to flaunt yourself.

10Simple bridal mehendi design

Easy mehndi design
Eimple bridal mehendi design
Very simple and easy bridal mehndi design for hand

If you don’t want to go for a full hand mehendi or even not the one that covers your exclusive back, this is the time to have a look at this simple but effective wrist mehendi. It can be used only on your wrist by keeping your palm free. This is a floral design that looks stunning on the wrist of individuals.

9Bridal crown mehandi design

Crown mehandi design for hand

If you don’t want to cover the back portion of the palm entirely, this mehendi design will cover the back wrist fully without making it very congested. It is one of the stunning mehendi designs made to suit every occasion. If you are going to the wedding occasion of your friend, this design can be perfect.

8Simple palm henna design for wedding

Easy & beautiful palm mehndi design

Try top engagement mehndi designs for hands

This design is little different within the list of other mehendi designs available. This design covers two sides of your palm leaving the middle portion empty and blank. Since, the two portions are compact leaving the middle portion blank, it becomes one of the exclusive and unique designs.

7Bangle & circle henna design for bride

Best back hand circle mehendi design

If you are looking for the mehendi design that has mixed pattern shading, we are here to display the same to you in design number 24. This is a type of mehendi where four fingers have same pattern of design but the middle finger has a different design which is seem to be given special importance.

6Floral henna design on bride legs

Simple floral mehandi design on leg

You can now get a very simple look with flowery design on your feet. Three flowers are placed one by one in a straight line with variety of branches which makes it look exclusive with a very simple layout and design. You can make this design and go for the casual party.

5Bright mehndi design for bride hands

Latest bright mehndi design

You can now get a compact look of mehendi design with the help of design number 26 displayed in this article. This style is liked by many individuals who have been constantly looking out for the mehendi designs for different occasions.

4Exclusive mehendi design for wedding bride

Bridal peacock mehndi design for hands

Best arabic mehndi designs for hands

Bride’s hands do not look appropriate if it is left empty or blank. Exclusive types of mehendi designs are now available for all types of ladies irrespective of a certain occasion. This exclusive mehendi design over the hands of the bride would look really awesome. These designs will easily beautify the looks of your feet.

3Flowers mehandi design for bride

Pretty arabic mehndi design

Patterns, designs and layout of the mehendi design would vary if you ask the designer to apply the same to both of your hands. Rather, there are many people who wish to have some simple but unique mehendi designs.

This is one of the girly floral designs which you have hardly viewed in the hand of people. Each type of flowers looks really awesome in the hand when the complexion is fair.

2Chain mehndi design for mehandi function

Latest back hand bridal mehndi design

An exclusive design of mehendi for Eid celebration will be really awesome when you can create it on your own. This is very amazing with compact look of strokes. But, while creating it you can find it to be very simple.

1Full hand henna design for bride

Bridal mehndi design for full hands

Beautiful arabic mehndi designs for hands

This is one of the stunning varieties of mehendi designs which look exclusively on both of your arms. It is one of the traditional styles adopted by many mehendi experts dealing with the variety of designs on wedding and other ceremonies.