Easy bridal mehendi designs for hands and legs

Occasions like wedding can never become complete without mehendi. Brides and their family members become busy about the type of jewelry they would like to wear or make their daughter wear on the day of wedding. Bride must look the best among the crowd as this would be the vital person in the entire occasion.

Both in Indian and Pakistani wedding ceremony, mehendi is a mandatory occasion where the beauticians applies wonderful designs with mehendi cone or paste over the hands and even legs of the bride of the occasion. These days beautician charges very high rate when it comes putting on bridal mehendi design. Thus, many Indian brides are thinking to create designs on their hand by themselves or with the aid of a friend. But, when thinking of starting a design, nothing comes in the mind.

Today, internet has become so advanced that, all types of makeup and beauty regimes can be achieved after viewing some expert video and articles. Even the wedding mehendi designs are available online for your ease.

[Bridal mehendi designs in Hindi]

Full hand bridal mehandi design

Bridal mehndi design
bridal mehndi design for hands
Full hand bridal mehndi design

15 Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

This is one of the exclusive bridal mehendi designs that can be adopted by any bride for the wedding occasion. If you are the bride of the particular occasion, full hand mehendi design will be important to adopt. In order to create femininity within the design, floral figures are punched.

Arabic mehndi design for dulhan

Simple arabic mehndi design
Arabic bridal mehendi for hand
Arabic bridal mehndi designs

This is one of the most effective wedding mehendi designs that will suit the bride both at the front and back side of the hand. Since it covers almost all the main parts of the hands such as fingers, wrist and palm many people may like it due to its fullerenes. This is one of the designs with its origin in Arabic countries. This can also be known as Arabic bridal mehendi design.

Back hand dulhan mehendi design

Easy back hand mehndi design
bridal mehndi design for hand
Simple bridal mehndi design for hand

Top 15 floral mehandi designs for hands

This is one of the simple bridal mehendi designs which look very beautiful on your hand. You may have a broad or a thin hand, this mehendi design would exclusive suite you irrespective of the type of hand you possess. Since these mehendi designs have minute details, it become eye catchy and attractive.

Floral mehandi bridal design

Floral mehandi bridal design
Beautiful mehndi design for hands
Bridal hands mehndi design
Floral mehndi design on hands for bride

Some people look out for compact bridal design of mehendi even if it is complicated. Since, it is about the occasion of wedding, this is the time when they would like to look best. This wedding mehndi design is exclusively for all though who wishes to avail complicated but very attractive mehendi design.

Square box mehndi design

Square box mehndi design
Simple back hand mehndi design
bridal back hand mehendi design
Bridal mehndi design for hands

15 Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Sometimes people get bored with floral and leave attached in dulhan mehendi design. Thus, they wish to get something different and abstract. This wedding henna design is one among the abstract designs which you might have hardly viewed in anyone’s hand. Just have a look.


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Bangle mehendi design for wedding

Bangle mehendi design for wedding
New bangle mehndi design for wedding
Bridal mehandi bridal design
Bangle style mehendi design for bride

Some people may not like the bridal mehendi designs that cover full hand. Rather, they go for a mehendi design which will be unique and at the same time shows some portion of your skin. These mehendi designs are very exclusive and can be adopted for any occasions.

Back hand mehandi dulhan design

Back hand mehandi dulhan design
Back hand bridal mehndi design
simple bridal mehndi design
Bridal mehendi design for hand and fingers

Best mehndi designs for legs

Bridal mehendi designs that come out from the mind of each individual may not match with other. This article combines all the ideas that comes out from the mind of different individual and display it in order to get a compact mehendi design. Check out design number 7 with high privilege

Bridal mehndi design

Bridal mehndi design
Bridal full hand mehndi design
full hands bridal mehndi
Full hands bridal mehandi design

This is one of the exclusive Indian wedding mehendi designs that wins over the heart of many grooms who wishes to see their bride beautiful on the first night of the marriage occasion He might not be able to remove his eyes from your hand.

Arabic mehendi design

Arabic mehendi design
Best arabic mehndi design
wedding mehndi design
Simple mehndi design for wedding

This is a simple bridal mehendi design that can be tried by any individual on her hand or other person’s hand which does not look very congested but is quite clean to cover around three quarter of your hand.

Bangle mehandi design for wedding

Bangle mehandi design for wedding
Bridal bangle mehandi design
full hand bangle style mehendi design
Bangle style mehndi design for hands

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Modern brides have become fed up of the same type of pattern and bridal designs of mehendi laced over the catalogue. They would always ask the beautician of the mehendi designer to get the variety which is unique and exclusive. This has a chain like structure that would present a wow appearance.

Peacock mehndi design

Peacock mehndi design
Peacock mehndi design for wedding
peacock bridal henna design
Traditional peacock henna design for wedding

If you want to get very simple variation of design which will only fill your entire hand, we are here with the beautiful bridal henna design on hand. This is suitable all those who wishes to have a very simple design, the only purpose will be to fill up the hand anyhow. This design has originated from parsley pattern with simple finish

Simple wedding mehendi design for legs

Simple wedding mehendi design for legs
Wedding mehendi design for legs
bridal mehndi design for legs
Bridal henna design for legs

Easy circle mehndi designs

Mehendi designs are not restricted to only hands. Rather, brides are getting mehendi designs over their legs as well. This bridal leg mehendi design made to cover the leg for the Indian brides who wishes to look exclusive on the day of wedding occasion.

Peacocks mehandi design

Peacocks mehandi design
Peacocks mehndi design for full hands
henna design for full hands for wedding
Traditional full hand henna design

Wedding occasion wants something more with regards to the entire beauty attire of individual bride. You need to stay exclusive and be within the lime light during the occasion. Similar mehendi design must be adopted so that everyone’s eyes get glued to you. Dulhan mehandi design will serve exclusively that way.

Full hand mehndi design

Full hand mehndi design
Full hand mehndi design for wedding
bridal mehndi design for hands with flowers
Floral henna design for wedding

Some people prefer mehendi designs that cover almost full hand. But, some space in between the design is also very important as this brings out the beauty of the design. Thus, some people prefer getting some gaps in the mehendi design apart from making it very congested.

Simple mehendi design on legs

Simple mehendi design on legs
Foot mehndi design for bride
easy henna design for legs for wedding
Simple easy bridal mehndi design for legs

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

The feet of bride’s feet must also exclusive during the occasion. People would not only view the face and dress of the bride, rather she would be viewed from all the angles and even her feet would be looked upon by the guests visiting the wedding ceremony. If you can place an exclusive bridal mehendi design at her feet, she would definitely be the best looking bride.

Mehandi design for entire hand

Mehandi design for entire hand
Best mehndi design for entire hand
elegant mehndi design for hands for wedding
Beautiful bridal henna design for hands

Small and minute details in the mehendi design would make the entire hand look very beautiful. You can ask your beautician to draw similar design on your hand so that it makes you complete during the occasion of the wedding ceremony. This design number 16 is exclusive for all those ladies and brides who wish to get very small designs. See, how beautiful is the bride looking with the mehendi put on.

Full hand bridal mehndi design

Full hand mehndi design
Mehndi design for full hands
Bridal henna design for both hands
Awesome bridal mehndi design

New mehndi designs for feet

Not all individual have the same choice when choosing the mehendi designs from the catalogue. Thus, we have made available with variety of designs among which you will definitely get the design of your choice. The design number 17 is also well liked by many ladies.

Arc mehendi design

henna arch with leaves
Arc mehndi design for back hand
Bridal arabic henna design
Bridal arabic mehndi design arc style

This is one of the bridal Arabic mehendi designs which has complex pattern of designing. The expert mehendi designer can create this pattern on your hand if you want them to do this design. But, it might not be very difficult if you study it well and start trying it on your own.

Mehandi design

back hand mehndi design
Beautiful back hand mehndi design
back hand mehndi design for bride
Simple henna design for back hand

New bangle henna mehndi designs

If you are looking out for the simple mehendi design which is not messy, we have your solution in the design patter number 19. Some people might become shy in getting full hand design pattern, for all those individual we have exclusive design created to drop their shyness.

Easy mehndi design

Easy mehndi design
Easy mehndi design for hand
wedding bridal back hand design
easy back hand mehndi design for bride

Another good design which can take an appropriate space above your hand back is in design number 20. Here you can see the design that combines arches and flowers. Even for the most powerful festival of Muslims named as id, you can apply the mehendi design to flaunt yourself.

Effective mehendi design

Effective mehendi design
Easy mehndi design
easy wedding mehndi design for hands
Very simple and easy bridal mehndi design for hand

Best full hands mehandi designs

If you don’t want to go for a full hand mehendi or even not the one that covers your exclusive back, this is the time to have a look at this simple but effective wrist mehendi. It can be used only on your wrist by keeping your palm free. This is a floral design that looks stunning on the wrist of individuals.

Crown mehandi design

Crown mehandi design
Crown mehandi design for hand
bangle cum crown style mehndi design for bride back hand
Crown style hand mehndi design for wedding

If you don’t want to cover the back portion of the palm entirely, this mehendi design will cover the back wrist fully without making it very congested. It is one of the stunning mehendi designs made to suite every occasion. If you are going to the wedding occasion of your friend, this design can be perfect.

Simple palm mehndi design

Simple palm mehndi design
Easy palm mehndi design
simple mehndi design
Simple palm mehndi design

This design is little different within the list of other mehendi designs available. This design covers two sides of your palm leaving the middle portion empty and blank. Since, the two portions are compact leaving the middle portion blank, it becomes one of the exclusive and unique designs.

Bangle & circle mehendi design

Bangle and circle mehendi design
Best back hand circle mehendi design
back hand mehndi design
Bangle and circle mehendi design

Try top 15 engagement mehndi designs for hands

If you are looking for the mehendi design that has mixed pattern shading, we are here to display the same to you in design number 24. This is a type of mehendi where four fingers have same pattern of design but the middle finger has a different design which is seem to be given special importance.

Floral mehandi design on legs

Floral mehandi design on legs
Floral mehndi design on legs
mehndi design for leg
Simple floral mehandi design on leg

You can now get a very simple look with flowery design on your feet. Three flowers are placed one by one in a straight line with variety of branches which makes it look exclusive with a very simple layout and design. You can make this design and go for the casual party.

Bright mehndi design

Bright mehndi design
Latest bright mehndi design
Bright mehndi design for hands
New bridal mehndi design for hands

You can now get a compact look of mehendi design with the help of design number 26 displayed in this article. This style is liked by many individuals who have been constantly looking out for the mehendi designs for different occasions.

Exclusive mehendi design

Bridal peacock mehndi design for hands
Exclusive mehendi design
Best bridal mehndi design

15 Best arabic mehndi designs for hands

Bride’s hands do not look appropriate if it is left empty or blank. Exclusive types of mehendi designs are now available for all types of ladies irrespective of a certain occasion. This exclusive mehendi design over the hands of the bride would look really awesome. These designs will easily beautify the looks of your feet.

Flowers mehandi design

Flowers mehandi design
Pretty arabic mehndi design
simple mehndi design
Simple flower mehndi design

Patterns, designs and layout of the mehendi design would vary if you ask the designer to apply the same to both of your hands. Rather, there are many people who wish to have some simple but unique mehendi designs. This is one of the girly floral designs which you have hardly viewed in the hand of people. Each type of flowers looks really awesome in the hand when the complexion is fair.

Chain mehndi design

Chain mehndi design
Latest bridal arabic mehndi design
Chain mehndi design for hands
Back hand mehndi design for hands

An exclusive design of mehendi for Eid celebration will be really awesome when you can create it on your own. This is very amazing with compact look of strokes. But, while creating it you can find it to be very simple.

Mehendi design

Bridal mehndi design for full hands
Mehendi design for hands
Best mehndi design for hands

15 beautiful arabic mehndi designs for hands

This is one of the stunning varieties of mehendi designs which look exclusively on both of your arms. It is one of the traditional styles adopted by many mehendi experts dealing with the variety of designs on wedding and other ceremonies.

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