Shraddha kapoor beauty tips, fitness secrets & diet plan

Shraddha Kapoor has stolen hearts of her fans with her outstanding performance and her flawless beauty. Not only her movies have been a hit after hit but she is gorgeous beyond compare. Her beauty and figure has brought her to the top of the inspiration list. Let us find out Shraddha Kapoor’s beauty secrets, fitness regime and her strict diet plan behind her stunning figure and beautiful skin.

Shraddha’s Beauty Tips

Shraddha’s Beauty Tips

Kajol beauty tips, fitness secrets & diet plan

  • She has a simple skin secret: wash your face with a good face wash, moisturize it and hydrate it by drinking plenty of water.
  • She follows the basic routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing her skin.
  • She washes her face twice a day with Cetaphil face wash to get rid of dirt and sweat and moisturizes it with Thalgo moisturizing cream to make her skin glow and improve its texture. She also uses a cleanser made up of strawberry extract and/or peach to give her skin an instant glow and moisturize it. Such face wash is her summer- savior.
  • Shraddha’s simple trick to enhance the look is by putting a smile on her face.
  • She avoids too much of usage of face masks, scrubs, etc as it can irritate the skin more rather than improving it.
  • She makes sure she applies a sunscreen lotion with high SPF before stepping out in the sun.

Beauty tips & fitness secrets of kareena kapoor

  • She avoids make-up on no shoot days to allow her skin to breathe.
  • She uses toothpaste on zit which helps to dry it out faster.
  • Shraddha avoids chemical based market shampoos and hair packs. She uses homemade hair packs made up of hibiscus leaves or flower, aloe vera and yogurt. She mixes aloe vera gel or juice with dried hibiscus leaves and yogurt and applies it on the hair. She washes this mask after 20 minutes to get soft and smooth hair. She also applies egg white and olive oil hair mask to get lustrous and silky hair.
  • She massages her hair with organic hair oil made from khadi, twice a week to maintain the hair moisture and improve its strength. She does deep tissue hair massage once a week to relax her hair and strengthen them from its roots.
  • She regularly uses serum to control the frizz in her hair.

Shraddha’s Fitness Secrets

Shraddha’s Fitness Secrets

Kajal agarwal beauty tips & fitness secrets

  • In her youth days, Shraddha used to never hit the gym but loved to play sports like volleyball, badminton and basketball. She used to run whenever she got time. One of the reasons behind her athletic body is her love for sports.
  • After Aashiqui 2, Shraddha goes to gym 4-5 days a week and does cardio workout, interval training, strength and weights training. She never skips workout sessions because exercise releases hormones that make her feel energetic and happy.
  • Her workout routine includes push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, stretching, treadmill for 30-45 minutes, front barbell squat, one leg barbell squat, lying leg curls, bodyweight walking lunge and cycling.
  • She does Yoga and starts it with few Surya namaskars which helps to increase flexibility, reduce stress and to stay active.
  • She also includes Pilates which helps to build lean muscles and strengthens abdomen, hips, back, legs and hands.

Kareena kapoor weight loss diet & workout secrets

  • She concentrates on her thighs, legs, shaping her butt and toning her legs.
  • Whenever it is a no work day, she does meditation to calm her body and mind and channelize her energy.
  • She exercises her face to loosen up the facial muscles and increase blood circulation.
  • Dancing is Shraddha’s favorite workout routine and believes that is the fastest way to lose fat and stay healthy. She likes to do zumba, belly and hip-hop as much as possible.
  • She likes adventures like hill climbing and scuba diving and does it whenever she gets time.
  • She goes for swimming on days when she has more free time which helps her to reduce stress and keep her body fit.
  • She takes proper sleep of 8 hours every day. She feels fresh and active when she wakes up in the morning.

Shraddha’s Diet Plan

Shraddha’s Diet Plan

Alia bhatt beauty & fitness tips

  • She drinks 3-4 liters of water throughout the day to keep herself hydrated and to make her skin look pumped up. It also helps in digestion. She starts her day with water on empty stomach.
  • She avoids skipping meals or starving herself but believes in taking meals on the scheduled time to be fit.
  • Shraddha prefers a fibre rich diet which helps in digestion. She adds vegan food items in her diet to consume an adequate amount of protein.
  • She takes her breakfast as soon as she wakes up in the morning. She eats poha, upma, egg white omelet or one portion of fre scrambled egg whites. She includes different fresh fruits and juices which gives her energy all day long.
  • In lunch, she eats green vegetables, dal and chapati.
  • For dinner, she eats dal and grilled fish or fish curry, whole wheat bread or brown rice or whole wheat bread with peanut butter. She usually takes dinner by 6-7 pm so her food gets digested before she goes to sleep. She often drinks a glass of milk mixed with saffron before going to bed.

Tamanna bhatia beauty tips & fitness secrets

  • She munches on snacks like protein bars, nuts and fruits, every 2 hours.
  • She also includes green tea in her diet which improves her metabolism, boosts her immune system and helps to reduce fats.
  • Shraddha prefers to eat 1.5 hours before workout to get some energy for her workout session. Post workout she prefers to eat proteins and vegetables.
  • She doubles up the intake of blueberries, salmon, sweet potatoes, avocados and unprocessed food.
  • Whenever her long shoot hours takes a toll on her skin and makes her face look dull and dehydrated, she follows the diet of consuming lots of strawberries and peach daily to restore the natural glow of her skin.
  • She takes minimum sugar in her diet.
  • She has cheat days once a week when she eats chocolates and desserts.
  • She avoids eating junk food, greasy and spicy food, processed food and sweets.