Kajol beauty tips, fitness secrets & diet plan

Kajal is a dusky beauty with beautiful features. She is one of the famous actress of Bollywood. She is the face of an International cosmetic brand who has amazed her fans with her stunning figure and her beautiful skin. Find out the beauty secrets behind her glowing skin, fitness regime behind her fit body and diet plan to maintain her figure and get a healthy skin.

Kajol’s Beauty Tips

Kajol beauty tips

Beauty tips & fitness secrets of kareena kapoor

  • She drinks 2.5 liters of water every day and carries her bottle everywhere she goes. She makes a point to keep her body hydrated which makes her skin look hydrated and fresh. It helps to flush out the toxins from the body.
  • She washes her face 3 times in a day with a cleanser to remove dirt, dead skin cells and open up the clogged pores and remove oil from them. She then applies a serum and cream which given even skin tone, moisturizes it and makes the skin texture smoother.
  • One of the most important beauty secrets is to carry a smile on your face, wherever you go which enhances the glow of your face and does the extra bit.
  • She uses Olay Total Effects to fight against the signs of aging like wrinkles, dark spots, dull skin, fine lines and uneven skin tone.
  • She uses different homemade scrubs for her face rather than the chemical mixed market scrubs. She applies scrub like besan and milk and honey and coconut oil which helps to improve the glow on her skin and makes it smooth and soft.

Kajal agarwal beauty tips & fitness secrets

  • She makes sure to remove all the oil traces of her make up before going to bed and apply a night cream on her face. Sleeping with the makeup on is a big no-no as it damages your skin and dries it out which causes breakouts.
  • She applies a sunblock, 15 minutes before going in the sun and while shooting for long hours in the sun. She uses a sunblock with a SPF of minimum 15.  
  • She uses an under-eye cream to brighten up the eye area and remove dark circles, crow’s feet and fine lines. It also helps to get rid of puffy eyes.
  • She only uses products that suits her skin type.
  • She is naturally blessed with beautiful eyes and cheekbones. She prefers to apply minimal makeup and enhance these two features of her face.
  • She uses natural ways to treat her hair to make them look shiny and healthy and fight against damage hair problems. She uses a good natural shampoo and a conditioner to strengthen it and improve the hair texture.
  • Her makeup trick is to blend, blend and blend till everything looks lighter and better.
  • She takes proper sleep of 8 hours every day and wakes up early which makes her feel energetic, fresh and enthusiastic for the day.

Kajol’s Fitness Secrets

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Kareena kapoor weight loss diet & workout secrets

  • Kajol has lost lots of weight in 6 months after giving birth to her 2nd child, Yug. She follows a very strict fitness routine. Her figure is a result of her strong mindset. She was always very determined to shed the extra fat and get back in shape.
  • She lost 18 kgs in 5 months by targeting her core muscles and fat areas of her body. She worked on strengthening one of it and reducing the other one.
  • She does a high intensity workout and pushes hard to improve her performance.
  • For her, exercising is like a stress buster and she never skips a single day which helps to strengthen her immune system so she doesn’t fall sick often.
  • She believes in the fitness mantra of “You sweat, you glow” and workouts for 90-120 minutes daily. Her fitness routine includes endurance training, cardio, yoga, lifts and squats. She lifts weight up to 150 pounds and does deadlift which is an intense calorie burning and muscle toning exercise. She can easily handle 300 push-ups.

Alia bhatt beauty & fitness tips

  • She also includes walking in her routine which helps to increase stamina and reduce fats.
  • She does dance which helps to stretch her joints, increase her flexibility and burn fats. Her all-time favorite is western dancing which is a fun and quick workout.
  • When it comes to workout, Kajol doesn’t know the word tired. Sometime her trainer stops her otherwise she goes on endlessly.
  • She avoids smoking, drinking or chewing tobacco.
  • She has cheat day once a week when she eats her favorite food which is pizza and French fries but does some extra workout the next day to burn those extra calories.

Kajol’s Diet Plan

Kajol’s Diet Plan

Tamanna bhatia beauty tips & fitness secrets

  • Kajol follows the technique of eating smart and takes plenty of fibres to get a fit body. She maintains a balanced diet and eats everything in moderate quantity and makes sure not to starve herself. She avoids a crash diet.
  • She consumes less amount of carbs.
  • She has 4-5 meals a day which includes 3 heavy meals.
  • She is very fond of non-vegetarian food and eats fish, eggs and chicken in good quantity. She also includes nuts and cottage cheese that are rich in protein.
  • In breakfast, she eats cereals with milk and sprinkles some almond powder on it. She has it with black coffee.
  • For lunch, she eats almond raita made up of chopped almonds and some spices mixed in yogurt. This keeps her full for a longer time.

Priyanka chopra weight loss diet

  • In dinner, she eats vegetables and fruit salad, sprinkled with almond powder.
  • Her current smoothie obsession is kale, sprout and wheatgrass smoothie.
  • She changes her diet depending on her hectic shooting schedules, energy levels, travel plans and the seasonal changes.
  • She includes an adequate amount of olive oil in her diet which helps to keep her body fit.
  • She consumes a very limited amount of sugar.
  • To control her hunger pants, she consumes fresh vegetables, fruits and health drinks.
  • She daily drinks at least 8 glasses of water to keep her body hydrated and get a glowing skin.
  • She avoids junk food, fried snacks, aerated drinks, sweets and artificial food.