New Marwari mehndi designs for hands 2019

Marwari style designs are one of the most sought after designs in India. These designs are inspired from Marwari folk, art and architecture.

Traditional Marwari flower design

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Marwari mehndi has a lot of ethnic touch with flowers and leaves playing a beautiful role. This design is like a bouquet of flowers put together in a mystified way. The curvy flower petals filled with traditional mehndi designs catches quite an attention. The use of space and the detail of leaves with buds make a beautiful impact altogether. Curves and shapes of the flower trails look perfect!

Simplistic Marwari mehndi

This simple Marwari style mehndi is an easy pick and has intriguing details. The mango motif, smart use of curved shapes and the shaded flowers all combine to give this one an extravagant role. The mehndi is light and does not make use of difficult details to make it easy to put and faster to make. The fingers are mostly left with just a little detail to beautify them!

The ethnic infusion

The traditional attire is the inspiration behind this design which brings together the caricature of a peacock. The artwork that is evident in the Marwari clothes are visible here with an excruciating inclusion of the little leafy patterns. The leaf trail and the dupatta work on the finger are fancy to bring about an amazing outlook. This is short design that gathers attention!

Peacock design mehndi

Peacock design mehndi

Peacock designs are very common to Marwari mehndi designs and make an impact in this one too. The use of peacock neck curve, feathers, and the beauty of peacock dance is brought in this design. The palm area is mostly a depiction of art that is relatable to ethnic clothes and also bring about the culture of Marwari art. Leaving a little space around the thumb makes the design even more appealing!

The feather trail

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Peacock feathers designed in an intricate way with shades of red-orange are the most beautiful design here. The entire design is a depiction of peacock body with a trail of feather spreading across the hand. The use of flowers, and leafy trails along with it gives the design a momentum that beautifies it even more.

Minimalist marwari mehndi

Call It simple but elegant. The simplistic Marwari style mehndi combining the leafy trail with a smart use of circular flowers is ecstatic. The deepening of the leaves and running of leaf trails make the design appealing. The design doesn’t even cover half of the back of the hand and yet brings about a minimalist impact that is tough to ignore!

An all time hit


A design like this and a bride’s hand are made for each other. This type of design is always high on demand for embellishing your palm to wrist with aesthetic, large floral motifs and prominent detailing. It also includes a romantic twist to the design by encrypting the groom’s initials in a clever manner.

A beautiful Marwari hand-art


This design is very artistic and ethnic. It covers your hand with beautiful flower designs, dots and various patterns of swirls. It is suitable for any occasion.

Awesomely traditional


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It is, as the title suggests, a traditional Marwari design reflecting the Marwari heritage through the classic floral and leaf motifs blended with tiny patterns. The fingers look extremely pretty for those mini leaf designs.

A design with a fusion touch


A design with a concoction of authentic Marwari motifs, tapestry-like details and a dash of modernity can never go wrong. No matter what the occasion is, with a design like this, you are sure to impress everyone.

A gem of a henna design


The true beauty of a traditional Marwari mehndi design is hidden in its plainness. This design doesn’t fill up your entire palm. Instead it leaves a lot of gaps in an artistic way. It is aristocrat without any ornamental, lavish craft; the finesse of the design is magnificent.

Classy to say the least


The mix and match combination of thick borderlines with thin lines create a terrific visual impact. The floral and leaf patterns add more elegance than the whole design already displays.

Awesome to every bit


Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

This design is custom made to put your glamour quotient quite a few notches up. This bold and breathtakingly beautiful Marwari design is a rage among the mehndi lovers. Its charm lies in the sharpness of the patterns and the chess-board design on the wrist. The artistic floral designs with laces on the fingers and a pretty flower at the centre make this one a suitable accessory to your traditional get-up.

Smart and stylish


This one is a tempting mix of stylish tattoo art and suave Marwari henna design. The thick strokes have been used for the floral motifs and for the patterns on the fingers. Intricate detailing on the left of the top of the palm is a pure stunner.

The dulha-dulhan design


Not mentioning the dulha-dulhan design while talking about Marwari mehndi styles would be unfair. The total design has some luxurious, heavy ink work covering your hands. The dulha-dulhan painted like the centre pieces respectively on both palms are a favourite of Indian brides.

Boisterous bangle style


Bangle style is a distinct feature of Marwari style mehndi that the fabulous patterns gradually take the shape of the finely crafted bangle on the wrist. The rest of the palm consists of plenty of intricate lines and amalgamation of a wide range of motifs.

Especially for the modern day women


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It is a contemporary Marwari design with a classical twist. This kind of design is mostly preferred by the young generation who don’t want a cluttered, complex art work on their hands. The bold floral motifs and the bangle design on the wrists decorated by swirls are very easy to create.

An ideal design for all occasions


A creative blend of floral and weave patterns accompanied by flower petal designs on the wrist makes this Marwari design a great choice. The shading inside the pattern turns the design bright and spectacular to the eyes.

Bold and gorgeous


For those who have a fetish for mehndi designs, it will be an ideal choice. There is an excellent range of multiple motifs and semi-circular patterns studded with awesome detailing. The flame-like designs take the uniqueness of this Marwari design to a whole new level.

Shades in its beauty


This is a pristine artwork! It comprises of floral, leaf and vine motifs along with dots and shading. There is a perfect balance of artistry and simplicity in this design. It doesn’t have any complex pattern. The lines are very prominent. Each finger has a different design. Every corner of the palm exhibits a unique design.

Purely Marwari


Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

The highlight of this design is undoubtedly the use of traditional floral motifs in a slightly different and interesting way. The beetle leaves motifs of different shades are nicely complement the swirl patterns. The overall design is clear, sharp and not at all fussy. These qualities make this one a great option for a function like engagement ceremony.