Diwali rangoli designs – Easy rangoli designs for Diwali

There are some things common about every Diwali, that we do not want to replace, no matter where we are or who we are with. It makes us hold onto the traditions that we have been following from our childhood, and that brings us closer to our families and our memories.

Some common Diwali decoration ideas includes have diyas, flowers, candles but the most colorful part of making a rangoli design can never fade away. Rangoli patterns are important is numerous festivals in India, and its requirement multiplies during the Diwali season. It is one of the must-haves in our home and we want to make the best ones, no matter how difficult they seem to be.

In this article, we have added some of the best and common Diwali designs. These are not just for you to scroll through, but to take tips from, so that you can try and make them on your own. These ascend from the easiest to the difficult ones, so you can pick and choose whichever suits your skill-sets!

Rangoli desing ideas for Diwali

Easy and colorful dotted rangoli


Diwali decoration ideas

As we ascend from the easy to the complex designs, we have placed a dotted rangoli design in the very beginning. These rangoli designs are done by making dotted lines. You have to make borders of every part, and make them sync from one pattern to another. This will bring out the shape and then you can add the respective colors. Always starts from the centre and then extend the rangoli design and do not do the reverse. Stick to easy designs but make sure that they are continuous to match up with the upcoming layers.

Peacock rangoli design with candle decoration


This is another easy diwali rangoli design which includes a shape of the peacock. Peacock rangolis are usually very complex, but this has been made with easy patterns. You have to first make an inverted elephant trunk shape for the body of the peacock and then make two petal-like shapes at the sides. Now make to semi-circles as you see in green and yellow, and then colors them respectively. You mostly have single colors added to the every part, which makes the process easier. Just make sure that purple and blue is added in proper sync, to make the design look apt. Finally, add small diyas or candles around the design to have it brightened.

Floral rangoli design for Diwali


How to celebrate diwali

This is another easy and big diwali rangoli which you can do within a very short time. First make one circle and then another. Make sun like rays which straight lines in two different lengths, all around the circumference. Make petals-like shapes for the portion you see in green. Finally, make another petal-like design which is detached from the main rangoli design. Color the parts respectively or choose your own color tones. Add diya to every tip of the final part of the rangoli and also to the middle of the design.

Flower style rangoli design for diwali with colors


This is another easy rangoli design which is done with bright Diwali color tones. Make a circle in the middle and the top it up with another one. Make flame or petal-like shapes, for the portion you see in red and white. Make comma shapes which look inverted all around the petals and set them detached towards the outside. Finally, make tiny circles with the white powder. When you are ready to color them, add bright tones as you see in the rangoli design. These are much better than duller tones which are not Diwali-like.

Diwali rangoli designs with glitters – flower style


Do’s & don’ts during diwali

If you want more shine to your rangoli pattern, buy some glittered powder to make your design glow. It makes a simple design look attractive and complicated. This picture shows a design of a flower which has been made and layered accordingly. These have easy ring shapes and then topped with petal-like shape. You can add another external layer as you see and then put diyas as well. This is an interesting design which will look simply and pretty.

Diwali rangoli design with petals


Rangoli with flower petals are also ideal during the Diwali season. Many houses like to make there Diwali rangolis with petals, which not only reduces their hassles but still makes the designs look attractive and special. You can use common puja flowers and leaves to make circular rings with, and you can also use special flowers like orchids and roses to make the designs get a little more colorful and unique. You must also add some diya to the floral rangoli to make it look more Diwali centric.

Star shaped Diwali rangoli design with diya


When you several diyas and you don’t want to place them at every part of your house, you can be a little more creative in using them. In the picture below, we have diya pieces which have been shaped into stars, and placed in two separate layers. You can make your own pattern to suit your ease and area requirement. This Diwali rangoli will have the burning diyas to give it the exact effect of how you see in the picture below.

Ganpati rangoli design for Diwali


These kinds of rangoli designs are for the experts, who have skills in this art. This Diwali rangoli pattern includes the face of Lord Ganesha and looks very attractive due to the color tones. It has been made into a square shape pattern and then added with more design to the outside. The Diwali design has to be done with intricacy which will be easy for any expert rangoli maker. The base tones look dark, but are illuminated with the diyas around.

Corner Diwali rangoli design


Corner rangolis are slightly easy as you the two corner bases and you know where to start and end. This rangoli design looks very attractive and colorful, but has been done with detailing. You will have to be careful about every layer than you place to color in the colors of rangoli and have it done accordingly. This design has used the white color as of the insider tones and not for making borders of the rangoli. Be careful about the intricacies and do not try very difficult patterns.

Hexagon shaped dotted rangoli


This is another dotted rangoli design which has to be outlined with dotted lines at first. You have to start from the core of the design, where you make the floral shape and then continue the design with dotted designs. You have to make sure that all the designs are uniformly made and it ends with another floral design in the end. The rangoli is finally brightened with diyas all around and one in the middle, which adds a fine finishing.

Stencil or kundan rangoli for Diwali


Rangoli designs for diwali

If you do not have a good hand at rangoli making, there are two easier hacks for you. Lately, there are stencils and kundan rangolis being sold in the market. If you want, you can utilize these types of rangolis hacks, and make your rangoli pattern easy and neat.kundan-rangoli

Stencils are made according to the design pattern, so that you place the stencil on the floor and then add colors to bring out the shape. They have tiny outlets which lets the powder penetrate to the other side, and that makes your pattern come out in the correct shape. Just make sure that the colors are rightfully placed and you don’t move the stencil too much.


Kundan designs are also good buys which you can quickly purchase online and have them used like regular rangoli patterns. You will several options to choose, and it frees you from the entire process of making neat rangoli designs. These give you a traditional feel and looks nicely jeweled up.

Unique rangoli in dark shades


Rangoli designs for welcome

We usually prefer lighter and brighter shades for our Diwali rangoli, but when you have unique concepts, you can better the idea. This is an uncommon rangoli type which comes with flame shapes and diya shapes on the alternative bases of green and black. It is followed with diyas all around and in the middle, which finally brightens up the entire zone.

Om rangoli


Having a religious aspect on doing your rangoli pattern, adds to the value and respect. You can sure try out this easy rangoli pattern which is a circular base inclusive of the Om shape that you see in the middle. You simply have to outline the entire design and then fill in with alternative colors you see here. If you want to make it a little better, add the diya patterns you see in orange. Don’t forget the diyas on the outside.

Real flower rangoli design


Free hand rangoli designs

Using real flower petals are much easier to do and maintain. If you are running out of time or you cannot do an expert rangoli, you can make floral rangoli made with petals. Make an outline with a white color flower or draw a outline with chalk piece, and then fill in with different petals you have in the market.

Big rangoli design with several diyas


When you want to brighten up a rangoli with the dullest colors you have at hand, this is one of the best ideas you can try out. Contrasting dull rangoli shades with bright diyas are a perfect combination which can be easily liked by people, and accepted to be actually bright all over! This is an easy rangoli design with circular base, enhanced with white designs on the top and then lightened by the diyas around.

Alpana rangoli


Rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami

A lot of people use alpana for the base or border of the rangoli, and not white powder. In this picture, we see a regular tattoo which has been stuck to the ground. This has been further decorated with alpana rangoli in square and triangular patterns. This has been also added with diyas to bring in the shine!

Easy, big and color rangoli


If you are simply looking for a Diwali rangoli which is very easy, quick and still looks colorful and attractive, you have scrolled to the right spot. Here, we see a circular base, encircled by a bigger base and then followed by smaller circles to cover the circumference. These small circles are colored in different colors and added with diyas. There is a diya in the centre and some easy designs for the exterior.

Kundan rangoli

Rangoli designs for holi festival

If you want to save some time and you can spend some money, invest onto buying some fancy kundan rangolis on Amazon. These will be delivered quickly and can be kept for using in the later years. These fancy rangolis look very attractive with the jewels all over. These are some of the perfect expenditures you can add for your Diwali decorations.

Easy dotted rangoli with swastika sign


This is a dotted rangoli pattern which has been colored with glitter rangoli. You start off from swastika sign in the middle and then follow it up with the trapeziums and arrow shapes that you see further on. It is one of easiest designs that you can help yourself with. Buy some glitter rangoli to make your design look different, but make sure the dotted base is aligned with all the sides. Add diyas accordingly and get some compliments!

Easy and colorful rangoli in rhombus shape


Rangoli designs for dussehra

Make a rhombus outline or a titled square and then border out the triangle shapes that you see in the picture. This will help you fill in different colors, and finally make the rangolis look difficult to do. This is one of the easiest and quickest ones to try, and looks attractive due to the colors used. Finally, add diyas to them so that you brighten the look!