Beau’s lines – Causes, symptoms, treatment & remedies

What is beau’s lines

An illness that is viewed over the nails with some parallel and horizontal lines throughout is known as beau’s lines. In some cases, this formation of moon shape bulge over the nail plate also defines beau’s lines.

The reason behind the beau’s lines is keratin synthesis due to interruption in it. But, beau’s lines can also be invisible as the finger nails grow longer.

There are also other reasons behind this beau’s lines they are trauma, nail fold or excess pressure over certain part of nail. Even the shape and variety of beau’s lines can vary according to the size and shape of the nails duly formed.

Sometimes Beau’s lines can also take place due to the systemic cause along with some metabolic disorder in individuals.

Beau’s lines are deep grooved lines going across the nails. These Beau lines are named after the French Physician Joseph Honore Simon Beau who was the first to describe these transverse ridges or horizontal grooves on the nail in 1846. This condition occurs on the finger and toe nails when the nail matrix is injured and the nail stops growing.


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Beau’s Lines appear after the slowing or stopping of the growth of the nails. These ridges appear like pale bands across the nail plate. They start from the bottom of the nail in the shape of a moon and then extend with the growth of the nail.

In cases when these lines are not caused by any systematic or congenital disease it grows out of the nail and disappears. The injured transverse line may take nine months to 18 months to grow out as a nail grows about one millimeter a week.

Causes of beau’s lines

Horizontal lines across the nails are commonly caused by an injury like slamming of the finger in a door or by a heavy object dropped on the toe.

Other causes for the appearance of these lines include previous injury on the nail bed, malnutrition, effect of some medicines and in metabolic conditions like diabetes.

The  visibility of a horizontal ridge on the nail is not a cause of concern but it is always better to consult a doctor.

Beau’s lines also indicate circulatory problems. They also give indications of diseases like pneumonia, mumps and scarlet fever.

Sometimes the wrist becomes immobile due to Beau’s lines. The transverse ridges can also be a sign of an illness that affects the whole body rather than just one organ or in cases of congenital diseases.

Athletes get transverse ridges on their toenails from the repeated smashing of the toe on the front of the shoe while running or jogging.

Local traumas on the nail matrix can also be caused by eczema, habit-tic deformity, sublingual hematoma which presses on the nail matrix, pus formation around the nail, and inflammation of the tissues around the nail caused by infection.


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The transverse lines can be prevented by massaging nail and hand cream at night for a few months. Digestive enzymes can help in absorbing nutrients that may be causing dehydration leading to lack of moisture on the nails.

You can show the doctor to treat beau’s lines. But, there are some home remedies that can easily suite the requirement of reducing the lines gradually.  You need to recognize the in grow nails before it is too late. This can be treated easily at home if it has not become infected.

Horizontal ridge on one nail can be due to injury,but if there are deep ridges on all the nails then it is said to be caused by some health issue, nutritional deficiency, and metabolic disorders.

Home remedies for beau’s lines

  • Mild antiseptic solution must be applied on the affected area.
  • The affected area must be soaked in warm salt water and toe and fingers should be bandaged.
  • It is advisable to avoid the use of nail polish removers because it dries the nails and worsens the situation.
  •  A multi-vitamin and zinc supplement must be taken daily.
  •  Nails should be soaked in warm olive oil to give them strength.
  •  A case of beau’s lines must   take advice from a physician to avoid further complications.
  • Take a bowl of warm water and add some salt in it

How to make nails white and stronger

  • Now soak your hand or feet nails that is suffering from beau’s lines
  • Once 10 minutes of soaking activity is over, you need to dry your feet with the help of clean towel
  • Do not wear the footwear that have tight fitting
  • You can do this soaking activity everyday to reduce your discomfort
  • Just after washing the soaked feet in saltwater, the next step will be simply applying the antiseptic solution in the affected area of your feet
  • You also need to cover the portion with a bandage covering the nails


There are certain symptoms to find out whether you are suffering from beau’s lines or not. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Extension of the grooves across the nail plate with the entire span as its breadth
  • If you can see multiple nails from a single finger root, this can be one of its symptoms
  • Blush nail can be one of the symptoms for beau’s lines where you can find your nails to have normal color but the tissue that has formed just beneath the nail is blue in color. This condition is known as poorly oxygenated blood
  • Rippled nails can also be one among the symptoms of Beau’s lines where you can see very small holes over the nail. Normally patients with the problem of dermatitis can suffer from such situation.
  • Sometimes Beau’s lines can also occur from cracked or split nails.
  • If you have suddenly observed the puffy nail folds, it can probably the problem related to beau’s lines. This normally occurs when the skin around your finger nails is damaged.
  • People with gnawed nail can suffer from beau’s lines as well. This is the situation that takes place when an individual have the habit of biting nails. This is generally a habit which many people cannot withstand.


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  • People belonging to all ages can get the problem of Beau’s lines
  • Cancer patient who needs to take chemotherapy are much more affected
  • Forceful pressure on finger nails due to some reason can give rise to beau’s lines
  • People consuming certain drugs can also face the effect of beau’s lines

Alternative way of treating beau’s lines just at home

  • Just after taking bath, trim the brittle nails
  • Now moisturize the same so that the moisturizer reaches each area around your nail corners
  • If there is a symptoms of beau’s lines over your hand, it will be ideal to wash your hands and apply moisturizer every time after washing hands
  • Before going to bed just apply the moisturizer to your nail as well as nail cuticles and cover the portion with the hand gloves
  • Avoid using nail polish remover much. Rather, do not apply it more than twice in a month
  • It is also important to avoid the remover that contains acetone that is very effective in drying nails.

Beau’s lines is one of the certain appearance of lines over the nails that makes your nail unattractive. Especially ladies find it difficult. Let us get some treatment and remedies.

Treatment and remedies for beau’s lines

Nutrition in diet

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Sometimes due to lack of nutrition in diet, people suffer from the ridges and lines appearance over the nails.  The food that you consume must have good amount of vitamin A, vitamin B, Proteins and Minerals.

The minerals must have variation of iron, silica and zinc. You can get these from the vegetables available in the market. Get some tips from the dietician and see how well you can have the beau’s lines removed.

Nail enamel

You can give a coat with nail enamel that is transparent in color and will cover your beau’s lines over the nails. This is the simplest way to hide your beau’s lines. Though, it is not a complete cure or a treatment, most of the women having beau’s lines gets a great satisfaction by doing this.

Nail paint camouflage

Yes, through the camouflage activity it will be easier for you to cover up the beau’s lines neatly. You have to use a bright color so that not even the lines are visible over the nails. Also make sure you do not end up with a single coat.  Try to get 2-3 coats of the same nail paint over the nail.

Moisturizing nails

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Just like your skin, your finger also needs enough moisture as it needs a support that will keep it away from dryness and flakiness. You need to apply moisturizer on the nails in a regular basis.

Take any moisturizer that you normally apply on your skin and rub it over your fingers and nails. This will give extra moisture to your nails which is really needed to your nail. The appearance of beau’s nails will be reduced.

Drink water

Your nail can become beautiful all around again if your skin gets dehydrated. It is important for you to drink as much water as possible so that your body does not stay dehydrated. Drink 8-10 glass of water everyday and see the difference.