Top remedies for blackheads removal at home naturally

blackheads are basically the hair like plugs that appear around the nose, around the lips etc. This is the result of excess oil over your skin. As soon as the oil present in your skin area oxidizes, it forms blackheads. Some people also develop whiteheads instead of the black color trademark color. This is not at all a disease and should not worry about. This is a very common physical condition seen in many individuals with oily skin tone. This is mostly seen among the individual going through the adolescent stage. But, this becomes really irritating especially for girls willing to get clean and clear skin tone. Even after using the cosmetic products, people do not get adequate remedy of blackhead. But, if you are aware of the right herbal treatment procedures, removal of blackheads will not be a problem.

A small hairy thread coming out around the nose rings and the chin portion of individual is named as blackheads. One of the common reasons behind blackhead appearance is the oily surface. People with oily skin tone are seen to suffer from such problem. Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to remove such blackheads on your skin layer. The dark color carbon deposits over the small hairy substance which can also give rise to black spots around your nose rings. Some people can also get it due to hormonal changes in their body. The pollutants get settled when the clogged pores are seen to get exposure over the air. Doctors can prescribe several medicines for such skin conditions but the natural ways are much more effective. Some of the natural ingredients can be readily available in the kitchen which can also be used easily.

Blackheads generally appear over the corners of nose, chin and the tip of nose. It becomes really very irritating when the blackhead and whiteheads appear over your face. This can be the result of oil getting clogged over the skin layer. You can get many creams and blackhead removal strips from the market. But that won’t give you a permanent solution. We can now bring out some of the home remedies for blackheads appearing on your face. The exfoliation will be ideal to remove the blackhead from your face. The home ingredients will help you remove the unwanted blackheads from skin.

List of home remedies for blackhead removal

Lemon Juice

How to remove blackheads

Wide range of skin problems can be eradicated with the help of lemon juice. Removal of blackheads can be easily done with the help of lemon juice. There is a perfect procedure of applying the lemon juice. First of all take a container and drop 4 drops of lemon juice in it. Now put a tablespoon of sugar in it. Combine them really well and apply it over the area where blackheads have propped up. Rub it really well and clean with warm water.

Baking soda

In the cosmetic industry, baking soda is effectively used to make various products. Now you can easily use it in a natural form to eradicate blackheads from your skin. You have to create a fine paste by combining one teaspoon of baking soda and two teaspoon of water in a purified form. Now combine them and rub them thoroughly over the skin to get fine and smooth skin.


You must be really surprise to learn that the tooth paste available at your home is a wonderful way of eradicating the blackheads. After applying this on your skin, keep it for some time and remove it with the help of the warm water. You can easily get the soft and wonderful skin after removal of blackheads from your face. You can also rub the affected area of your skin with the tooth brush as this will act as exfoliate and will loosen the blackhead for easy removal.


Remedies for black spots

Another important remedy for blackhead removal is the saltwater. We all know that saltwater is a wonderful remedy for sore throat. It is also really brilliant for drying out the excess oil from the skin. You can use it daily while taking bath in order to get effective remedy for the blackheads. You can easily feel the difference after consistent use of this household treatment procedure.


Another natural way of eradicating blackheads from your skin will be honey. You have to make a mask by combining honey with the cinnamon powder. Apply it in your affected area and experience clear and healthier skin.

Top remedies for blackheads at home


Cinnamons add a very strong flavor to any curry or sweet dish you add.  You can get it in form of bark or in powdered form. Take a container; put a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and half a lemon over it. Mix them well and add a pinch of turmeric powder over it. Mix them well and put it over your face especially around your nose and chin when the blackheads can be observed. 

Homemade skin scrubs

You may also make a mixture of cinnamon and honey and apply the same over the affected area. This must be done just before going to bed. You must keep it throughout the night so that it works well all night.  Once you get up in the morning, wash off with the help of plain cold water.

Green tea

We all know that green tea is really very beneficial for our heath. Similarly it can also work in place of skin problems. For this treatment, you must take a small container and hand a spoon of dried green tea leaves.  It should be done in powdered form. You should also add water to make a paste of it. Now apply it over your face and carry on with scrubbing. This will deep clean your face by opening the clog pores. There after you must remove it with lukewarm water.


If you want to keep your face away from the effect of blackheads, oatmeal scrub and exfoliate will be a wonderful solution.  You need to have a juice of four tomatoes together and add a teaspoon of honey in it. Now add the oatmeal and mix it up really well. Once the mixture is prepared apply it over your skin and go ahead with the scrubbing activity. You need to apply your finger tips to rub it over your face slowly. Once 10 minutes is over you can easily wash it away with plain water.

Alternatively a mixture of yogurt and two teaspoon of oatmeal can be done. You can also add two drops of lemon juice and a spoon of olive oil. Now apply the face pack over your skin and remove it after 15 minutes.

Epsom salt

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You can also make a treatment with the Epsom salt. You need to take a hot bottle of water and add few drops of iodine in it. You also need to add a teaspoon of Epsom salt on it. Shake it and allow the mixture to cool under the m temperature. Now take the solution in a small container and dip a cotton ball in it. Apply it over your face slowly over the places where you can view the blackheads.  Now you should wait for sometime till it becomes really dry. Now use a damp cloth and slowly rub the area where you can see the blackheads. You can see the blackheads coming out over the damp cloth.  Now you can wash it with cold water.


Another important ingredient that will literally help wiping off your blackheads is the Fenugreek leaves. Now you can mix the fresh fenugreek leaves with two spoons of water. This need to be added over the skin you are affected with the problem of blackheads. This need to be kept for 10 minutes and then remove with lukewarm water.

Egg white for blackheads

You can now make an easy mask with the egg white which can easily scrub out the blackheads from your skin.  You have to take out egg white from the broken egg and apply over the portion where you have blackheads. Now press a facial tissue paper over the egg white applied portion. Now wait for 15 minutes and pull out the tissue paper from the opposite direction. This will remove blackheads from skin.

Honey and sugar

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Another natural remedy for blackhead removal is honey and sugar exfoliates. Take a container and add a spoon of sugar, also add a spoon of honey. Mix both really well and apply over the portions where you have blackheads. After application of the scrub slowly rub it with your fingertips. Do this for 30 seconds and leave it for 10 minutes. Now wash it away and see the blackheads getting eradicated.

Jojoba oil and brown sugar

This is another wonderful exfoliate that you can apply on your blackheads area. You have to take a small container and add half spoon of brown sugar. Now, add a spoon of jojoba oil in it. You should mix it really well and apply over the corner of your nose where you have blackheads. Use your fingertips and slowly rub the area. This rub can easily remove the blackheads from your portion. Then you can wash with lukewarm water.