Foods to avoid at Nights

Having a good night’s sleep is vital in order to have a fresh mind and body in the next morning. Improper sleep at night can trigger a number of health and mental ailments. Sadly, with time, number of people suffering from insomnia is increasing rapidly in our society, owing to less physical and more mental activity, that we do now and also the highly stressed lifestyle that we lead. There are many reasons that can contribute to hamper a good night’s sleep and in most of the cases we might not be able to correct them; but when it comes to avoiding the foods that can hamper the night’s sleep, we all can do at least something.

The rate of metabolism of our body varies during the day and the night. After 5pm in the evening the metabolism rate of the body automatically slows down. So, having foods, that needs high energy to be completely digested, during nights is obviously not suggested; not only because that is sure to make you fat but also because having some difficult- to- digest foods during nights can cause disturbance in sleep as well. Here we have listed some of the foods that you should avoid before going to bed at nights to ensure that you are not trading your sleep for you food cravings,


We all love chocolates, they are a great source of instant energy and can be an ideal food just after exercising; but when it comes to having chocolates before going to bed, you actually need to abandon the idea. Chocolates can be a real sleep buster. Chocolates are not only high in fat but also in a number of other neural stimulants like caffeine and the lesser-known theobromine. Both of these two constituents can easily spoil your night’s sleep. Chocolate is one of the best things to have if you are feeling sleepy in the morning and you have to catch up with work, but in the same way it can work to spoil your good night’s sleep.


Alcohol can make you feel sleepy, but it will not let you sleep ideally. Alcohol might be helpful to get to sleep quickly but it will not let you have a long-lasting and deep sleep. Alcohol interferes with the restorative functions of sleep causing frequent awakening and a drowsiness rather than deep sleep. In addition to that, alcohol relaxes the valves between the stomach and esophagus, which causes scattering of the food within the digestive system, resulting into uncomfortableness and also triggering refluxes.


Coffee is one of the worst enemies of sleep and you know that pretty well. When you are feeling sleepy at office and called up for a quick meeting with the boss, a cup of coffee can save your day. So, if you are having coffee at night before going to the bed you are simply inviting sleepless nights. The caffeine present in coffee work as a strong neural stimulant, which can make your sleep go away easily. So, stay away from coffee during nights.

Ice-creams and deserts

All the deserts come loaded with sugar and fat which takes long time to digest. So, if you take ice-creams or desert before going to bed, your body will surely keep you awake because it will have to work to digest the fat you have taken in, causing disturbances in your sleep and not letting you feel well-rested.


This is another food from which you should stay away before going to bed if you want to have a good night’s sleep. Chips are filled with fats and calories that take long time to be digested. So, if you munch on a packet of chips before going to bed, you are surely not going to catch on good sleep. Your body will keep you awake for digesting the heavy calories you have just taken in.


Soda is another free calorie filled food that is difficult for your body to cope up with. Soda also causes carbonation within the body and can trigger heartburn, acidity and uncomfortableness in stomach. So, avoiding soda before bedtime is a must to get a good sleep.


Cheese is filled with fats. It can make a very healthy food item for breakfast, but the worst one you can have before going to bed. The soft varieties of cheese are even more harmful for your sleep than the hard ones. Staying away from any type of cheese before going to bed is best suggested.


Nuts are actually good for our body and they make a healthy food choice; but taking them before going to bed is not such a great option. Nuts like walnut, cashews, macadamias, peanuts and even almonds can cause sleep disturbances when taken just before going to the bed.


Celery cannot be bad for your body no matter when you take it; but the problem here is that it can be bad for your sleep.  Celery is a natural diuretic and can cause you to rush to the toilet more often than usual which can actually hamper your sleep at night. So, avoid it before going to bed.

Red meat

Red meat is highly rich in protein and fats both of which are difficult to digest for the body. Having red meat in dinner before going to bed, can cause a number of stomach ailments and will also lead to fat storage in the body. So, avoid red meat in dinner.