Hairstyles & haircuts which make you look thinner

The hairstyle that is great will not only boost your appearance, but the right hairstyle can add a gorgeous look to your face. It also makes you appear thinner. Very few people in the world look perfect. Even some people may not call the looks as perfect. You need to make some alterations to makeup on your face and even the styles of dressing up to look better and presentable. Only makeup and dress might not be the only factors that hide your imperfection.

Rather, the hair is also another important factor that makes a difference in the style and get up of an individual. A hairstyle is not a substitute for a weight loss diet and workouts; nevertheless, until you have attained your targeted body weight, you can try a hairstyle that helps reducing the width of a round face, making it appear longer.
Most of the people are suffering from a feeling that they look bulky and unattractive. Even after carrying on with tough diet charts and regular exercise. Getting a slim body becomes really very difficult. But, today you can even look thinner on the basis of your hairstyle. But, everyone might not know which hairstyles are effective in making an individual or a lady look slim. This article will give you a complete guide of such hairstyles.

List of 10 hairstyles to look slimmer

Asymmetrical Bob

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

You can create a bob where hairs are cut longer in front and shorter at the back. This type of haircut will make you look slimmer than what you look usually. You need to part your hair from the middle. Once your hair falls along your face, your cheeks would cover slightly and make you look thinner. The classic bob makes the face appear fuller, long or asymmetric bob that helps to slim your face. The long hair that falls on the front helps in removing a few pounds off your face.

Side part

If your face is round, there is a tendency that you will look flabby. All you need is to make it look long with your hairstyle. You must side part your hair either with the right side or else in the left side. Even by side parting your face will not look so round and help your look slim and attractive. You can make your face look thinner by selecting side parting. The long fringes that hang on the side of the face makes the face appear longer. It also adds volume to your hair and makes your hair look thick and long.

Heightened Updo

Dark brown hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

If you want to add length to your face, a vertical updo would be preferable. This helps the viewers to get attention upward making the person look thinner and trendier.


Placing a different color apart from your normal hair color will make you look slimmer in the eye of the viewers. If you apply a bright highlight color, this would easily draw vertical attention to the face with a result of looking slimmer and attractive. Adding some new highlights in your hair is a great idea. It gives your tresses volume and brightens up your face with a glow. If you wear a dress or slacks, then think vertical stripes of that dress which is an advantage that it mimics stripes. This makes the viewers to draw the eyes upward, making your face look fabulous and little less round.

Face framing layers

Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

Specific haircut can also make you look beautiful and slim if you are not as slim as your friends. Individuals with little long hair can adopt the layer cut, which comes one after another over your face creating an elongated look. If you have long layers parted from the middle portion which falls along the face and touches below chin, this will be really effective in making your jaw line down. This also helps in making your face look thinner as well as longer.

Long hair

Individual with little flabby body must keep their hair long and straight so that their face keeps on elongating and makes her look very slim and attractive. These people must avoid keeping short hair which otherwise would make their face look round and flabby.

To make your round face appear slender, go for long layered haircuts.  The layers help to elongate the face, making it appear flatter. Moreover, the layers also add volume to the hair.

Wispy bangs

Easy hairstyles for college girls

With blunt and heavy bangs people would get their face rounder. The blunt bangs will be preferable only if the partition is done with the help of long layers that stays around the face. If you are willing to go for wispy bangs, you must make sure that the fringe so formed is longer at the edges and shorter in the middle. This will easily create a slimmer look in a lady.

Updo with face framing pieces

Whatever you do in order to leave your hair around your face will make you look thinner. Even if you are doing a ponytail do not use all your hair for it, rather pull out some hairs from the sides of your head and make it fall on your face. This will shape up your face and also help you look thin and attractive.

Soft waves

Braid hairstyles with hair highlights

According to the studies, straight hair would make the head of an individual look smaller which will also give rise to widening of face. Tight curls would not be preferable at all. If even you want long, loose waves in your hair, it will be possible if you have straight hair. This will also provide a wonderful frame to your face.


It will always be preferable to go with the hairstyles that have texture as well as movements. If you want to make your face look fuller, blunt style cut will be appropriate. It also gives a professional look.

You can now try out the above hairstyles to make yourself look slim and attractive anytime without worries.