How to remove tan with home remedies?

It is a trend among Westerners to tan their skin. However, if you visit any Eastern country, you will surely find that the tanned skin people do not get attention. We don’t love the dark color of our skin, and we think it to be really unappealing. That is why we try to protect our skin in the hot summer season. With sunscreen lotion and full sleeved dresses, we strive to prevent the effects of UV rays. However, still, we find tan lines on our skin. To get back the glowing skin, we have provided you with the effective solutions.

The UV radiation causes an increase of the melanin in our skin. Due to this reason, we can see dark spots on our skin. Frequent tanning may also cause various skin issues and affect our immunity. Thus, take the best steps for lightening this tanned skin. Many of us buy cosmetic products to whiten the skin. Although some of these products may be effective, the safest option to you is to try out the natural formulas. These natural solutions can take time to show you the results. However, you can get back the normal skin color in due course.

Best home remedies for curing tanned skin

Lemon juice and sugar

Skin lightening face packs with tomato

We know that lemon has good power to cure your sunburnt skin with its bleaching capability. You may apply lemon juice directly on your skin. Leave the tanned portion after treating it with juice. Then, wash it by using water.

However, lots of users also like to blend the juice with sugar. Sugar has also high cleansing ability, and that’s why you can choose it as a common ingredient for your face mask.

Do it 2 or 3 times every week.

Gram flour with water

Tan removal face packs with gram flour

It is also much useful to treat your sun-tanned skin and to remove all the dead cells. It makes your skin tone much brighter. Buy gram flour from the store, and then make a paste with it.

Add water to this flour, and then, start rubbing your skin with it. After ten to twenty minutes, you can wash the face. By doing it regularly for some months, you will realize the result.

For better outcome, you can apply rose water.

Potato paste

Tan removal face packs with baking soda

We usually cook potatoes to prepare various foods. However, in raw state, potatoes give you the best remedy to the sunburnt skin. As it has vitamin C, it reduces sunburn. You will feel a soothing effect from it.

Remove the skin of 2 to 3 potatoes, and then cut those potatoes into pieces. Put all those pieces into your blender for making a paste.

Then, apply it over the skin. After thirty minutes, you can cleanse it with water. To have more effective results, you may also add lemon sap to this face mask.

Aloe Vera

Tan removal face packs with aloe vera

This is a gel, which makes your skin lighter within one week. You have to apply it everyday to your tanned skin. This is the best ingredients for nourishing your skin.

Cucumber with lime juice

Tan removal face packs with cucumber

Take the sap out of cucumber, and it will help you in reducing sun tan. This juice will give you cooling sensation. Remove the suntan from your skin with this simple ingredient. Vitamin C, present in cucumbers, is beneficial to your skin.

Take 2 tbsp. of cucumber sap and then add it to lemon juice. You may also blend some turmeric powder to it. Stir it with a spoon and treat your tanned skin. Rub the skin with this paste.

Yogurt and other natural juices

Tan removal face packs with yogurt

Yogurt helps you to reduce the tanned portion of your skin. It not only tightens your skin pores but also decreases the redness.

Take yogurt to make the paste, and then, add tomato and cucumber sap into it. It is also good to blend besan. This mask works best for your sunburnt neck and face.

After one hour, you can wash it with slightly warm water. However, if you use only yogurt, it will also give you amazing result.

Turmeric and milk

Tan removal face packs with almond oil

The paste of turmeric and raw milk is really good for every skin issue. Your sunburnt parts also will get whitened. After applying the paste, you should rinse the parts using cold water. Use the paste regularly,

In most of the culinary purposes, we add turmeric, and it has high health benefits to every user. You can reduce acne and the intensity of tanned portion.

Papaya and honey

Tan removal face packs with apple cider vinegar

Both are full of nutrients, essential for your skin. Especially, papaya has special enzymes, which bleach your skin and removes old cells. Honey has moisturizing capability, and helps in soothing your skin. In addition to it, honey contains antioxidants, which have the potential of eliminating free radicals.

It is easy to make the face mask with ripe papaya. Add one spoon of honey, and then, blend them with your fork.
While it attains a smooth texture, you can apply it on your skin. Wash the part after twenty minutes.

Buttermilk and oatmeal

Tan removal face packs with coconut water

Oatmeal is able to remove dry and dead cells and the tanned layer from your skin. In addition to it, buttermilk also moisturizes the skin.  While these components work together, they gain the power of reducing the dark spot. Make the paste with them, and rinse it after 20 to 25 minutes.

Honey and egg white

Tan removal face packs with egg

To bleach the skin, egg white works best. It also gives a smoother tone for your skin. Honey, with its antibacterial function, prevents aging signs. Thus, you will get more than one skin care benefit from them.

Blend the honey (1 tbsp) with egg white (one) and apply it on your face. You may use face wash for cleansing the face.

Strawberry and milk cream

Tan removal face packs with banana

Strawberries contain Vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids, which are effective at whitening your skin. Smash the berries and add milk cream to this paste. Then, use it for your tanned face. After ten to fifteen minutes, you can clean it with water.

Sandalwood and rose water

Sandalwood face packs for tan removal

You have to use powder form of sandalwood and put drops of rose water into it. This is also best for toning your skin and removing the tanned parts.

Thus, try out any of these tan removal masks. Find out the ingredients that are presently available in your household. You can make paste with them, and treat your skin regularly.