How to wax male chest hair at home – Step by step guide with images

Gone are the good old days of hairy chested macho guys! Now most men consider hairless body suave and urbane. As guys today are turning fanatics for workouts to get muscular body, they also go for smoother hairless bodies.

They flaunt the body to stay confident with their partners or in gyms and swimming pools. Here is a step-by-step guide on how they can do chest waxing at home.

Hard Wax versus Soft wax

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Out of different brands and types of waxing, hard wax and soft wax are two main ideas of waxing that comes into your mind. Surely, all must be looking for finding the difference between them. Hot & molten hard wax is applied in thicker layer with a spatula mainly on men’s chests and faces. When wax dries and hardens it is pulled off the skin with hair.

Whereas, soft waxing method includes application of hot soft wax in thin layer then pulled off by a muslin cloth.  This wax is mainly applied for arms, legs, and armpits. Professionals think that hard wax being a better option as it removes hair but safeguards skin. This is also less painful method giving softer and smoother skin.

Why men prefer waxing today?

The waxing offers fascinating opportunity for men to look exceptionally appealing in their skin & muscles. There are diverse ways they must show their hairless body besides following the trend to impress their friends & female company. Show biz and sports are areas where people must have hairless bodies, those include.

  • Actors, dancers, and models
  • Swimmers as they stay in limelight without clothing
  • Cyclists and weight lifters too expose their chests, legs and arms.
  • Gym goers and weight loss enthusiasts.
  • People who work out, jog, and do aerobics.
  • Guys on Date
  • Vacationers at sea beaches

Their enthusiasm in looking clean and gleaming is much more than their fear for waxing. They put off the screaming thoughts out of their mind and plunge into this ordeal happily.

Thankfully, olden times of hazardous use of razors to remove hair are long gone and it is replaced by happening waxing ideas for men. All said on the horror aspect, there is nothing to fear if men follow the waxing routine carefully.

Waxing male chest hair at home

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When you choose to do waxing at home, you would require a waxing kit, cotton cloth strips, and a pair of scissors. Start off waxing process when you have these with you.


Waxing male chest hair1

In the beginning of the procedure, you need to take bath and clean the area thoroughly where you want the removal of hair. Once skin is cleaned leave it to dry, as waxing is done better on dry skin. Do not apply anything like moisturizer or cream after cleaning.


Waxing male chest hair2

Different types of waxing methods

Start with your chest area and check the hair length first before you begin waxing. If it is more than one quarter of an inch, use scissors to cut it into required size.

Although, it may seem a time-taking method, waxing on smaller sized hair works fine than on longer hair. You can use a trimmer gadget also to trim hair to smaller size.


Waxing male chest hair3

You are now ready for hair removal after trimming hair. To start waxing application, heat the wax first.  For that, place a bowl filled with water on the stove. When it is near boiling point, place the container of wax inside the hot water in a bowl to heat.


Waxing male chest hair4

Reduce redness after waxing

Once hot, remove the wax from the stove. Now with the help of waxing spatula or a butter knife apply wax on the chest area carefully from upside down motion. After wax application, use cloth strips to press gently so the wax sticks nicely and completely on the target area.


Waxing male chest hair5

Next when cloth sticks well on the skin nicely, stretch your skin tight to make it taut. Keeping skin that way is necessary to avoid inflamed skin. Moreover, it helps pull all the hair from its roots.

Now, hold one end of the cloth on the opposite side of hair direction, then with one strong sweeping movement strongly pull the cloth upwards. The piece of cloth will come out with the applied wax and your unwanted hair.


Waxing male chest hair6

Tricks to make waxing less painful

When you are done with the waxing of whole chest, soothe the skin, which might be in discomfort and pain. For immediate relief, apply ice packs then pat dry the area of the skin. Now apply moisturizer to offer further respite.

Similarly, you can repeat this process on your stomach area and wherever you can reach yourself easily. Although for the back waxing you would need some help.

Tips for easy waxing for men

  • Calm down and keep all your fears aside: When you decide to look sexy and desirable, you need to forget pain, which is mostly in mind in the form of presumptions. Go for waxing positively and realistically. The first timers face this situation more.
  • Wax choice: The experts suggest hard wax method instead of soft wax method for men.
  • Trial test: Some men report skin issues after waxing despite taking care about the wax quality and method. A trial test for skin sensitivity before waxing will help in deciding whether to go for it or not.
  • Minimum hair: It is important to keep minimum length of hair, and you can start shaving the area two to three weeks before you go for waxing.
  • Post-waxing care: For a couple of days after waxing wear loose clothes, avoid direct sunlight or use sunscreen, also avoid using stronger chemical laced creams.
  • Test wax temperature: Always test the temperature of the wax, as the beginners sometimes burn their skin. Test it first by applying wax on a small skin area.
  • Bottom line: All said and done, waxing for men is here to stay but only point of consideration is getting into the right frame of mind and method.