Latest Bridal mehndi designs for full hands

Wedding ceremony is something very auspicious and it is memorable for the bride and the groom. The bride takes pain to decorate herself in unique way so that she becomes the main focus of the ceremony.

There are different styles of mehandi or henna and these are used for different ceremonies. The women find patience and time to decorate their arm, palm and feet with mehandi. These designs are mostly special for these women.

The wedding ceremony sees brides decorated in ravishing and magnificent patterns. You can choose from these designs for your special day and mark the one that is best.

Bridal mehndi designs for full hands

56Simple full hand mehndi

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

What if you are not professional but love to wear full hand mehndi design? Here is a beautiful backhand mehndi design with less detailing that can be handled by the beginners also for enhancing the look.

55Latest shaded mehndi design

It is an appealing mehndi design with no intricacies. This beautiful mehndi design can be created by new learners and beginners even. It makes your hand look simple and elegant at the same time for the best appearance.

54Latest full hand mehndi design

Look at this simple and mind-blowing mehndi design. That is full of small and little detailing which makes it beautiful. This fantastic design is the one that can capture anyone’s eyes.

53Indian full hand mehndi

Here is a lovely full hand mehndi design with the pretty and well finished detailing. That is making it more appealing and eye-catching to complete your traditional attire.

52Full back hand mehndi design

If you are seeking the chic and latest full hand mehndi design, then have a look at this image. That has beautiful backhand mehndi design to make your hand look eye-catching.

51The regal look

This design has is inspired from the royal murals from the age of the Maharajas of Jaipur. You will notice the intricate peacock design in the middle of the palms. The wrist work completes its regal look. This work is perfect for any wedding occasion.

50The bride’s dream

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

The designs show the beauty of patterns as well as repeated designs. Human figures in mehendi have always been a favorite.

Now get your mehendi done with your partner’s face on your hands. The designs are lengthy and well spread across both the hands, exactly what a bride would want.

49Pashmina magic

This design reminds you of the intricate and breathe taking Kashmiri work. The color of the mehendi plays an important role here.

The spaces and gaps in between make it look neat and classy. Don’t miss the heavy work inside the designs, they being the highlight of this design.

48The classic corner

One of those classic mehendi designs with a new pattern in every step, this work would remind you of your legacy. At the same time, you won’t find any space left untouched. The lotus design completes the look of this work.

47Twists and turns

For all those ladies out there, who think that mehendi on the upper side of the hand would not look that good, please take a look at this fine work of art.

With different patterns in each of the fingers and a compact design, this seems perfect for any hand.

46The heart story

You and your partner complete your love story. In the same way, let your mehendi complete your heart.

Half hearts on both the hands come together as you bring your palms together. This has been continued with an intricate but compact design on the other side of the hand.

45The chikkan work

The chikkan design with straight lines connected to each other with a beautiful deign depicts the fine work of this mehendi design.

The beauty increases as the tip of the fingers have been kept clear. This has enhanced the beauty of the design even more.

44The diagonal beauty

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

This design would suit those women who like diagonal and circular pattern.

As you can notice, the palm work is diagonally set whereas the wrists have circular work throughout. The work is simple and looks good on anyone.

43A diamond affair

Again, a favorite for women who like mehendi work on the upper side of their hands. Not very intricate, the design is easy to make and looks neat and beautiful. The diamond patterns are the highlights of this particular design.

42New and Trendy

This design depicts a perfect blend between beautiful patterns and spaces maintained in between. The bouquet design with leaves and petals makes it look fresh and trendy.

This kind of design goes well with Indo western outfits. The mehendi design has been ended with leaf like patterns that gives it a stylish look.

41Petal paths

The design looks fresh with small petal deigns covering the entire wrist. The little patterns with a flower in between make your hand look embroidered.

40Shades of love

If you have just begun using shades in mehendi designs, you can try out this first design. It looks good on broader palms. The second design is a wedding design with the design of the bride and the groom on it.

39Love and peace

The first design looks like an amalgamation of a number of patterns that include floral designs and bird designs.

The second pattern is more vivid with smaller and more patterns in it. The tips of the fingers have been covered with mehendi which is the highlight of this design.

38Fine art

The design looks finely made with a very thin cone of mehendi. This piece would take hours to complete but is completely worth it. The fine petal works with symmetrical structures followed by vertical designs make it look perfect for a morning wedding.

37The proposal

Best mehndi designs for legs

Two pair of hands. Two different worlds. One mutual feeling. The feeling of love. The feeling of being someone’s everything.

The first mehendi is rather traditional with Indian work. The second mehendi has a lot to say about a wanderer who said yes. It also has the date written on it which is actually a good idea when you are getting your mehendi done.

36Long hand happiness

These designs give us an idea of designs to be used on long hands. Diagonal patterns have been used on the fingers followed by flowers on the palm. It gives an overall decent look. The color gives an additional touch to the design.

35The spreadout mehendi

These designs look very neat and pretty. Filled up square patterns with lines that have gone in between, the evenly repeated patterns with vertical patterns in between make the mehendi appropriate for women with wider wrists.

34The mirror image

The design on one hand looks like a mirror image of the design on the other hand. Neat and intricate at the same time, the mehendi even shows the work on the bride’s dupatta. The elephant pattern needs a special mention as it takes the design to another level of perfection.

33Love from Kashmir

This design can be called an interlinking design. The mehendi starts from one hand and is linked to another hand. The design reminds us of pashmina work with flower work on the top and in the end.

We can see the wedding scene depicted through the design. The second deign highlights the flower in between with beautiful patterns and wrist work.

32The perfect touch

The design has its own charm with fine lines and perfect curves. The whole hand has been covered with no empty space left.

The wrist work is the highlight of this design. The second design looks trendy and fits well with any occasion. The petal and flower work in between complete the look of the design.

31The floral story

The mehendi design shows the beautiful floral print that has always been a favorite. The second design narrates a story of two loved ones and her mehendi speaks of their love story. It is perfect how those shades with mehendi give an artistic touch to the work.

30Folk tales

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

One of the most popular designs, this will remind you of the folk paintings of Bengal. The leaves and pebble like patterns go perfectly with any wedding lehenga you want to wear for the wedding.

The other design is made out of red mehendi which is trending nowadays. The color is uncommon and looks pretty when applied.

29The little mehendi

For women with small palms, these designs look the best. The flower in between makes your palms look broad. You can also substitute it with bigger patterns. The semi circles in the end of the pattern complete the look of the mehendi.

28Love for animals

It is always amazing to try something new with mehendi patterns. For dog lovers, the first pattern says it all. The second design can be made with red mehendi and perfect shades. These designs are suitable for kids and teenagers.

27The royal wedding

As you can see the mehendi depicts the wedding of a king and the queen. The king on an elephant meets the queen in her palki.

The second design brings them closer as they exchange wedding garlands. The third design is a masterpiece. Perfect curves and circular patterns make it stand out in the crowd.

26The simple beauty

A simple pattern that looks so beautiful, the first design mostly deals in lines and leaves. The second design has semi circles used to create a fantastic design.

The leaf patterns in the end have been given that extra edge by dividing it into eight parts and using different designs for each of them.

25The storyteller

The new designs have characters like we see it the third image. Popular stories are depicted in the mehendi designs. The second design has a lovely work of two peacocks on both the hands.

24The classic

Again, one of those classic designs spread all over the hands, these mehendi designs have been inspired from the mehendi prints which were used earlier.

A niche work of many hours brings up this magnificent piece of art.

23Amateur happiness

Easy circle mehndi designs

As they say, you don’t need to be a pro. You just need to like what you do. These patterns are more of the simple ones you can do at home.

Lot of patterns and circular designs in between gives it a nonchalant but pretty look. The second design is not huge. Its sleek and nice.

22The party perfect

Last but not the least, these designs look perfect for a sangeet or mehendi party. The flower made in between would look gorgeous when paired with a pretty dupatta.

The first design might look easy to make but has a lot of intricacies of mehendi shades in it. Make sure you pair it with a nice shade of nail polish and a finger ring.

21The picture portrayal

One of the quintessential parts of bridal mehndi is the portrayal of bride & groom images into the mehndi. The series of designs is then made around the mehndi to get the mehndi the desired attention.

This pretty design depicts a little picture of the traditional ceremony of the marriage with a frame of mehndi motifs. The heart shape motif is then covered with a lot of details and flowers with fine lines, petals and more.

The arms have been given distinctive designs in the form of a series of bands that are made of half circles, flowers and even net patterns. The dotted pattern particularly draws attention. The ending flower pattern on the arm is quite a beautiful patch to end with!

20Bridal mehndi trail

Not a very heavy bridal mehndi but the floral trail is designed with precision to give this one a beautiful look. The circular flowers along with motifs bring in a special appearance along with the dotted trails that give a garland like feel to the hand.

A lot of space is left blank to play with the shades and the fingers are giving a little line detailing too. This one is a pretty simple bridal floral design.

19Traditional Bridal mehndi

Traditionally Indian Bridal mehndi includes a lot of picture depicting. The mehndi design here too has the portrayal of bride and groom, the peacocks on the arm, an elephant beautifully drawn on the hand and even an idol of the god.

The smart use of blank spaces and dark lining makes an impactful appearance here. After the patch of portrayals is done, the hand is filled with certain patterns that are found typically in Indian Weddings.

The writing of name and specially the powerful designs of deepened leaves leave an impact!

18The Jewelry art

An Indian bride is associated with a lot of jewelry and thus mehndi is considered as one too. This pretty jewelry art design is very much in sync with the bridal feel.

The haath phool or the hand jewelry is a pretty attraction with the long leaves, chains and a mehndi motif in the center.

The entire design makes use of a lot of flowers and mehndi motifs in bands and trail formats. The leaf trail on the left-hand fingers is quite and art!

17The religious art

A lot of Rajasthani touch is found in this mehndi design. The use of peacock motifs and the fusion of it with flowers bring about the wedding feel with perfection. The ends of the arms gather a lot of attention as it seems like a wedding progression.

The bands and trails made have Rajasthani art and beauty to it. Paired with the main motifs are little flowers, whimsical art and linings to complete the area. The fingertips are left un-colored!

16The auspicious treat

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

Picture the main attractions of an Indian wedding and you shall find it all in this pretty design. The water pot, leaves, peacock motifs, flowers and of course the portrayal of bride and groom in the form of male and female peacock on the arm.

The design also has symbols of religion and ends up only making it all the more auspicious and engaging. This bridal design has a lot of thought going in it and is a piece of art to watch on a bride’s hand.

15Traditional design in reddish brown mehandi

Brides try to wear ethnic designs for the wedding ceremony. This design is very graceful and ethnic to look at. The front and back of the hand is done is floral designs merged with paisley designs and small fine lines.

14Peacock designs bring the elegance for the bride

The hands look artistic with the small fine designs and the netting. The design runs towards the elbow and the main motifs are peacock, circles and petals of flowers.

There is perfect symmetry for the hands and the will look like the princess from the Rajasthan era with this mehandi design.

13Punjabi design in black mehandi

The mehandi color is mainly black and it is touched with reddish brown color. The designs are mostly the Indian Kalka and half circles. The fingers are done with thick paste without any lines and give a permanent beauty.

12Black mehandi complimenting the bride to be

Hands that are fair should be used as the background of black colored mehandi. This bridal design shows the effect such complexion may create.

The designs are done in black mehandi and there are light brown color shades within the patterns. Ethnic motifs enhance the occasion in this design.

11Stunning mehandi design with use of blank space

You will find use of small squares and half circles in this design for the bride. The curls and arches also are there to bring out the purity of the occasion.

There are two colors and the dark brown one is the main color. There is the secondary color that is used for touching up the design to highlight the design.

10Floral designs to welcome beauty and stability in life

The hands look gorgeous with this design and this is again done in reddish brown mehandi. This is not done with heavy lines like the Arabic designs but is done with fine lines.

The small netting and use of half circles are done to decorate the hands for the auspicious day. The flower at the middle brings grace and is a pleasure for the eyes.

9Strong lines for the bride to be

New mehndi designs for feet

This one is done with strong lines and dark areas mark the contrast of the complexion of the bride to be. The top of the fingers are done with thick paste smeared on them and there is no design done.

Patterns like floral petals and arches are there with peacock and small lines for netting. The hands together also form a complete pattern.

8Royal designs for soft and beautiful hands

Hands that are young and soft will look gorgeous with such perfect finish of the designs. The petals, peacock motifs and lots of curls make the design so minute and graceful.

7Bridal hands must be gorgeous and delicate

Hands of the bride will look delicate and charming with this design. The simple motifs of peacock and small squares with the blank area of the designs together form a complete effect.

6Chess board pattern gloves with mehandi

The hands look different than the common designs as this is done with black and white combination like the chess board. The total hands are done in the same manner and this is innovative.

5Simple patterns combine to add glory

This hand looks different with the small lines and bigger flower motifs. There is the kalka design in the center and the fingers have a snake like pattern.

4Design is auspicous and peaceful

The design is again done in dark brown mehandi color and is interspersed with lighter shade of brown. There are nettings with small petals and lines and the petals and kalka form the sunrise effect on the hand.

3Very delicate and complex design for bride

New bangle henna mehndi designs

This one is done with thinner lines and there are small patterns done throughout the hands.

2Mehandi designs like hand jewelry

The hands look appealing with the large motif of flower in the middle. This is considered good for any ritual.

1Hands and feet are done in same design with crystals and colors

This is another bridal design where the hands and feet are done in the same manner to make them more appealing.