Remove Unwanted Hair From Private Parts

People have various reasons to remove unwanted hair, some for hygiene, some for religious expectations and some just to look perfect for their newly bought bikini.

Getting rid of hair in our private part is a delicate topic, and thus a lot of people are ashamed to seek for advices. In this article, we will give you the best methods to remove unwanted hair and you wouldn’t have to ask for external suggestions.

Getting rid of unwanted hair from private parts isn’t similar to shaving legs or underarms. That area is a lot softer and is prone to quick damage. The hair that grows is these parts are usually thicker and coarser, thus you need to be very careful.

We have listed down some methods to turn your private part hairless. Opt for the one which suits your comfort level and sensitivity of skin.

A Pumice Stone

Whilst only a temporary measure for reducing the appearance of public hair, it is still effective, nonetheless.

The friction caused by this natural stone leaves to the hair being removed abrasively at the root. Regrowth can be quite quick as the root itself is not destroyed but consistent use overtime can deform the root leading to lesser regrowth.

Shaving private parts

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Though there are newer methods which are becoming popular day by day, shaving still remains the most common approach for cleaning hair in that zone. People do use straight or safety razors, but having an electric razor, which is specifically designed for this purpose, would be the best thing you can gift yourself with.

Pros of shaving private hair

  • Cheap: Safety and straight razors aren’t expensive. Buying an electric razor would be a one-time buy, thus, a good investment.
  • Quick: using razors are comparatively faster that other methods.
  • Easy: pretty convenient to use.
  • Painless: if you are careful enough to prevent cuts, this method is painless.

Cons shaving private hair

  • Repetitive: hair grows back faster, thus you would have to shave quite often.
  • Itchy: just after the shaving process your skin becomes itchy and uncomfortable.
  • Cuts: you could have cuts if used carelessly.
  • Rashes: might not suit sensitive skin causing rashes and redness.

Waxing private hair

This is another popular method to remove unwanted hair. The three common types of wax available are known as Bikini Wax, Brazilian Wax and Hollywood Wax.

Bikini wax usually removes hair along the bikini line but keeps the vaginal hair stranded. This is why a lot of women like to choose Brazilian Wax over it.

Brazilian Wax had an increased popularity during 1980s as the stringed bikinis were in trend. This wax helps you clean all strands of hair from your private part, and leaves a small section in front called ‘landing strip’. That strip could be in the desired shape you prefer!

The Hollywood Wax is similar to Brazilian wax but doesn’t include the landing strip. It leaves the area hair free completely.

Pros of waxing private area

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  • This helps you removes all strands of hair.
  • Lasts for 20-40 days, which is much longer than shaving.
  • New strands of hair are softer.
  • Might not be as inexpensive as shaving, but lasts longer which meets the costs almost. Alternatively, it would cost you less than laser or electrolysis.

Cons of waxing private area

  • Causes an immediate pain which lasts for a while.
  • Harmful to sensitive skin.
  • Hair needs to grow back to ¼ inch to repeat process.
  • There are chances of itchiness and inflammation, which could result in an infection.
  • Genital area is soft and can be easily damaged.
  • Not recommended to people suffering from eczema or psoriasis. Waxing can increase these conditions.
  • Expert advice needed for diabetic patients, pregnant women or for other medications such as consumption of birth control pills.

Depilatory creams

Creams are another way to clean up hair along your bikini line. If you specifically need it to clean your private area, you need to choose a good quality product for safety. There are numerous products is the market, thus you are sure to get a variety of choice. Use a medicated product which would have less chemical content, especially if your skin is sensitive. Read the directions and warnings before purchasing and applying.


  • This procedure is painless.
  • Quick and convenient to follow.
  • Less expenditure.


  • Your private zone could have a pungent smell.
  • Itching, rashes and burning sensation aren’t uncommon.
  • Not advised for sensitive skin.
  • Not advisable for long-term usage as they can harm your skin with excessive chemicals.

Laser treatment to get rid of unwanted hair

laser treatment solves your problem once and for all. If you want to avoid repetitive waxing or shaving, then this treatment could serve you with a solution which is more long-lasting. The laser treatment destroys your hair follicles, thus you don’t have to worry about continuous expenses or treat your private parts once in every 4 to 6 weeks.

Pros of laser treatment

  • It is a permanent treatment.
  • Less expensive when compared with waxing.
  • Skin doesn’t tear.
  • Suits the dark and coarse hair the best.

Cons of laser treatment

  • This is the most expensive method. But it is a one-time expenditure.
  • You might need touch-ups.
  • The treatment would take time.
  • You might need more sessions than one, to get the best results.

Home remedies to remove private hair

You must trim even if you are going to follow the homemade wax recipe. This is important to check if you are allergic to any of the applications.

Baking soda

You need to add Baking Soda (one tablespoon) to a cup full of water. Add boil it on low flame. You can even add the baking soda when the water starts to boil. Set it aside to cool. Make sure both the baking soda and water have mixed well. Using a cotton ball apply it all over the private body parts. We ask you to do this before you go to sleep. In the morning wash with cold water and then apply some non-comedogenic and alcohol free moisturiser to it. Doing this three to four times a week for one month will show you reassuring results.

Chickpea flour mask

Take equal parts of chickpea flour also known as gram flour with a pinch of turmeric powder, cream, milk and mix it all together till you get a consistent rich paste. Now, apply it evenly on the private parts and shave it off to help remove the unwanted hair and also prevent the hair to grow back.

Egg paste for removing unwanted hair

Mix egg white with cornflour and beat the mixture, add a pinch of sugar. This will result in a sticky substance that will easily scrape off the hair from the surface of your skin along with the impurities, dead skin cells too. So, apply the paste on your private parts, gently remove it. Repeat this twice a week.

White pepper and camphor for hair removal

You can use this for legs. Grind white pepper into a thin crust powder and mix camphor with it. You can use almond oil for nourishment and to make the paste sticky and consistent. Now, apply for 10-15 minutes and rinse off using cold shower. It works wonders.

Banana and oatmeal pack

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Don’t be surprised to see this here! Bananas are great source of softeners, smoothens skin and leaves you with flawless hairless skin. You can mash a few bananas and mix them with oatmeal which will act as a gentle exfoliation. Oatmeal will help rub off the dead skin cells and hair on the abyss. Apply this paste on the private parts, face, legs and hands and once it dries, rinse it off using lukewarm water.

Alum powder and rose water remedy

Mix alum powder thoroughly with rose water and dip the cotton ball to apply on the private parts. This will help you remove the unwanted hair instantly. If you have super sensitive skin, you can rinse it off after 10 minutes. Apply sesame or olive oil to moisturise and hydrate your skin from within

Basil & onion

Scrape out the membranes that lie in the layers of onions gently and crush them with basil leaves to make a thick paste. Now, apply this on the private parts and wash it off after 15-20 minutes.

Thanaka and safflower paste

Thanaka is the tree whose bark is often used for several beauty uses in Myanmar, for instance, Thanaka bark is used in cosmetics. It has a yellowish white powder when mixed with Safflower, it helps in getting rid of the unwanted hair.

How to use: Mix the Thanaka powder with safflower paste and apply it on the parts you desire, leave it overnight and rinse it off the following morning. Repeat this twice a week for effective results.

sugar mix

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Add 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey and lemon juice in a bowl. Blend the three ingredients well. Now apply the mix on your private part and soften the strands of hair. Take wax strips and apply on the area. Pull the strips in the opposite direction of hair growth and you are done! This is one of the best and the mostly widely used home remedy for removing unwanted hair.

Besan to get rid of genital hair

After you have trimmed the strands of hair, you need to apply the besan application, which includes one cup of besan diluted in water, along with a pinch of salt. Apply the combination daily and wash off once the besan dries. This is slower process for reducing hair growth in the private area, but it has no side effects.

Aloe vera wax for private area hair

Mix aloe vera with honey and heat the mixture. Heat till lukewarm and apply in the hairy zone. Take a wax strip and apply over the mix, and pull it in the reverse direction of hair growth. This is easy and healthy enough for a homemade wax!

Lemon and honey work like wax on your private parts

If you have a tendency to get boils in this area, try to apply lemon and reduce the condition. Take a bowl to add both the ingredients. Heat the ingredients and use it like a wax. This application works best after you have shaved for the first time.

Honey and oatmeal to clean private hair

This is also one good option to remove unwanted hair. Make a mix of honey and oatmeal and then warm it. Use it like a homemade wax and clean your zone.

Banana and oatmeal scrub

How it works: They remove hair properly and make the area feel softer.  You need to add oatmeal for making the skin exfoliate and then use banana for the rest of the process. Oatmeal works like a natural cleanser and makes the skin look better post usage.

How to use: Take one rip banana and add 2 teaspoons of oatmeal. Mash the banana and then add oatmeal. Apply the paste on the respective zones and rub in circular motions. Wash off with water and repeat the next week. It is the best remedy to get rid of unwanted genital hair.

Alum and Rosewater

Alum can be obtained in its rock or powdered form. You have to grind it to powder eventually. Take ½ teaspoon of the powder and add 3 tablespoons of rose water. Add the powder to the bowl and then add the water. Mix well with a spoon and then dip cotton to the water. Apply it on the area but don’t keep it more than 15 minutes. Wash off with clean water and apply some olive oil for moisturizing.

Potato & Lentil

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Mixing potato with lentils helps the combination pull off unwanted hair. The lentil has to be kept for soaking overnight. In the morning, you have to grind and make smooth paste. Take one peeled and crushed potato and add it to a bowl of yellow lentil. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and 4 tablespoons of lemon to it. Apply the mix and leave in on 20 minutes. Let it dry off and remove the unwanted hair too. This is an effective remedy which should be followed once more within the next 7 days.

Raw papaya

How it works: The special enzyme of papain present in raw papayas helps break down hair follicles. It also slows down re-growth of hair and is highly nourishing for the skin. It is good with sensitive skin types and exfoliates well.

How to use: For this remedy, you will need raw papaya and raw turmeric root. Mash cubes of raw papaya and grate raw turmeric roots into them. Mix it well till pulp type consistency and make sure that turmeric is absorbed well. Apply to the unwanted hair and gently massage. It has to sit for 20 minutes. Wash it off with water and repeat once again after 2 days.


Turmeric is packed with essential nutrients which actually work to slow down hair growth and also prevents them from coming back. As it is also potent in anti-bacterial elements it assists with keeping the region free of germs. When mixed with gram flour, it really can dull-down regrowth.

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For this remedy, you will need a little bit of sesame oil and gram flour, along with turmeric powder. Take 1 tablespoon of the powder and same amount of gram flour. Stir to combine and then add the sesame oil to make thick paste. Apply it on the zone and sit for 30 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. You have to scrub yourself to remove the paste fully. Repeat once a week, to gradually improve the condition and then you would have to use it less.

Egg and cornstarch

How it works: Dry eggs become hard and sticky, and the feel is of a waxy tone. This is perfect to making a mask and it nourishes the skin really well. The mask clings to your body and easily rips off the unwanted hair. When you add cornstarch it makes the mask slightly thicker for improve effects.

How to use: Crack an egg and mix it into a bowl, stir ½ tablespoon of the starch and then add 1 tablespoon of sugar to it. Mix well for thickening the consistency and make smooth paste. Apply the paste to the skin and wait for it to dry. Peel it off and watch hair come out along.

Other ways to get rid of vaginal hair

If you do find that after waxing or shaving that you have unsightly bumps under the skin caused by ingrown hair, all is not lost.

You can either:

  • Apply a warm compress which works to accelerate healing. You can either use warm distilled water or cooled black tea / green tea as a compress
  • Gentle using a tweezer remove the ingrown hair to facilitate the recovery of the skin
  • Exfoliate the area which removes dead skin cells, thus unclogging pores and any blocked hair follicles
  • Apply natural remedies such as tea tree oil or witch hazel to soothe any discomfort. Lavender oil, aloe vera and apple cider vinegar are all known to also aid with healing sensitive skin
  • Stop waxing or shaving in the area until cured as this will only aggravate the skin more


How can I safely remove unwanted hair from my private parts?

The safest way to remove unwanted hair from private parts is to use a depilatory cream specifically designed for use in sensitive areas or to see a professional for waxing or laser hair removal.

What are the best methods for removing hair from the sensitive areas of my body?

The best methods for removing hair from sensitive areas of the body are waxing, sugaring, threading, or using a depilatory cream.

Are there any precautions I should take when removing unwanted hair from my private parts?

Yes, you should always be sure to use a clean razor and never shave against the grain.

what is public and private hair?

The region below your abdomen and above the genitals is known as pubis. Hence, the hair grown in that region is referred to as public hair while some call it as private hair because it is grown on the private part of body.

Is it good to remove hair from private parts?

Removing private/pubic hair completely depend upon the individual. The hygienic level does not increase or decrease with it. However, removing pubic hair can sometimes lead to infection, rashes and itching.

Why does hair grow on private parts?

Adolescent hormones are responsible for growth of hair on private parts.

Does pubic hair make you smell?

Yes, due to the apocrine sweat, the more pubic hair you have the more it will make you smell, provided you use proper intimate wash and maintain a good hygiene level.

Does shaving public hair reduce odour?

Yes, it will if you are someone who does not maintain intimate hygiene or does not have shower every day.

is it better to shave or wax public hair?

Well, getting rid of pubic hair is a personal choice. Both shaving and waxing have their own pros and cons. Shaving is easy, not painful but hair regrowth is fast. Waxing is very painful, risky but hair growth is very slow.

How does baking soda remove public hair?

Yes, there are several ways of removing pubic hair with baking soda by mixing it with several ingredients. However, pubic hair removal should be done by a proper aesthetician to avoid infections and other problems.