Hair color ideas for medium length hair

If you are waiting for your hair to grow longer, in order to have it colored, it’s not worth the wait! There are numerous colors which you can opt for and that too with your medium hair length.

If even short hairstyles can have so many color variations to choose from, medium-length will have more than that! In this article, we have listed some of the best medium-length hair color which also has hair styling tips added with them.

Choose whichever suits you the best and make sure it suits your skin tone, base hair color and face type!

Blonde, brown and white hair color ideas

brown and white

Hair color ideas for dark skin

If you want to try something really eye-catching, you can go in for more than two colors for a hair coloring idea.

Blonde goes really well with brown, and in addition to that you can choose another hair color which has a lighter shade. You could also choose black, provided that you have more of blonde so that the shade dominates. This medium hair length comes straight down and then curls up towards the end.

Light brown and blonde hairstyle

Light brown and blonde

In choosing these two shades could turn out to be a nice color combination. If you oppose having more than two colors, these two are just apt.

They not only complement each other, but also bring out the best of both the shades. A wavy bob parted from one side, with a combination of brown and blonde would be perfect for all occasions and clothes!

Light shade of brown haircut ideas

Light shade of brown

Hair color ideas for women

Rather than sticking to the most common shades of brown, choose something which makes your hair look unique.

A lighter shade of brown, which shines under the sun, would surely be worth the choice. You could also follow the hairstyle tip by having the hair straightened and then have is parted from one side. Let it fall straight down and flaunt the length.

Brown hair with caramel highlights

Brown hair with caramel highlights

If you have brown hair naturally or you have dyed that color on your hair, you can opt for caramel highlights for a changeover. Caramel highlights are light while brown is dark.

This is why both the colors make significant prominence and don’t overrule each other. You can also brush it and place it a long bob. Have your hair straightened for best results.

Ombre with brown hairstyle

Ombre with brown

Hair color ideas for light skin

Ombre hair color needs two significant hair colors on two separate levels, but that doesn’t make it non-applicable to medium-length hair.

You too can have your hair colored ombre because you have just about the length required. Trying to choose two colors instead of three – this picture, for example, starts off with brown for the first half and then have blonde for the rest.

If you think you can blend in another color, add a shade between these two.

Dark red hair color ideas

Dark red hair

Choose a hair color which is on a darker note, if you want to have your hair colored all over. Darker shades of red complement the shade you have naturally had, because most of us are born with brown and black colored hair.

On top of that, this shade suits almost all skin types and hair lengths. It is definitely going to make you look attractive with that bob cut.

Copper hair color idea

Copper hair

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The copper color shade happens to be really alluring. It looks bright, beautiful and it also happens to be pretty uncommon! If you ever wanted to invest into something quirky, this shade could be perfect for you.

You just have to make sure that the color you buy or, choose at a salon matches with this. This can be carried by fair to tanned skinned women with any hair length.

Black hair with blonde and brown highlights

Black hair with blonde and brown highlights

The shades of blonde and blonde can be added to black hair as highlights. They are comparatively lighter to the rich shade of black, which is why all the colors leave heavy an imprint.

Black hair is the natural hair color which we naturally possess, so adding shades to it, would be apt for the initial investors, in such styling processes.

Purple highlights on black hair

Purple highlights

Hair color ideas for brunettes

Purple highlights are loved by women who like to try something different. If you are thinking something out-of-the-box for your black hair, all you need is some lustrous purple hair color.

It is definitely going to workout for you with the base color as complementary. Purple strands suit all sorts of skin type too. You can create an ombre effect with black if you don’t want to have it colored all over.

Strawberry blonde hairstyle ideas

Strawberry blonde

The strawberry blonde hair color is just so adorable! It happens to be on the dark shade of blonde but lighter than brown and orange.

Strawberry blonde could become your favorite, provided that you know which brand is going to serve you the correct shade. This is apt for all hair lengths and suits fair to tanned skin. You can also follow the layered cut and have those lustful fringes!

Red highlights on black hair color idea

Red highlight

Hair color ideas for extensions

If you want to paint your hair red choose lighter shades, if you want the darker ones, go for highlights like the picture below.

This happens to be an apt shade which makes your hair looks attractive and eye-catchy. Although this type of hair color is pretty common to most medium-length and bob cut hairstyles. If you want to go with the mainstream hairdo, it has fewer chances to fail!

Chocolate brown haircut idea

Chocolate brown

Women born with natural hair color, which are on the darker side, can easily adapt to hair color like chocolate brown. Easy adaptation includes the coloring process to be more comfortable and the suitability which complements your look anyway.

Chocolate brown will make your hair look attractive and add extra luster than the color you naturally possessed. The perfect wavy hair, parted from one side, add on to the beauty and attention.

Blonde haircut and hair color ideas


The haircut and hair color to look beautiful with short or medium length hair. This includes trends, and hair fashion. The hairstyle best suits for your face.

The hairstyle best suits for the trendy look with light brown, blonde, black hair color combination. The hairstyle with mixed colors looks pretty cute and simple.

Side swept low curly bun hairstyle with bright dimensional hair color


The new haircut with curls and color is important with a stylish look. Try this hairstyle with a bright dimensional hair color ideas and is more interesting with gorgeous look. The hairstyle with elegance looks natural. This is untidy to look healthy and clean hair.

Wavy blonde hair color ideas


The best side swept wavy, curly hairstyle with blonde hair color makes you look pretty cute. The hairstyle with a wavy and low strand curls with bright eyes looks gorgeous. The wavy hairstyle with medium length hair make you look beautiful as a variety of hair color to give a natural look.

Bronde hair color ideas in summer

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 21: Actress Sarah Hyland arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of "See You In Valhalla" at the ArcLight Cinemas on April 21, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

The medium length hair with bronde hair color is best during summer. The hair color with highlights make you look naturally lighter with different hair color ideas. The bronde hair highlights make you look stylish and looks pretty cute and simple. Try this hairstyle to be gorgeous.

Side swept golden highlights


The side swept mixed hair color ideas with a wavy, straight medium hair makes you look fashion. Try this stylish hairstyle to look gorgeous.

The hairstyle with mixed colors of dark, light brown, golden highlights, and two tone hair color ideas add a more gorgeous look to you. Try this two tone hair color ideas to be special and attractive.

Caramel highlights with different hair color ideas


The hairstyle with a side bang for wavy fine hair make you look stylish. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your skin tone. The hair color choice is important, according to your skin tone. The dark brown hair color ideas with caramel highlights make you look gorgeous.