Best white mehndi designs for you

The best thing about fashion is that it always keeps on changing and every other day there are some additions or alterations. Mehendi has been a popular trend for years and it is not out of the fashion ever, but new variations of Mehendi are out there now to give your style quotient a change. The white mehendi is gaining quick popularity and more and more women are leaning towards getting this done on special occasions or just without any occasion.

At the very beginning of the article let me point it very clearly that white mehendi which is being used for body art currently is not anyway made from the leaves of the henna plant, Lawsonia inermis, which will essentially give a reddish color. The white mehendi in trend now is a form of white adhesive that can be piped onto your skin just like the mehendi paste to get a 3 dimensional design, which can be scrapped off. This mehendi is completely safe for everyone as these are least likely to cause any allergy or irritation on the skin.

So, if you are planning to get something new, the white mehendi can be a perfect pick. Just like the red or black mehendi extensive design variations are possible with white mehendi and you can get these designs on any part of your body, just like body tattoo. However, the hands and the feet are surely the most common places to get the white mehendi done.  Here is a collection of unique white mehendi designs that you can try out to get the right look for your wedding or just to turn heads in your college

White mehendi design 1White mehendi design 1

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This intricate yet simple white mehendi design covers the back of the palm starting right from the wrist. There are multiple patterns in the design which gives it a unique look. However, the design is not-filling and there are many gaps on the skin, which actually makes the mehendi design more prominent. The design has also been done on the fingers, and the spiral floral vine shapes on the middle and ring finger completes the look.

White mehendi design 2White mehendi design 2

This wrist band type white henna design can add a stylish look to your hands. Here the intricate white mehendi design encircles the wrist completely and then a straight decorative design covers the whole length to end at the base of the middle finger. A few dots have been added at the end of the design to mark its continuity. You can get this white mehendi design on any occasion or simply to make your own style statement.

White mehendi design 3White mehendi design 3

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This simplistic white mehendi design can match perfectly on the hands of women who sport different hand accessories. Here the design done on the hand is unique and it covers only a minimum part of the back of the palm. You can get this design done just as a part of everyday fashion.

White mehendi design 4White mehendi design 4

This beautiful and unique white mehendi design concentrates mostly on the wrist and above wrist region and covers most of the skin of this area. The protruding single line of leaves on the back of the palm is the other feature of this design. Uniqueness can also be observed in the mehendi design on the fingers, which actually gives the total design a complete new dimension.

White mehendi design 5White mehendi design 5

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This is another unique white mehendi design for hands that you can get done even without any occasion. The design starts right from the wrist with a wrist band and then an intricate design concentrating on the middle of the back of the palm covers the length and reaches till the mid of the middle finger. The design below the nails is the other point to mention.

White mehendi design 6White mehendi design 6

This gorgeous floral design has a linear pattern. It starts right from the wrist and extends till the nails of the index finger, covering most of the skin on its way. The other fingers are left completely free of any design to highlight the central pattern. This design can be ideal for weddings and occasions.


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White mehendi design 7White mehendi design 7

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If you love wearing statement rings this white mehendi design is just perfect for you. Here the mehendi design compliments the rings and completes the whole look perfectly. The design starts at the wrist and covers till the lower part of the back of the palm. Intricate ring designs are present just below the finger rings to match seamlessly.

White mehendi design 8White mehendi design 8

You can get this hand covering white mehendi design on your wedding to get a stylish look. Here the design starts below the wrist and covers the whole hand by forming temple patterns. However, here the design is more concentrated towards the border and less dense towards the middle section which gives this design a minimalistic look. Unique patterns are also present on the fingers.

White mehendi design 9White mehendi design 9

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This floral white mehendi design concentrates on the wrist and the immediate area above and below the wrist. This minimalistic design leaves most of the part of the hand uncovered but adds a total new dimension to the overall look.

White mehendi design 10White mehendi design 10

This is another floral design that compliments the statement rings nicely while accentuating the overall appearance. The bigger floral design is placed just above the wrist and a small design is centered just below the middle finger. Highlights are present on the middle finger below and above the rings.

White mehendi design 11 & 12White mehendi design 11 & 12

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Here we can see two different designs on the two hands that match with each other and accentuate the hand accessories as well. On one hand a single linear floral pattern has been done that starts below the wrist and extends for the whole of the index finger. On the other hand, the floral design has been done nicely for highlighting the heavy accessory. The other thing to note here are the blue highlights that have been added within the white design.

White mehendi design 13White mehendi design 13

When it comes to mehendi, variation is always the key. Here you can see that black mehendi has been used along with white mehendi to accentuate the look. The design has been done on the inner side of the hand instead of the outer part.

White mehendi design 14White mehendi design 14

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This is a perfect white mehendi design for weddings. This white mehendi design will not only make your hands appear even more beautiful but will also accentuate the look of your wedding ring. Here the intricate design covers the wrist region in a thick band pattern and a paisley design with smaller floral patterns is present at the middle. Light linear highlights on the middle finger are also present.

White mehendi design 15White mehendi design 15

This unique and sleek white mehendi design follows a linear pattern and covers a good length. It gets wider near the wrist and narrower at both the sides. The use of black mehendi within the white design makes it look more prominent. Golden mehendi designs have been done on the fingers to complete the look.

White mehendi design 16White mehendi design 16

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The best thing about mehendi is that you can get this done on any part of your body, and the white mehendi being easy to remove you can simply experiment with it. If you are planning your wedding or reception in a sleeveless dress, this floral white mehendi design covering mostly the upper section of the hand can be ideal for you.

White mehendi design 17White mehendi design 17

The specialty of this mehendi design is that here the design not only concentrates on the wrist region and on the back of the palm but also on the five fingers. This design can make your hands look most beautiful even if you are not wearing any accessories.

White mehendi design 18White mehendi design 18

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As already mentioned, just like body tattoo you can get white mehendi design anywhere on your body according to your choice. Here this interesting circular design has been done on the upper part of the hand and looks absolutely stylish. Get this one just to glam up your everyday look.

White mehendi design 19White mehendi design 19

This intricate floral design in white mehendi looks amazing particularly due to its unique placement on the side of the palm covering the wrist. The single design covers a major part of the back of the palm. Small floral patterns have been made just below the nails of the fingers to complete the look.

White mehendi design 20White mehendi design 20

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Here the floral pattern starts from one side of the wrist and continues till the end of the index finger. Floral designs are also present on each of the fingers. Just below the nails to complete the look.

White mehendi design 21

White mehendi design 21

This body mehendi design with white mehendi looks absolutely fabulous and if you are planning to wear a backless dress this one can be surely the right way to make your back look stunning. Hair a central straight floral and paisley design has been made and three angular extensions at both the sides have been drawn from the central pattern. Smaller designs in less number have been used to fill the gaps at the middle. If you love to experiment, this one can be surely your best choice.

White mehendi design 22

White mehendi design 22

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This is another beautiful floral white mehendi design for hands. Here the design is mostly concentrated at one side of the hand and becomes thinner as it spreads. Unique designs have been done on each of the fingers and bunch of three small dots have been used to give the design a covering look.

White mehendi design 23

White mehendi design 23

This floral white mehendi design looks gorgeous and different particularly because of the use of the pink undertones in the design. Here a soft and light shade of pink has been used along with the white mehendi to highlight the inner sections of the flowers and other designs.  This linear design also continues till the ring finger, hence it can be perfect for weddings and ring exchange ceremonies.

White mehendi design 24


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This is another classic example of using othermehendicolors with white mehendi to get a unique design and look. Here the design has been placed at the center of the back of the hand and light linear, parallel designs are present just below the wrist. Small butterfly patterns have been done on the fingers. The use of the golden mehendi for highlighting the white mehendi design has given it a truly luxurious look.