Types of braided hairstyles 2020

Braids are feminine, beautiful and can make any woman feel beautiful. Side swept, French braid, full braid, waterfall braid or the classic bridesmaid braid – all look beautiful and be carried gracefully at all occasions. Here are some of the most amazing ways you can style these braids on long, short and medium hair length.

Easy Side-braid Hairstyles for Long Hairs

Easy Side-braid Hairstyles & Haircuts for Long Hairs

Side braids look lovely on any attire, whether Indian or Western. Try any of these messy braids. Pair them up with an ethnic suit, a t-shirt, and jeans, or a sexy party dress. Combine with bangs parted braids and puffs for a more charismatic appeal.

Latest Braids for Straight Long Hair

Best Braids for Straight Long Hair

Long hair not only looks beautiful in braids but are also more manageable that way. Try any of these long hair braid styles like chainlink, fishtail, regular french, or dutch braid. Wear them as a goto hairstyle or try them when you are looking for something different than a regular braid.

Top Braid Hairstyles for Kids

Braid Hairstyles & Haircuts for Kids

Kids always look adorable no matter how they dress up. Your little wonders can look cuter in these beautiful braid hairstyles.

Create three side braids and tie them in a bun on the other side. Create two cross braids and tie them up at the back with a ribbon. Create a stylish braided hairstyle with multiple braids tucked at the back in a single back hairdo.

Best Braid Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Best Braid Hairstyles & Haircuts for Thin Hair

Do you have long thick hair and always wonder if a great braided hairstyle can work for you or not? No need to worry anymore.

Replace a regular braid with a fishtail braid like this to create a thicker and more voluminous hairdo. Combine with short side bangs and some flower accessories to complete the look.

Simple Braided Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Simple Braided Hairstyles & Haircuts for Thick Hair

Thick hair already has enough volume and mass. Some simple braided hairstyles can make your thick hair look more manageable.

Create a regular French with half of your front hair and let the remaining hair flow at the back and shoulder. Create two side braids with few of your hairs falling over the rest of the hair at the back. Create two side braids and combine them at the back.

Beautiful Braids for Short Hair

Quick and Beautiful Braids for Short Hair

Do you wonder what hairstyles to make in your short hair? Here are some quick and beautiful hairstyles to try. Make a regular French with half of your hair. Alternatively, you can create a stylish side braid with bangs and tuck it at the back.

Latest Side Braid Hairstyles for Sarees

Latest Side Braid Hairstyles for Sarees

Side braids are the goto hairstyles for most India women wearing a saree. You can experiment with the type of braids by replacing a regular one with a fishtail or messy braid.

You can try innovative looks with a braid by accessorizing it with flowers, garlands, and stylish hair accessories. And they look beautiful with ethnic jewelry as well.

Gorgeous Braid Hairstyles for Sarees

Best Braid Hairstyles & Haircuts for Sarees

You can adorn your ethnic saree look with a beautiful braid hairstyle. There are many stylish and messy braids to choose from.

Look how beautifully these elegant braids in the picture complement the overall look of the saree. Add some flower details to dazzle everyone at the party.

Easy Falling Side Swept Braids and Plaits Hairstyles

Easy Falling Side Swept Braids and Plaits Hairstyles & Haircuts

Braids are in. They can be adorned on casual and formal events alike. The left one is a twisted bridesmaid braid that’s side swept with the rest of the hair left open.

The hair do is ideal for a day event or a beach party. The second one is a little experimental with braid intertwined with twisted hair tucked on the sides. Open hair gives a casual and feminine feel to the style.

Waterfall Braid haircuts for little girls

Waterfall Braid haircuts for little girls

Why should big girls have all the fun? The above hairstyles can make your little princess on top of the world. The left one is a classic waterfall braid with curls. The flowers adorning the braid impart a feminine look.

The right on is the one your little doll can sport while playing her favorite sport or attending her best friend’s birthday party. The waterfall braid running diagonally with and ending towards one of the pig tails is enough to make the little girl look and feel chic.

Casual wavy braids / plaits hairstyles

Casual wavy braids / plaits hairstyles & haircuts

If Blonde hair is your thing, then you must sport one of these uber chic easy braided styles. The first one is a beautiful mermaid braid gone heavier and side swept. It is stylish, feminine and modern. The second one is an extended version of a messy bun.

This braided bun bound carelessly on the nape will turn heads. The third one is a little elaborate with a heavy braid running from the side and then ending with a braid made from the rest of the hair.