Types of mehndi designs for hands

Mehndi or Henna art, originated in Indian subcontinent, is a very popular form of body art today amongst the women in countries like Middle East and Africa.

Every country has its own style of applying henna, in fact in India it differs from state to state. In India, Pakistan and Middle East mehndi is a part of wedding and festive rituals. Let’s have a look at various types of mehndi designs for hands:

19Latest back hand jewellery mehndi designs

This type of design is one of the most trending mehndi designs today. Women opt for such designs especially for special ceremonies like ‘Sangeet’ or engagement party. The hanging jewel look gives the overall design a very elegant and unique look.

18Gujarati wedding mehndi designs for hands

Such designs are prominent in Gujarat State of India and hence known as Gujrati mehndi design. The inclusion of peacock neck is a mandatory and special part about gujrati mehndi design. Peacock design is mainly done on palm surrounded by floral design.

17Rajasthani mehndi designs for wedding

The speciality about Rajasthani mehndi designs is that it includes various blocks in rectangular, square or zigzag shape. These blocks make the overall design more attractive and beautiful. In addition, the minute floral and leaf designs compliment the whole mehndi look.

16Bangle style henna designs

It is one of the most trending henna designs. It usually includes only floral and jewel design drawn in circular bangle like pattern leaving alternate patches blank. Bangle henna designs are always long in length.

15Dulhan mehndi designs

This design is especially for ‘Dulhan’ or Bride and it is applied for a day or two before the wedding. It is a combination of floral, peacock, leaf and zigzag design with special designs elements like Dulha-Dulhan (bride and bridegroom) design and elephant design.

14Circle/Mandala mehndi designs

Mandala designs are usually short in length, generally wrist length. Such designs are called mandala designs because mandala like circle and semi circle forming floral designs are drawn on the palm making it the centre of the overall mehndi design.

13Finger mehndi designs

In this type of henna design, only the fingers are highlighted. Sometimes mehndi is only applied on selective fingers while sometimes the thumb is left blank to make the design more attractive. Such designs are suitable for women who like minimalistic designs.

12Floral mehndi designs

These types of designs are loaded with several floral designs in different shapes and sizes. The leaf design is also a prominent factor of floral mehndi designs. It is one of the basic and most trending henna designs.

11Pakistani mehndi designs

These designs are influenced by Pakistani culture and have minute detailing in the design like Mughal art. It consists almost all henna design elements, which are drawn finely in various sections. In Pakistani style mehndi usually fine design is drawn around the nail cuticles rather than colouring it.

10Easy mehndi designs

Such designs are very easy to make and require less time as compared to other mehndi designs. It is a combination of various flowers, dot and jewel design. Many small empty patches are left in between to enhance the look of the overall design.

9Full hands bridal mehndi

The full hand bridal mehndi design is a blend of several rich designs, which includes the elephant design, peacock design, musical instrument design etc…Drawing bride and groom design anyway remains an important part of bridal mehndi. These days drawing portraits of bride and bridegroom in bridal mehndi is a rich trend.

8Latest arabic mehndi designs for hands

Arabic henna designs are usually zigzag in pattern and have several floral and other curvy shapes lapped over each other. In Arabic, henna designs usually only one finger has a fully-fledged design while the other fingers have minimal or no design.

7Simple mehndi designs

Such designs include simple floral patterns along with jewel, dot or zigzag design. They are short in length and hence take less time to apply. The overall look is kept simple by leaving minor section blank on the palm and back of the hand.

6Marwari dulhan mehndi

It is a popular type of mehndi design amongst the Marwari community in India. Such designs highlight the thick leaf patterns and broad zigzag pattern amongst the minute floral and jewel design.

5Engagement mehndi designs

Engagement special henna designs are usually high wrist or elbow length. It is a mixture of floral, dotted, and sectioned and three leaf grass design. Flowers like rose or lotus are an important element of these henna designs.

4Best white mehndi designs

White henna is very popular in the Middle East and western countries. Despite the name henna its does not have henna in it and is similar to body paint. White henna designs are usually an amalgamation of Indian and Arabic henna designs.

3Diwali mehndi designs

Such design is usually chosen by women for important festivals like diwali. Diwali henna designs generally contain various floral design pattern and minute net like zigzag pattern. Generally, similar, same or connecting designs are made on both the hands to give it a festive look.

2Vijayadashami mehndi designs

The basic design elements in vijayadashami mehndi design are leaves. Leaves are highlighted in various patterns making it the base of the design. The design on palm includes birds and cage along with a touch of jewel or floral design.

1Classic henna designs for your beautiful hands

Classic henna designs are a combination of all beautiful henna patterns and design elements. These designs are placed in various sections of the design pattern. These designs are usually elbow length and have a high level of detailing.